The Meaning Of The Name Fedot

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The Meaning Of The Name Fedot
The Meaning Of The Name Fedot

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The short form of the name Fedot. Fedotka, Fedya, Dotya.

Synonyms for the name Fedot. Theodotus, Theodotus.

The origin of the name Fedot. The name Fedot is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Fedot, translated from the Greek language, means "God-given", "given, dedicated to the gods", "given, donated." The female form named after Theodotus (Theodotos) - Theodotus. Currently, this name can be attributed to the rarely used names.

Fedot is a man who has both many advantages and many disadvantages. Fedot's character is lively and open, while he is selfish and despotic, he seeks to "crush" everyone under himself. Fedot is responsive, he will come to the aid of everyone who needs it. At first glance, he is balanced and calm, unhurried and somewhat skeptical. A philosopher lives in the soul of this person, Fedot will never get involved in a conflict and make hasty conclusions about a person. Fedot's main drawback is that he wants everything to happen with his knowledge and at his direction.

In his professional activities Fedot shows himself to be a responsible and businesslike person. For Fedot, the ideal profession is one that requires concentration, so he will make an excellent watchmaker, carpenter, bookbinder. At work Fedot behaves actively, he will always be busy with business and will never chat with colleagues about nonsense. Fedot will be respected in any team for his responsiveness, good nature and wit. Fedot does not seek to take the position of a leader in the team.

Fedot is usually monogamous. It is decided to marry only in later years, preferring to first pursue a career and material support. Fedot will be a caring and attentive spouse who will never leave his spouse in trouble. Fedot has a wonderful character, but his selfishness and despotism make Fedot not suitable for family life. It can be extremely difficult to be with this person; a really loving woman will agree to marry Fedot. However, Fedot also has positive character traits: constancy, kindness, responsiveness and tenderness, which cannot but be appreciated by his partner.

Fedot is very fond of tinkering with his hands, often furniture in his house was made by Fedot himself. This man is not hospitable, he does not like to receive guests. However, employees, neighbors and friends can always count on his help.

Fedot is sociable, but communication with him can be stressful due to his selfishness. Fedot's friends often consider him a wonderful person, both in external and internal characteristics. Fedot does not like quarrels, he judges people carefully. Fedot has a developed sense of humor, but he can afford irony to human fuss. Chess is one of Fedot's favorite pastimes, he likes to think about some chess problem.

Fedot's birthday

Fedot celebrates name days on January 14, March 4, March 15, May 6, May 12, May 18, May 31, June 11, June 20, July 17, September 15, September 28, October 25, November 2, November 14, November 16, 20 November.

Famous people named Fedot

  • Fedot I, Theodot Cassiter ((815 - 821) Patriarch of Constantinople, iconoclast)
  • Fedot Shubin ((1740 - 1805) great Russian sculptor)
  • Fedot Bobylev ((1819 - after 1866) poet, newspaper editor)
  • Fedot Kuzmichev (author of Moscow popular prints)
  • Fedot Orlov ((1913 - 1988) Soviet pilot, during the Great Patriotic War, detachment commander of the 21st separate heavy bomber aviation squadron of the North-Western Front, Hero of the Soviet Union (1942), Air Force colonel)
  • Fedot Bizyanov ((1782 - 1858) Ural Cossack, major general, interlocutor of Pushkin during his visit to Uralsk in September 1833)
  • Fedot Popov ((died 1648), nicknamed Kholmogorets; Russian polar sailor, one of the discoverers of the strait between Asia and North America, the Chukchi Sea, the North Pacific Ocean and the Chukchi Peninsula)
  • Fedot Sychkov ((1870 - 1958) famous Russian (Soviet) artist, Honored Artist of Russia and Mordovia, People's Artist of Mordovia)
  • Fedot Klokachev ((1739 - 1783) Vice Admiral, Commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, the first Knight of the Order of St. George among Russian sailors)

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