The Meaning Of The Name Ustin

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The Meaning Of The Name Ustin
The Meaning Of The Name Ustin

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ustin

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ustin

The short form of the name Ustin. Ustya, Ustyukha, Ustyusha, Ustinka, Ustimko, Ustinko, Ustinochko, Ustimonko, Ustimochko, Yustinka, Yustya, Yusta, Justy, Jas, Jussi, Tino, Yustek, Yustik, Stein, Stinus.

Synonyms for the name Ustin. Justin, Justin, Ustim, Justin, Justin, Justin, Justin, Justino, Justinus, Justin, Justin, Gestin, Zhestin, Justin, Astin, Istin.

The origin of the name Ustin. The name Ustin is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Ustin is a modern version of the pronunciation of the old name Justin, mentioned in the Orthodox calendar. The name itself is derived from the Roman cognomen "Iustinus / Justinus", derived from the Latin word "justus", meaning "fair."

In different countries of the world, the name Ustin will sound differently: Justin - in England, Justin - in Germany, Romania, Hungary, Justin - in France, Justin - in Spain, Justino - in Italy, Justinus - in the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden. Accordingly, from each male name, female forms were formed - Justin, Ustin, Ustinya, Ustinia, Justin, Justine, Justin, to which Tina's diminutive appeal is also an independent name.

Do not confuse the names Ustin (Justin, Justin, Justin) with the related names Justus (Justus, Just, Justus, Justo) and Justinian (Justinen), which have a common origin, but the difference in the formation of the name and its use.

The name Ustin is mentioned in both Orthodox and Catholic calendar. In Russia, the name Ustin (Justin) was predominantly a spiritual class.

A man named Ustin is unusually mobile and proud. However, there is no certainty in him, often he is not sure of himself, which only exacerbates his pride. These character traits make Ustin serious and punctual. Trying not to show others his insecurity, he keeps himself in control, clearly plays the role assigned to him. Such behavior, no doubt, tempers the character of a man, and the inner mobility, peeping out from under the mask of a serious man, adds charm and attractiveness to him.

With the circle of close people, Ustin completely changes. He gives vent to all his feelings - both positive and negative. Sometimes this negatively affects the peace of his family.

Ustin's inner passions are somewhat smoothed out if the man's external restraint is combined with a sense of humor, and the man himself devotes more time to the problems of others, and not to his own. The best way out of the accumulated tension is laughter, and Ustin should remember this. Moreover, the ability to joke on time and defuse the situation will positively develop for the career growth of this ambitious person.

From the outside, Ustin may seem slow and kind. But this person is very difficult to get along with. He is secretive, emotional and stubborn. At the same time, he is a rather calculating person. He always remains sober and steadfast.

As a child, Ustin is an agreeable and obedient boy. But this is a purely external impression. Within the walls of his home, this is a small despot, very selfish and capricious. In order to raise such a decent child, parents will need a lot of firmness in order not to be led by his whims. Otherwise, the adult Ustin will repel everyone with his unbearable disposition.

In adulthood, Ustin becomes an educated and strong-willed man. He does not care about the hardships of life. He is able to show such a significant assertiveness that at times it confuses the interlocutor. However, this is even good for success at work. Ustin is very selective in communication. He does not like to be imposed on someone else's opinion. He chooses friends for himself who are similar in the way of thinking to himself.

As a rule, Ustin's first marriage falls apart due to a mismatch of characters. From the first try it is very difficult for a man to find the one that he needs. However, from an everyday point of view, Ustin is doing well. He does housework well and proves to be an attentive father. But with his wife, Ustin is often capricious and demanding.

“Dustless” work will be boring to Ustin. His soul requires activities that involve a lot of time and energy. He will wonderfully prove himself as a director of an enterprise or a private entrepreneur. He can also become a race car driver, police officer, surgeon and diplomat.

Ustin's birthday

Ustin celebrates name days on January 1, April 7, April 13, April 14, June 1, June 14, July 18, August 1, September 12, September 17, October 5, November 30.

