The Meaning Of The Name Tahir

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The Meaning Of The Name Tahir
The Meaning Of The Name Tahir

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Tahir
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The short form of the name Tahir. Taha, Tag, Tagi, Taga.

Synonyms for the name Tahir. Tagir, Dagir, Tayyr, Dayyr, Tair.

The origin of the name Tahir. The name Tahir is Muslim.

The name Tahir is of Arabic origin. Most often, the name is given the meaning "clean", "sinless", "irreproachable", "spotless". Interpretations similar in meaning - "virtuous", "chaste". There is a translation - "bird". Variants of the name - Dagir, Tagir, Tayyr, Daiyr.

It is often believed that the name Tahir is one of the variants of the name Tahir, although he also has a different interpretation. Paired female name - Takhira, Tagira, Dagira. The name is used among Muslims, including among the Bashkirs, Tatars, Kazakhs.

The owner of the name Tahir has a certain superiority over others, because he has a bright personality. His imposing and authoritarian appearance is still quite loyal and welcoming. This man has some concerns about his appearance, which he attaches great importance to.

Open, curious, sociable, he is interested in everything, and he loves to pass on his knowledge. His strong sensitivity is often hidden behind a harsh and clear attitude. Direct in conversations, frank in thoughts, the enemy of laziness, pretense, flattery and lies. Tahir is capable of generosity and will always be ready to help. He seeks strength and for this he mobilizes energy, courage and effort. The downside is his impatience for those less gifted than him.

His spirit of contradiction is highly developed. He runs the risk of living in an atmosphere of strong emotional stress, often harmful to his inner balance. Risks concern all kinds of excesses: excess of kindness, self-forgetfulness, as well as, on the contrary, megalomania, abuse of power, Machiavellianism.

As a child, he is a brave and kind boy who already knows what he wants. Power conflicts can arise when education is too weak or too directive. But he is trustworthy, he must be told about universal human values.

Tahir loves power and property, his interest is always concrete and materialistic. If wealth and financial well-being are necessary for his life, which provide not only his comfort, but also benefits to his relatives and friends, to whom he is very attached, then he will find a way to achieve this comfort.

In love, this is a direct, frank man, faithful to his chosen one, which is also required of her. He does not forgive mistakes, and his hurt and anger are terrible.

Tahir will succeed, but this will always be accompanied by strong emotional or nervous tension. Most attracted by his management, administration, power, so the political direction is one of the most promising for the owner of this name. But there are professions that may also interest him. It is possible that this will become a kind of hobby, a hobby, but it can also become a main profession. This can be manual or craft work (mechanic, technician, tailor), technical or financial sphere (engineer, mathematician, accountant, bank clerk, chemist), communication and contacts with people (consultant, teacher, sales manager). Commerce is one of Tagir's hobbies, useful and necessary for him in life.

Tahir's birthday

Takhir does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Tahir

  • Tahir ibn Hussein ibn Musab ((776-822) Persian commander, founder of the Tahirid dynasty. Received the nickname "the owner of two hands".)
  • Tagir Aushev ((born 1976) Russian scientist (physics of elementary particles. Author of about 600 scientific papers.)
  • Tagir Akhunzyanov (Tagirov) ((1923-2013) Soviet Bashkir writer and journalist, was engaged in social activities)
  • Tagir Rakhimov ((born 1963) Russian actor)
  • Tagir Kamalov ((born 1962) Bashkir conductor. Founded and directed the National Symphony Orchestra of the Republic for almost 20 years.)
  • Takhir Kapadze ((born 1955) Soviet and Uzbek football coach)
  • Takhir Sabirov ((1929-2002) Soviet Tajik actor, also film director, screenwriter)
  • Takhir Bazarov ((born 1955) Soviet and Russian psychologist, specializes in management psychology. Author of more than 100 scientific papers. Compiled textbooks for universities "Personnel Management", "Effective Management: Practical Work".)
  • Takhir Mateulin ((1935-2005) Russian actor)
  • Tahir Yahya at-Tikriti ((1913-1986) Iraqi military and statesman)
  • Tahir al-Juhaimi (Libyan politician)
  • Takhir Hasanov ((1970-1992) Azerbaijani policeman (special task force), National Hero of Azerbaijan)
  • Tagir Tagirov ((born 1989) Russian sambo wrestler (mixed martial arts), winner of the bronze medal at the Russian Combat Sambo Championship.)
  • Tagir Abdulaev ((born 1967) Russian sambo and judoka. Twice gold winner of the World Sambo Championship.)
  • Tagir Khuryugsky ((1893-1958) real name - Alimov; Lezghin poet. He took the pseudonym after the name of his native village Khuryug (now - Khryug). People's poet of Dagestan. For one year he directed the Lezgin theater, then took up social activities.)
  • Takhir Khan (Tayyr Khan) (ruler of the Kazakh Khanate in 1523-1533)

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