The Meaning Of The Name Sani

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The Meaning Of The Name Sani
The Meaning Of The Name Sani

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The origin of the name Sani. Sani's name is Muslim.

The name Sani of Arabic origin means "praising", "shining", "brilliant", "magnificent". This name is used among men, the female form of the name is Sania.

Sled is a complex and elusive person, and a certain magnetism comes from him. It combines two opposite personalities. He is a quick-tempered, excitable, full of enthusiasm, assertive and passionate man, he is secretive and shy. Sanya is extremely sensitive, he has problems expressing his own emotions. He often feels like he hasn't understood anything, so his reactions can be completely unpredictable. Depending on the moment, he can react violently or withdraw into himself.

Sani is in constant search of harmony with the desire to please and be appreciated in return. He can become an esthete, become interested in art, realize his hobby, making it his hobby.

Sany is hardworking, however, his efforts can be contradictory due to his tendency to extremes, or devote himself entirely to his work, not counting hours, or complete inactivity. He can sometimes be torn between his pragmatic and materialistic half and the desire to bring something to the ideal, which can cause him to deviate from rationality and turn to spirituality or the irrational. He has wonderful intuitive abilities and a talent for psychology, even if he doesn't talk about it, he always wanted others to recognize it in him.

As a child, Sani is not particularly friendly, he thinks a lot about the future. His parents should try to help him find company, instill in him communication skills. As a teenager, Sani can become a brilliant student, however, he can also be self-taught, thanks to his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

The owner of the name Sani loves to be admired, but not only in order to enjoy the attention of others, but also wanting to serve as an example for others. He is embarrassed if he fails to extend his innate talents to his work to achieve a goal. Sleigh can even put on an amazing show, be branded as original, eccentric or marginal. When his intellectual side of personality prevails, he is likely to be interested in psychology, anthropology, astrology, and spirituality. But here he should be careful, because this person is not far from reactionary views even to revolutionary convictions. And then he becomes a cynical critic with a destructive attitude towards everything that is not close to him in this aspect.

In matters of the heart, Sanya is a fiery and passionate man. Although not particularly sentimental, he can be very generous, provided that his authority is undeniably recognized. He hopes that his beloved will look after him with care and attention, but this man can be as jealous as an angry tiger!

This multifaceted character also has several options regarding his career. He might have a preference for professions related to power and money (administration, business, finance, accounting, banking, police), but he is also attracted to technical fields (mechanical engineering, mechanics or computers). His ability to self-study gives him the opportunity to engage in research, medicine, psychology. He may also be interested in sports, a career in the world of fashion or creativity.

Birthday Sanya

Sleigh does not celebrate name day.

Famous people named Sani

  • Sani Abacha ((1943-1998) Nigerian statesman and military man)
  • Sani Bečirovic ((born 1981) Slovenian professional basketball player)
  • Sani Haruna Keita ((born 1986) Nigerian footballer, 2008 Olympic silver medalist)
  • Sani Elia Lagigietama Lakatani ((born 1936) Niuean politician)
  • Abul Hasan Ghaffari Kashani, also Sani Ol Molk, Abul Hasan II ((1814-1866) Persian artist, performed oil portraits, miniatures on water paints, portrait miniatures, painting caskets. Was a court painter, studied the work of Italian masters in Europe. In 1853 He supervised a project for illustrating the collection of stories “A Thousand and One Nights.” In his submission there were 42 artists, he also made many miniatures in this collection. In the 60s of the XIX century he was engaged in administrative activities, and also opened his own school of painting.)
  • Sani Hajiyev ((born 1984) Azerbaijani scientist, historian)

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