Famous people named Ustin

  • Ustin Arapov ((1797-1873) Russian public figure, soldier with the rank of Major General, participated in the Russian-Turkish war)
  • Ustin Potapov ((died 1785) Russian major general, St. Petersburg governor. In 1782, by order of Catherine II, he began construction of a new road to Arkhangelsk through Novaya Ladoga. He was awarded the Order of St. Anna, 1st degree and the Order of St. Vladimir, 2nd degree.)
  • Mark Junian Justin (Roman historian of the 3rd century, in his writings he set out events of an earlier time - up to the 1st century, focusing on Macedonian history. He used the works of other historians as a primary source.)
  • Justin the Philosopher, Justin the Great, Justin of Rome, Justin (Justin) Martyr ((about 100-165) an early Christian martyr, was the first to give rise to the interpretation of history on the basis of theology. He traveled a lot, co-founded the catechism school where Tatian studied. Apologist, one of the the very first philosophers who brought the concepts of Greek philosophy to Christians.)
  • Justin I (Byzantine emperor (518-527), founder of a new dynasty of rulers)
  • Justin II, Flavius Justin ((about 520-578) Byzantine emperor (565-578), did not achieve success in foreign policy, actively built Constantinople)
  • Bishop Justin ((died 1879) in the world - Yakov Mikhailov; Bishop of Vladimir and Suzdal)
  • Justin of Chieti (III / IV / VI century) Italian bishop of Chieti, the saint of the Catholic Church)
  • Justin (Justin) Dzhanelidze ((1883-1950) an outstanding Soviet surgeon, was involved in the treatment of heart wounds a lot. His monograph of 1927, devoted to this issue, became over time not only a reference book for surgeons of the USSR, but is relevant to this day.. Dzhenalidze invented a special vascular compressor, which made it possible to avoid complications (paralysis) in the postoperative period. He was also engaged in plastic surgery, his interest extended to various types of plastic (skin, bone, tendon, etc.). He studied particular problems in traumatology, reconstructive surgery. This prominent scientist and public figure has shown himself in various aspects of medicine - burns, diseases of the chest organs, emergency surgery and others.that this outstanding surgeon became a laureate of the Stalin Prize of the first degree and a Hero of Socialist Labor, Justin Dzhanelidze was an excellent teacher. Since 1964, the doctor became the head of the All-Union Society of Surgeons, which became his official recognition as the chief surgeon of the USSR. He was the head of the Soviet delegations of surgeons at international congresses of doctors several times, the author of many books that have become the benchmarks for many doctors to this day. In memory of the great surgeon, the Institute of Emergency Medicine in St. Petersburg was named after him.)which have become the benchmarks for many doctors so far. In memory of the great surgeon, the Institute of Emergency Medicine in St. Petersburg was named after him.)which have become the benchmarks for many doctors so far. In memory of the great surgeon, the Institute of Emergency Medicine in St. Petersburg was named after him.)
  • Justin Zhuk ((1887-1919) Russian revolutionary)
  • Archimandrite Justin ((1894-1979) in the world - Blagoje Popovic; Serbian clergyman, doctor of theology. Author of various multivolume spiritual works.)
  • Justin de Jacobis ((1800-1866) Holy Roman Catholic Church)
  • Yustyn Lichuk ((1901-1986) chairman of the Ukrainian collective farm "May Day", participant in several documentaries, twice became the Hero of Socialist Labor)
  • Justin Pigulyak ((1845-1919) Ukrainian portrait painter, known not only in his homeland, but in other countries. He penned such portraits as "Taras Shevchenko", "Bogdan Khmelnitsky" and others. Most of his paintings disappeared before still not found.)
  • Justin Chaplitz ((1797-1873) Russian general, participant in the Caucasian War)
  • Justin Olsen ((born 1987) American bobsledder, won 2010 Olympic gold, also became world champion in 2009 in fours' competition)
  • Justin Irwin Upton ((born 1987) American professional baseball player)
  • Justin Charles Pierce ((1975-2000) American professional skateboarder and actor, starred in the film Kids)
  • Justin Randall Timberlake ((born 1981) American pop and R`n`B singer and songwriter, winner of numerous awards, including four Emmys and six Grammys. Films, produces, produces his own clothing line.)
  • Justin Cripps ((born 1987) Canadian bobsledder, pilot, has been playing for the Canadian national team for over five years, starting in 2006. Multiple winner of the World and America Cups, national championships.)
  • Justin Worthington Henry ((born 1971) American film actor, became famous for his role in the movie "Kramer vs. Kramer")

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