Meaning Of The Name Tair

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Meaning Of The Name Tair
Meaning Of The Name Tair

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Video: Meaning Of The Name Tair
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Synonyms for the name Tair. Dair, Tayyr, Dayyr, Tayir, Dayir, Tagir, Tahir.

The origin of the name Tair. The name Tair is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Tahir in translation from Arabic means "persistent". There is a version that the name Tair means “bird”. The variant of the name is Dair. The paired female name Tair is also interpreted as "radiant".

It happens that the names Tair, Tagir, Takhir are considered forms of each other. The names Tagir and Tahir are translated as “pure”, “sinless”, “spotless”.

The owner of the name Tair is a rather creative person. He tries to find balance and harmony in everything, is inspired by a wide variety of ideas, is actively interested in art, aesthetics and everything that has anything to do with a person as a person. Therefore, he knows how to communicate, is open to the outside world, is always in search of society and can often be found at various social events.

Tahir is very tactful, knows how to be very diplomatic if necessary. In this he is helped by his intuition, which allows him to quickly understand what is happening. This kind man can be called, to some extent, an altruist. Tahir has a great depth of feelings.

In childhood, this is a calm, gentle and even somewhat shy boy who loves his family very much and especially needs emotional support. Tair values comfort as much as the emotional atmosphere in the house. A bit of a gourmet in everyday life and in feelings, there is some refinement in this man. It is simple and easy to talk to them. Tair has the ability, hidden from prying eyes, to recognize the imperceptible and to solve riddles. In addition, the owner of this name has a high sense of justice, he does not like any violations of law and order.

Tahir loves stories, legends, myths and enjoys music all his life. Therefore, he is always attracted by artistic activity, various types of creativity.

In family life, Tair shows great responsibility. He is always a protector for his family. He prefers to be visited, and not vice versa. This applies to both advice and visiting trips. In his beloved, he is looking for an exceptional spouse endowed with similar values, perhaps with a touch of exoticism. After all, Tahir is a rather sentimental man.

Professionally, Tair will prioritize any creative profession (actor, writer, artist, director). But his ability to communicate allows him to become successful in various fields (psychology, sociology, ethnology, medicine, history, advertising, marketing, jurisprudence). Interest in technical fields (audiovisual, computer, telematics, electronic) will help you find yourself here too. Your passion for travel will help you make a career in tourism and transport.

Tair's birthday

Tair does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Tair

  • Tair Isaev ((1922-2001) Soviet Azerbaijani soldier. During the Second World War he was captured, fled from there and joined the partisans. He became a member of the Italian Resistance movement. He was nicknamed "Serafino." He showed true heroism. He is the National Hero of Italy, awarded the highest awards of Italy. He became the owner of 36 orders and medals. About his activities during the war years in 1974 was shot a documentary film "His name was Serafino.)
  • Tair Zharokov ((1908-1965) Kazakh Soviet poet)
  • Tair Salakhov ((born 1928) Soviet Azerbaijani and Russian painter. Also theater artist and teacher.)
  • Tair Mansurov ((born 1948) Kazakh politician)
  • Tair Mamedov ((born 1981) Russian actor, film director, screenwriter, also TV presenter and showman)
  • Tair Atakishiev ((1927-2012) Soviet Azerbaijani musician (violin), also teacher)
  • Tair Aliyev ((born 1975) Azerbaijani director)
  • Tair Tastandiev ((1924-1974) Soviet heavy machine gunner. Full holder of the Order of Glory. After the war he worked on a collective farm, was engaged in social activities.)
  • Dair Asanov ((1922-2009) Soviet artilleryman, was a participant in the Great Patriotic War. Holder of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union (1943). He was also awarded the medal "For the Defense of Stalingrad." After the war, he received his education, finished his service with the rank of major general.)
  • Tahir Vakhidov ((born 1963) Soviet and Uzbek chess player, became a grandmaster in 2009. Member of the Uzbekistan national team at the World and Asian Championships. Since 2014 he became a FIDE referee.)

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