The Meaning Of The Name Farhad

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The Meaning Of The Name Farhad
The Meaning Of The Name Farhad

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Synonyms for the name Farhad. Farhod, Farhat, Parkhat, Firkat, Firkad, Ferkat.

The origin of the name Farhad. The name Farhad is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Farhad in translation from Arabic means "smart", "capable", "invincible". The name is used among Muslims, in particular among the Tatars and Kazakhs. There is a recording option - Parhat, Farhod, Farhat. Also, the name has the forms found among Kazakhs, Uzbeks and other Turkic peoples - Firkat, Firkad, Ferkat.

Farhad has a strong character, thanks to a curious mixture of endless energy that imparts strength, masculinity and confidence, and a tendency to caution, allowing this man to doubt and begin to indulge in thought. The extent to which one of these trends is most pronounced depends on various factors. He may be more inclined to reasoning, will often judge, work in severity, and, as a rule, not unfounded, but with full awareness of the issue, at a high level. Or Farhad may be more rebellious, undisciplined, authoritarian and aggressive, this is more true of the "spring" representatives of this name.

However, the combination of these two qualities means that he is a strong and sturdy man, capable of both defending and protecting. Farhad is proud and determined, rather stubborn, it is difficult for him to admit his shortcomings and mistakes. His strengths are his courage to turn into recklessness, his unshakable willpower and his potential. The potential of this man is huge, both physically (this is a rather athletic man) and in an intellectual sense - he has good leadership abilities, knows how to command and assert himself correctly, is not devoid of loyalty and resourcefulness.

With such advantages, one could guess that the owner of this name also has several disadvantages. Farhad is quite radical, not ready for reconciliation and moderation, as well as arrogant and authoritarian.

Farhad often shows his character. As a child, his favorite word is the word "no", and nothing can cure his stubbornness, he will never admit that he is guilty, and will not apologize. However, you can be assured that this boy is a passionate personality, whose independence and perseverance will be noticeable from an early age. Such qualities of character will be useful to him when it comes to choosing a vocational guidance.

Above all, Farhad enjoys power and conquest. His passion will have to adapt and understand this in order to come to terms with the fluctuations in the mood of his spouse. In addition, he is jealous, may be harsh, and not particularly sentimental. But, despite these manifestations of behavior, this man is reliable, and you can always be sure that in times of great hardship or disaster, Farhad will be as solid as a rock, and ready to help in any way, as much as possible.

Farhad is a man of action, he is attracted by a career in areas related to power (politics, police) or his own business. He may like professions associated with a certain risk (stuntman, athlete, firefighter). From the more precise fields, Farhad can succeed in mechanics, automotive, surgery, or information technology. Farhad can also express his independence in creativity.

Farhad's birthday

Farhad does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Farhad

  • Farhad Veliyev ((born 1980) Azerbaijani footballer, role - goalkeeper)
  • Farhad Italmazov ((born 1993) Turkmen footballer)
  • Farhad Badalbeyli ((born 1947) Soviet and Azerbaijani pianist, composer and music teacher, holder of the title of People's Artist of the USSR in 1990)
  • Farhat Abdraimov ((born 1966) Kazakh actor)
  • Farhad Humbatov ((1968-1992) Azerbaijani soldier, National Hero of Azerbaijan)
  • Farhad Mammadov ((born 1977) Azerbaijani judo coach, coaches the Azerbaijani national team)
  • Farhad Shovlat oglu Aliyev ((born 1963) Azerbaijani politician)
  • Farhad Takhirov ((born 1987) Azerbaijani chess player, grandmaster since 2002)
  • Farhad Yusufov, also Mark Joseph ((born 1956) Soviet, later Canadian film director, editor and screenwriter, also starred as an actor)
  • Farhad Khalilov ((born 1946) Azerbaijani artist)
  • Farhad Zeynalov ((1929-1984) Azerbaijani and Soviet Turkologist)
  • Farhod Magometov ((born 1962) Soviet and Uzbek footballer, role - defender. 1994 Asian Games champion in the national team.)
  • Farhod Vasiev ((born 1990) Tajik footballer)
  • Farhod Negmatov ((born 1989) Tajik taekwondo fighter, bronze winner of the 2014 Asian Games)

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