The Meaning Of The Name Cicero

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The Meaning Of The Name Cicero
The Meaning Of The Name Cicero

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Synonyms for the name Cicero. Sesero, Cicero, Cicero.

The origin of the name Cicero. The name Cicero is Catholic.

The name Cicero is primarily associated with the brilliant Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero. The Cognomenus, worn by this philosopher and ancient Roman politician, belongs to the patrician family of Tullians and is one of the plebeian branches of the Claudian family, one of the most famous surnames. Translated from Latin "cicer" means "pea".

In countries such as Portugal, Brazil, you can find modern versions of this name - Cesero, Ciseru. But this name is considered very rare. The Latin spelling of the name (Cicero) is preserved in place names, names of metro stations in Chicago. The name Cicero does not appear in the Catholic calendar.

There is a certain strength in the character of Cicero that allows this person to remain protected and harmonious. Cicero always avoids all kinds of complications, he wants peace, life in harmony with others. Feelings occupy the main place in his life. He does everything in his life at the behest of his heart, no matter whether it is about choosing a profession or choosing clothes.

Cicero is a wonderful generous and compassionate person. He is appreciated for his ability to share just like that. This man is very sensitive to any manifestation of aesthetic beauty, to art. He is a real born artist with a refined and refined taste. Cicero is very handsome, but at the same time he never ceases to strive for perfection, paying manic attention to some details.

By nature, Cicero is an extrovert. He is sociable, but easily falls under the influence of others. Relatives and friends of Cicero decide for a man many issues, for example, concerning a career. Very often, feelings prevail in him over reason and willpower. At the same time, Cicero can not be denied in hard work and activity. Although a man usually does his job at an uneven pace, he is very selfless.

As a child, Cicero is a charming, gentle and sweet child. His charm acts not only on his parents, he successfully manipulates others. Cicero very badly tolerates the violation of harmony in the family. If quarrels and troubles arise in the family, then Cicero, unable to withstand the tension, loses interest in the family and runs away from it.

The injustice is unbearable for this man. He immediately reacts to any manifestation of it. Cicero can make a good organizer with the ability to conduct group events. Passion for creative activity can easily form the basis of the future profession of a man.

The sentimental side of the matter is always of paramount importance to Cicero. As an adult, he is still a charming person, capable of bringing warmth and comfort to others. Such actions give him only pleasure. Choosing, Cicero will always be guided by his heart. This is a seducer, but at the same time, family is also extremely important to him.

Cicero often cannot decide on the choice of a profession for a long time. He is easily persuaded to create or participate in his own family business. Otherwise, he will always oscillate between professions in the art sphere and professions that allow him to be directly useful to others. So, he can become a health worker or a human rights activist.

Cicero's birthday

Cicero does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Cicero

  • Mark Tullius Cicero ((106 BC - 43 BC) a famous ancient Roman politician who achieved greater success in oratory, which helped him become a quester. Cicero is known for his philosophical treatises, in which he does not set out any then new ideas, but in great detail and in detail conveys to readers various philosophical teachings of his time. His letters, surviving published speeches and treatises on rhetoric, politics are very valuable for a large amount of detailed historical information. Many quotes from his letters have become catchwords: “When thunders weapons, laws are silent "," Sword of Damocles "," Paper does not blush, paper endures everything "," O times! O morals! "and many others.)
  • Quintus Tullius Cicero ((103/102 BC - 43 BC) ancient Roman politician, closely related to Mark Tullius Cicero (his younger brother), legate of Gaius Julius Caesar in the Gallic War)
  • Cicero Santos, better known simply as Cicero ((born 1984) Brazilian footballer, midfielder)
  • Cicero Casimiro Sanshish Semedo, usually called Cicero or Cicero (Portuguese footballer, striker)
  • Cicero Rosa Lins, better known Cicero, ((born 1986) Brazilian singer, composer and producer)
  • Roger Marcel Cicero Cicero ((1970-2016) popular German singer (kruner), pop and jazz performer)

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