The Meaning Of The Name Hasan

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The Meaning Of The Name Hasan
The Meaning Of The Name Hasan

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Hasan
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Synonyms for the name Hasan. Hassan, Hassan, Hasson, Hasson, Hassin, Hessan, Hasen, Hasson, Kasin, Kasan, Hassan, Hasan, Hussen, Hussein, Huseyn, Husayn.

The origin of the name Hasan. The name Hasan is Muslim.

The name Hassan has Arabic roots. This name is widespread not only among the Arabs, but also among other Muslims. The Uzbeks have a tradition that at the birth of twins, boys, the eldest is called Hasan, and the second - Khusan.

This name has many recording variations both in Latin and, accordingly, in Russian. The most famous are Hassan, Hassen, Hasson, Hasson and Hassin, there are also pronunciation and recording options - Hassan, Hasen, Hasson, Kasin, Kasan, Hassan, Hasan, Gazzan. There are various interpretations of the name - Husen, Hussein, Huseyn, Husain. And among the Turks, the name Hasan can also be part of a compound name (Khusanbai, Hasanbek, Hasanhan). The paired female name is Hasana, Hussein.

There are many variations of the name Hasan in Europe and Asia. In addition to the above, you can find - Hass, Hassa, Hasa, Gess, Kassin, Chasan, Chason, Kassan, Hasso, Hasanein, Hasnen, Hassani, Hasani, Alhasan, Al-Hassan, Lassana, Alassan, Laken, Lasana, Asan, Asan. From these options in the Russian language, various surnames were formed - Asanov, Hasanov, Khasanov, Zhasanov, Gasanovich, Khasanovich, Khasanovsky.

The name Hassan in Arabic means "handsome" or "good" or "benefactor". There are two different Arabic names, both of which are romanized with the spelling "Hasan". However, they are pronounced differently, and in Arabic they are written differently. The stress in the name Hasan can be on any syllable.

Более распространённое имя Ḥasan (как имя исламского пророка, внука Мухаммада - Хасана ибн Али), две короткие гласные и одну «с». Смысл - «хороший» или «красивый». Обычная форма на классическом арабском языке включает в себя «al-» (al-Ḥasan), которая может быть опущена в современных арабских именах. Имя Ḥassān, которое происходит от того же арабского корня, имеет длинный гласный и удвоенную «с». Его значение - «добрый человек» или «благодетель». В данном случае употребление «al-» не предусмотрено и не используется в классическом арабском языке.

In the Latinized spelling of the name Hasan (Hasan, Hassan), it is impossible to distinguish which of the two spellings is provided. An example of the first spelling of the name Hasan (with one "s") is the writing in Latin of the name of King al-Hasan from Morocco (Moulay Hasan Alawi, Hasan II). But due to the influence of French spelling, the official Latinized notation of his name comes with a double "ss" - King Hassan II. An example of the latter is the early Islamic poet Ḥassān ibn Thābit (Hassan ibn Sabit al-Hazraji). In the original Arabic, these two different names are easily distinguished.

This first name can also be a last name. Depending on the language and region, it has options for recording and pronunciation.

In Ireland and Scotland, the surname Hassan is one of the Anglicized forms of the Gaelic (Irish / Scottish) form Ó hOsáin. This surname appeared in the Middle Ages and was more common in Northern Ireland, now it is found in those countries where there is an Irish diaspora - USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. In County Londonderry, there are surname entries as Hassan, Hassen, Hasson, Hassin and Hessin (Hassan, Hassen, Hasson, Hassin and Hessin), and in County Monaghan the variant O'Hassan also appears (O'Hassan). In 1598, there is a historically confirmed record of one of the carriers of this surname in Ireland. Hasson of Wexford was a well-known “chief gentleman” of the district, trustee, patron, and his family was not suspected of Ne-Gaelic origin. It is also possible that the surname Hassan appeared in Ireland and Scotland, as formed from the "son of Hal / Hal" - Hal`s son (a short appeal to Harold / Harold).

