The Meaning Of The Name Sidor

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The Meaning Of The Name Sidor
The Meaning Of The Name Sidor

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Short form of the name Sidor. Sidorka, Sida, Sitting, Izzy, Isidorito, Isidrito, Chilo, Chilolo, Chiro.

Synonyms for the name Sidor. Isidor, Isidor, Isidoro, Isidro, Isidoros.

The origin of the name Sidor. The name Sidor is Russian, Orthodox.

The name Sidor is the folk form of the name Isidor. Means "the gift of Isis", that is, the gift of the goddess of fertility. The male name has a paired female name - Isidora (Isidora).

Orthodox name days will be indicated for the name Sidor. Catholic name days can be seen at the name of Isidore.

Since childhood, Sidor gives the impression of a very reliable and sociable person. However, his character is quite contradictory and quick-tempered. Under the influence of a momentary impulse, he is able to commit rash acts. This is a very impetuous nature, he always tries to do everything quickly and does not like to go into details.

Sidor has a good sense of humor, and quickly finds a common language with a loved one. Human stupidity and slowness often infuriate him. These are independent men who do not tolerate advice, they themselves can sort out their affairs without outside interference.

These men usually show aptitude for language learning, cooking, administrative work and teaching. Sidor is also inclined to study classical science and can become a university teacher. He is able to become an official and achieve a high post. Work is very addictive for these workaholics, so it becomes a kind of drug for them. In business, Sidor shows diligence, originality and quickly solves even very difficult problems thanks to his enterprise. His energy and temperament can lead him to fame, but he should keep himself in control and not go into conflicts.

In his profession, Sidor achieves a high position not only thanks to his diligence, but also due to his developed intuition. His haste and synthetic mindset make it impossible for him to carry out long and painstaking work, so he tries to get rid of it.

In his personal life, Sidor is popular with women, thanks to his charm, wit and elegance. For him there is no rigid framework of morality, so you should not blindly believe his words and promises. Sometimes in his behavior you can notice some femininity. As they become husbands, these men remain faithful to their wives and are very attached to their home and family. In the circle of his family, Sidor feels safe and comfortable, he really appreciates this feeling and is usually afraid to leave the family.

In dealing with Sidor, one should take into account his irascibility and irritability. Therefore, if he suddenly begins to show his aggressiveness, it is worth stopping him right away, translating everything into a joke or making it clear with a smile that there is a misunderstanding.

Sidor's birthday

Sidor celebrates his name day on January 15, January 21, February 8, February 17, March 5, May 20, May 27, June 5, July 19, September 24, October 21, October 30, December 3, December 20.

Famous people named Sidor

  • Isidore Kharaksky ((1st century) ancient Greek writer, often mentioned by Pliny among geographical sources.)
  • Isidore (2nd century gnostic)
  • Isidore of Chios ((d. ​​251) early Christian martyr)
  • Isidore of Pelusiotsky (Venerable, disciple of John Chrysostom)
  • Isidor (Sidor) Silin ((about 1767 - 1830) Russian businessman (merchant of the 2nd guild), mayor of Perm in 1809-1811, 1814-1817 and 1820-1823)
  • Sidor Belarsky ((1898 - 1975) real name - Isidor Livshits; American opera singer (bass) and performer of Yiddish songs)
  • Sidor Slyusarev ((1906 - 1981) Soviet pilot and military leader, Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Sidor Kovpak ((1887 - 1967) commander of the Putivl partisan detachment (later - the Sumy partisan formation, even later - the 1st Ukrainian partisan division), major general; twice Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Sidor Bely ((1716 / about 1735 - 1788) Esaul of the Zaporozhye Cossack army, the first Cossack chieftain of the Black Sea Cossack army, lieutenant colonel of the Russian army, an active participant in the Russian-Turkish wars of the second half of the 18th century)
  • Sidor Kolesnikov ((1900 - 1968) Hero of the Soviet Union (1945), shooter of the 88th Guards Rifle Regiment of the 33rd Guards Rifle Division of the 39th Army of the 3rd Belorussian Front, Red Army Guard)
  • Isidor Vorobkevich ((1836 - 1903) Sidor Vorobkevich, Ukrainian writer and composer)
  • Isidore of Miletus ((6th century) Byzantine architect; together with Anthimius of Trall, he built the temple of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople in 532-537, Isidore invented a tool for continuous drawing of a parabola, with which he solved the problem of doubling a cube. This tool, according to Eutocius, resembled the Greek letter λ. From the school of Isidore came the so-called "Book XV of the Beginnings", since its compiler calls Isidore his teacher.)
  • Isidore ((died 1349) surnamed Vuhiras, Patriarch of Constantinople)
  • Isidore of Kiev ((1380/1390-ies - 1463) Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia from 1437 to 1442; was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church)
  • Isidor Yuryevsky ((died 1472) priest of St. Nicholas Church of Yuryev, according to the legend of the 16th century, killed by Catholics for refusing to accept Catholicism)
  • Isidor (hegumen of the Solovetsky Monastery, Metropolitan of Novgorod in 1603 - 1619; crowned Vasily Shuisky as king)
  • Isidor (Nikolsky) (Orthodox bishop, metropolitan of Kiev, then Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Finland)
  • Isidor Tverdislov, Rostov (holy fool, blessed and miracle worker)
  • Isidor Samtavi (one of the founders of Georgian monasticism)
  • Isidor Annensky ((1906 - 1977) Soviet Russian film director and screenwriter, Honored Artist of Russia)
  • Isidor Zak ((1909 - 1998) Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR (1976), laureate of the Stalin Prize (1948))

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