The Meaning Of The Name Fred

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The Meaning Of The Name Fred
The Meaning Of The Name Fred

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Fred
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Synonyms for the name Fred. Alfred, Friedrich, Frederick, Winfred, Friedbert, Manfred, Gottfried.

The origin of the name Fred. The name Fred is German.

The name Fred is most often used as a diminutive for men with the names Alfred, Friedrich (Frederick), Winfred, Friedbert, Manfred and Gottfried. But recently the name Fred has become independent and is used independently of other names.

There are paired female names for the male name Fred - Frederick and Frida.

Name days for Fred - see the corresponding abbreviated form for the full name of the man.

Description of the meaning of the name Fred - see the name Friedrich.

Fred's birthday

Fred doesn't celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Fred

  • Fred Adra ((born 1972) real name - Frederic Drachinsky; Israeli Russian-speaking writer and musician, leader of the ethnic group "Evil Dolls." In 2006, a jury led by Eduard Uspensky awarded Fred Adra the first prize of the first prize for the best work for children "Cherished Dream"; however, criticism immediately asked the question: "Maybe this is a book for adults?"
  • Frederick William Kwasi Akuffo ((1937 - 1979) Ghanaian political and military leader)
  • Frederick Dewey Smith, better known as Fred "Sonic" Smith ((1948 - 1994) American guitarist, most popular as a member of the MC5 and later his own Sonic's Rendezvous Band, which released the single City Slang even during Smith's lifetime)
  • Fred Ebb ((1928 - 2004) American poet, librettist, author of poetry to musicals and films. Widely known for his collaboration with composer John Kander. Their collaborations include Cabaret and Chicago, among others.)
  • Fred Willard ((born 1939) American comedian actor)
  • Fred Rose ((1898 - 1954) renowned American composer and music publisher)
  • Fred Pentland ((1883 - 1962) full name - Frederick Beaconsfield Pentland; English footballer and coach)
  • Fred Agabashian ((1913 - 1989) American midget racer and Indianapolis 500. After retiring from auto racing, he became a commentator on the 500 Radio Network. He was also inducted into the National Midget Racer Hall of Fame.)
  • Fred Dikstahl ((born 1942) former Dutch footballer, midfielder)
  • Fredrick Aaron "Fred" Savage ((born 1976) American actor and director, best known for his role as Kevin Arnold in The Wonderful Years)
  • Fred Johansson (Swedish singer-songwriter. Participates in the musicals Les Miserables, Notre Dame de Paris, Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats. Played the role of Pontius Pilate in the television film Jesus Christ Superstar (2000). Fred Johansson has released two solo albums: "Fred Johanson" (1994) and "Barely Half Alive" (1998).)
  • Frederico Chavez Gedes, better known simply as Fred (Brazilian footballer, striker, Brazilian national team player)
  • Fred McMurray ((1908 - 1991) American actor)
  • Fred Lawrence (English professional snooker and English billiards player)
  • Fred Williamson (American and Italian actor, director, screenwriter and producer)
  • Fred and George Weasley (fictional characters in the Harry Potter series. Twins, sons of Arthur and Molly Weasley. Known for their sense of humor and funny jokes. At Hogwarts, the brothers were beaters on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.)
  • Fred Davis, MBE ((1913 - 1998) English professional snooker and English billiards player, eight-time world snooker champion)
  • Frederick Moore Vinson ((1890 - 1953) American politician)
  • Frederick Mills or Mills, better known as Fred Mills ((1935 - 2009) Canadian trumpeter and music teacher, soloist of the Houston Symphony Orchestra, American Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra of the Canadian National Center for the Arts, one of the founders of the Canadian Brass ensemble, of which he was a member over 20 years)
  • Fredericus Jacobus Rütten (Dutch football coach, former footballer, defender)
  • Freddie Mercury ((1946 - 1991) real name - Farukh Bulsara; British singer and musician of Parsian origin, vocalist of the rock group Queen)
  • Freddie King ((1934 - 1976) real name - Frederick Christian King; American blues guitarist and singer. Best known for recordings of the 1960s such as "Hide Away" and "Have You Ever Loved A Woman." Freddie King influenced English musicians who created blues-rock in the 60s.)
  • Freddy Balta ((1919 - 2002) real name - Ferdinan Balta; French accordionist)
  • Freddie Alejandro Guarin Vasquez (Colombian footballer, midfielder)
  • Fredua Koranteng (Freddy) Adu (Ghanaian American football player, striker)
  • Freddie Bartholomew ((1924 - 1992) British child actor who played childhood roles in many classic Hollywood films of the 1930s. His contributions to the American film industry are starred on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.)
  • Freddie Cadena (Ecuadorian Opera and Symphony Conductor)
  • Fred Zinnemann ((1907 - 1997) Austrian American director)
  • Fred Thomas Saberhagen ((1930 - 2007) is a famous American writer, his main works are written in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. His most famous work is the series "Berserker", consisting of 10 novels and a number of short stories. He also wrote a number of novels in which vampires (including the well-known Dracula) are the main characters, and a series of post-apocalyptic novels in which magic has replaced science.)
  • Freddie Cannon ((born 1939) full name - Frederick Anthony Picariello Jr.; American singer, performer of early rock and roll, who became famous for the hits "Tallahassee Lassie", "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans", "Palisades Park" Freddie Cannon (according to Allmusic), unlike many of the genre's pioneers who changed its fundamentals, was and remains a "true believer rocker to the core."
  • Freddie Rodriguez (American actor of Puerto Rican descent)
  • Freddie Francis ((1917 - 2007) British cinematographer, winner of two Academy Awards for Best Cinematography, and director known as a master of horror films)
  • Freddie Hernandez (Mexican professional boxer in the 1st welterweight division)
  • Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger (fictional character in the horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street)
  • Fred Canning (full name - Alfred; a notable character in A. M. Volkov's fairy tale cycle about the Magic Land. Acts in the books The Seven Underground Kings, The Fire God of the Marrans and The Mystery of the Abandoned Castle; also mentioned in the book The Yellow Mist.)
  • Fred Kavli ((born 1927) Norwegian American multimillionaire and philanthropist)
  • Fred Allen ((1894 - 1956) pseudonym, real name - John Florence Sullivan; American comedian, whose absurd radio show (1934 - 1949) made him one of the most popular comedians in the so-called classic era of American radio)
  • Fred Warngord (full name - Oscar Alfred Daniel "Fred" Warngord; Swedish athlete, discipline - hammer throw, bronze winner of the Olympics (1936))