In Hebrew, the surname Hassan means "cantor" or "good cantor". It appeared from the merger of the Arabic "good" and the Hebrew "cantor", also translated as "leading the prayer." Hassan is usually an Arabic name, but as a surname is found mainly among the Jews of Sephard and Mizrahi, but also popular among Ashkenazi Jews, where it is used as the spelling variant of Hazan (Hassan, Hasson, Hassoun). It is possible that among the Jews it appeared after 1492, after the expulsion from Spain of the Jews who originally lived in Morocco. Then, after the 16th century, the surname spread throughout the Ottoman Empire: in particular, in Thessaloniki, Greece, Istanbul, Turkey, it was also found in Lebanon, Damascus, Syria, Algeria and Tunisia.

The owner of the name Hasan prefers to live in peace and harmony. This is a conscientious man, aware of his duties, both professionally and in relation to his family. This state of affairs brings him a certain meaning in life, which helps him to realize that other people value him and someone needs him. He is driven by a desire to love and make others happy.

It also means that they feel the weight of their obligations and constraints, especially in relation to their family. In most cases, Hassan accepts this responsibility, but very rarely, he can choose the opposite direction, fleeing his responsibilities in relation to his own family, in search of someone else to take care of them. He is pushed by the desire to create and build on a large scale, he has a huge capacity for work. If, for some reason, Hassan cannot fulfill his great ambitious goal, he will live his life, benefiting his loved ones. The qualities that this man will demonstrate are stability, reliability, rationality, loyalty, sincerity, stubbornness and perfectionism.

It is not difficult for little Hassan to offer an idea, it is much more difficult to help him find a good, correct way to implement it. It is a good idea to convey to him from an early age the importance and responsibility of duties, an awareness of the world of work. A boy can have extravagant, original ideas suitable for creative and inventive minds, very unusual and sometimes fantastic.

The owner of this name feels well in a large company, he is ready for cooperation, charity and exchange. The emotional sphere is important to him, and in fact, this is a rather gentle and gentle man. Despite the fact that Hassan is not demonstrative in the manifestation of his emotions, he deeply understands the meaning of friendship. Intuitive, creative and impressionable dreamer, and from time to time he can show a certain carelessness.

The romantically inclined Hassan is looking for a kindred spirit and shows himself to be a conciliatory, flexible man, sometimes very dependent, naive and impressionable in his personal relationships.

There can be many changes in his life, despite the fact that Hasan strives for stability. He is guided by ambition, but this is not necessarily related to the material sphere. He can take positions of top management, be a government agent, mediator, humanist, advisor, politician, and deal with international affairs. Otherwise, he will be attracted by scientific professions or professions related to land, nature, animals (ecologist, miner, gardener, farmer, herbalist, engineer, physicist). Hasan also seriously considers creative professions as his main work, he can devote his whole life to this.

Hassan's birthday

Hasan does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Hasan

  • Hasan Ali Toptash ((born 1958) Turkish writer, writes novels and short stories)
  • Sheikh Hasan Khilmi-afandi ((1852-1937) Dagestan scholar, theologian, spiritual leader)
  • Hasan Abdullah at-Turabi ((1932-2016) Sudanese thinker and politician)
  • Hassan Rouhani ((born 1948) Iranian statesman, theologian. Since 2013 he has served as President of Iran.)
  • Hasan Polatkan ((1915-1961) Turkish politician)
  • Hasan Mukhtar ((1901-1963) Bashkir writer, also translator)
  • Khasan Mamtov ((born 1984) Russian footballer)
  • Khasan Aliev ((1939-2003) Soviet dancer and choreographer. He was a laureate of various international and all-Union festivals. He created and was the head of the Republican Children's Song and Dance Ensemble "Bashlam", which later began to bear his name.)
  • Hassan Ali Bishara ((born 1945) Lebanese wrestler (Greco-Roman wrestling), bronze winner of the 1980 Olympic Games)
  • Khasan Baroev ((born 1982) Russian Greco-Roman style wrestler. Winner of the Olympic gold medal in 2004, multiple world and European champion. Currently holds the post of Minister of Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports in Alanya.)
  • Hasan Gemidji ((1927-2001) Turkish wrestler, Olympic champion)
  • Hasan Izzet Pasha ((1871-1931) General of the Ottoman Empire)
  • Hassan Wirayuda ((born 1948) Indonesian statesman, was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia for 8 years)
  • Hasan Ali Mansour ((1923-1965) Iranian statesman)
  • Hassan Yazdani Cherati ((born 1994) Iranian wrestler (freestyle), winner of the 2016 Olympics in weight up to 74 kg)

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