The Meaning Of The Name Hakim

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The Meaning Of The Name Hakim
The Meaning Of The Name Hakim

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Synonyms for the name Hakim. Khokim, Khyakim, Khakimzhan, Akim.

The origin of the name Hakim. The name Hakim is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Hakim is of Arabic origin, derived from one of the names of Allah (pronounced as "hakam"). This name, translated from the Arabic language, means "thinker, sage, philosopher", as well as "intelligent, educated, thinking, decisive." Literally, this name translates as “one who judges between people”, “judge”, “arbiter”, “a person who makes important decisions”, but only a wise and educated person could become a judge, therefore, the translation of the name is most often used in the meaning of “sage".

In the medieval Turkic-Iranian states, there was the position of "hakim", which in modern times is preserved in Uzbekistan - this is the head of the administration, the mayor of the city, so sometimes you can find a version of the interpretation of the name Hakim as "ruler", "lord", "lord" Over time, this word began to sound like "hokim". In Turkmenistan, a similar position, manager, administrative person - "khyakim", in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan - "akim".

Also, the Turks called a doctor, a healer, "hakim": "hakim-pasha" is a court doctor, and "hakim-effendi" is the first physician of the Sultan. The name Akim is sometimes considered a variant of the name Hakim.

As a child, Hakim is a calm boy who, if possible, will not break the established rules. He is thoughtful, proud and independent. In school years, exact sciences are given to Hakim easier than humanitarian ones. Society chooses the boy from the guys like him. He is loyal to his friends and will not forgive any betrayal or resentment on their part.

Hakim's character is quite complex. There is a lot of stubbornness in him. In pursuit of his goal, a man will go to a scandal. In any case, he will show considerable ingenuity. Hakim tries to subdue those around him, does not tolerate resistance, he is very power-hungry.

On the one hand, Hakim's character has a desire for frankness and straightforwardness, but Hakim will not discuss people. At the same time, he boldly admits his mistakes. The man is not devoid of a sense of humor, he is cheerful, but in moderation.

Hakim is a rather proud and independent man. Loves order and consistency, one of his character traits is a love of accuracy, which is reflected in and passion for the exact sciences.

A man with this name and in adulthood is in dire need of friends. There is nothing worse for him than loneliness. In friendship, Hakim is decent and reliable. Relatives can rely on him and be sure that the man will keep all his promises.

"Winter" Hakim is probably the most difficult owner of this name. In him, both positive character traits - inventiveness, perseverance, love of truth, decency, and negative traits - stubbornness, lust for power, straightforwardness are more clearly manifested. At the same time, he will always help in a difficult situation.

Hakim, born in the fall, is more attentive, more collected, and therefore, a more self-confident person than other Hakims. "Autumn" Hakim loves communication to a greater extent, loves freedom and has excellent control over himself. He draws attention to himself with competent speeches, honed movements, and his independence.

Stability and calmness are the main priorities in his life. Hakim values ​​his principles very much and is not ready to give up on them for the sake of immediate benefit.

In business, Hakim is always confident in himself. Despite his obvious sociability, this man prefers the role of an observer. But if they start communicating, they very often get involved in disputes. In a subordinate position, Hakim has a difficult time. He has an independent nature and values ​​his freedom very much.

Hakim considers family a very important part of his life. In his life partner, he seeks support, support for his principles and lifestyle. In the family, he is more restrained and loyal, for the sake of his family he can make many very serious and important decisions.

Hakim's birthday

Hakim does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Hakim

  • Hakim ((985-1021) Caliph from the Fatimid dynasty since 996, his reign fell on the period of the greatest strengthening of the Fatimid state)
  • Al-Hakam II ((died 976) full name - al-Mustansir billah Abu-l-Ghazi Hakam ibn Abd ar-Rahman; Caliph of Cordoba (961-976), son of Abd ar-Rahman III, representative of the Umayyad dynasty. During his reign, Muslim culture flourished in Spain, and the Cordoba Library became the most extensive, with a large number of books translated into Arabic.)
  • Hakim Hanif Warrick ((born 1982) American professional basketball player)
  • Al-Hakim at-Tirmizi ((about 755-869) one of the largest representatives of East Iranian Sufism, wrote about eighty works. He received his nickname - al-Hakim, meaning "wise" - for his knowledge and breadth of outlook. The full name of a Sufist is Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ali ibn al-Hussein at-Tirmidhi or al-Hakim at-Tirmidhi.At-Tirmidhi was one of the first who theoretically substantiated the Sufi concept of saints (awliya).)
  • Hakim Abdul Olajuwon ((born 1963) is a Nigerian and American professional basketball player. Multiple winner of various basketball competitions, in 1996 became the Olympic champion in the US national team, was twice named NBA champion, participated in the NBA All-Star Games 12 times. is considered one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History, and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008.)
  • Khakim Zaripov ((born 1924) Uzbek Soviet circus artist, from a dynasty of circus performers, rider, horse trainer. He began his circus activity at the age of 13. He was artistic director, director of the circus. He was awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR in 1980.)
  • Khakim ((born 1911) pseudonym, real name and surname - Sibgat Khakimov; Tatar Soviet poet, public figure. Laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR named after A.M. Gorky.)
  • Khakimzhan Nauryzbaev (Naurzbaev) ((1925-2009) the first professional Kazakh sculptor, People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR (1969), the creator of the national monumental art in Kazakhstan)
  • Khakim Fuzailov ((born 1964) Soviet and Tajik footballer, former player of the Tajikistan national team, currently a coach)
  • Hakim Bey ((born 1945) pseudonym, real name Peter Lamborne Wilson; American political writer, essayist and poet, belongs to the Orthodox Moorish Church of America. He is the author of the magazine "Moorish Paradigm", which relies in publications on the concept of Temporary Autonomous Zones. Autonomous Zone - TAZ) Wilson is a controversial figure in an anarchist environment.)
  • Khakim Davletbekov ((1910-1983) Kazakh Soviet film actor, the first Kazakh film director, became one of the founders of the USSR cinema in Kazakhstan. He received the title of Honored Art Worker of the Kazakh SSR in 1959.)
  • Hakim Seriki, best known by his stage name Chamillionaire ((born 1979) American rapper, singer)
  • Hakim Gumersky ((born 1946) Soviet Russian oilman, scientist, businessman, regional politician. Honored Worker of the Oil and Gas Industry (1980), Honored Worker of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation (1992). Candidate of Technical Sciences. Awards: Order of Friendship of Peoples. Author of over 40 scientific works and 15 inventions.)

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