The Meaning Of The Name Khabib

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The Meaning Of The Name Khabib
The Meaning Of The Name Khabib

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Synonyms for the name Khabib. Xabi, Habib.

The origin of the name Khabib. The name Khabib is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Khabib has Arabic roots, it comes from the word “khabibi” which means “beloved”. Often used in the meaning of "dear friend", "dear, beloved friend", "favorite". A pronunciation variant is also used - Xabi. The female version of the name is Khabiba. The name Khabib is used among the Muslim population of the planet.

In the Tatar language, other male names are formed on behalf of Khabib, with similar meanings - Khabibelislam, Khabibelhak, Khabibelkhan, Khabibzhdan, Khabibelkhan, Khabibmurza, Khabibnur, Khabibrizdal, Khabibsultan, Khabibulla, Khabibshakhyar, and many others.

Khabib has a very volatile character. He is often eaten up by emotional anxiety, which, having no control over himself, can lead to complete self-doubt and complete resignation to fate. This man often worries about trifles, pays too much attention to minor events. If Khabib tries to avoid unnecessary quarrels and disputes, he will be able to succeed by working together with his friends.

At the same time, Khabib wants to succeed in life, relying only on his own strength. He wants to win his own authority. Perhaps this is why he is incredibly sensitive to the opinions of others. As a result, Khabib strictly adheres to all moral norms.

At heart, Khabib is a romantic. In a relationship, he values ​​constancy, and on his part is able to provide the financial side of life together. This is a sensitive person. He strives for an atmosphere of kindness and peacefulness. Its external practicality in fact turns out to be only a mask that hides its soft nature.

Khabib's birthday

Khabib does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Khabib

  • Khabib Nurmagomedov ((born 1988) Russian athlete, professional mixed style fighter. Multiple lightweight champion in various championships.)
  • Khabib Allakhverdiev ((born 1982) is a Russian boxer, is the IBO and WBA world champion. Winner of the bronze medal in the amateur boxing world championship and the gold medal of the winner of the Russian championship.)
  • Abu Tammam Habib ibn Aus ((807-846) is an ancient Arab poet, who is often called the prince of poets. He made significant changes in the manner of presenting poetry, described specific events, did not create "faces" of heroes, but endowed them with earthly features, which were easily recognizable real people with all their weaknesses and virtues.)
  • Habib Galhia ((1941-2011) Tunisian boxer, bronze medalist at the 1964 Olympics)
  • Habib Mohamed Bellaid ((born 1986) Algerian footballer, center-back)
  • Habib Subah ((born 1982) professional snooker player from Bahrain who became one of the first professional snooker players from the Middle East)
  • Khabib Yusufi ((1916-1945) Tajik Soviet poet, considered one of the best translators of Russian poetry into Tajik)
  • Khabib Minachev ((1908-2002) Soviet scientist, worked in the direction of organic chemistry. Studied zeolite catalysts, developed a method for synthesizing zeolite. Winner of numerous awards: twice the N.D. Zelinsky Prize, the USSR State Prize in 1977 and the A.A. Balandina in 1993. Awarded various orders and medals.)
  • Habib Bourguiba ((1903-2000) Tunisian politician. Since the proclamation of the Republic of Tunisia, he became its first president (1957-1987), since 1975 he became president for life. During his reign, a number of major reforms were carried out: private property in the country expanded (economic program), politically, the country's policy changed, the constitution changed, social rights appeared for women, polygamy was banned, a legislative procedure for divorce appeared, and the level of education increased.)
  • Habib Bey ((born 1980) French footballer, defender)
  • Khabib Abdullaev ((1912-1962) Soviet Uzbek geologist, the main works of the geologist are devoted to ore deposits and petrology. The scientist was awarded the Lenin Prize in 1959.)

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