The Meaning Of The Name Samir

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The Meaning Of The Name Samir
The Meaning Of The Name Samir

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Synonyms for the name Samir. Semir.

The origin of the name Samir. The name Samir is Muslim.

The name Samir is of Arabic origin, translated as "interlocutor", "narrator", there is also a translation variation - "companion in the evening conversation." The paired female name is Samira.

The owner of the name Samir has some attractiveness, charm, but this young man in his thoughts only thinks about what concerns him personally, this can affect his family, work, friends and relatives, but the fate of hungry children in Africa is unlikely to take him thoughts. But this does not mean at all that he is a selfish man, he is ready to sacrifice a lot for the happiness of his beloved and dear people. He understands this way, if everything is fine with him, then his relatives will be much better. This is the kind of person who takes on his responsibilities with full seriousness and responsibility.

But he can behave like a small child, become selfish and narcissistic, but this is most often reflected in any habits or little things - he can only dress as he likes, regardless of the accepted canons, or force household members to maintain a certain diet nutrition, regardless of everyone's taste preferences. This reflects some of his irresponsibility, because such behavior can push Samir away from people.

But such behavior can be successful in the professional field, where Samir can afford the right to make mistakes or certain weaknesses, requiring his colleagues to obey and follow instructions. The novelty and clarity of execution in some areas of business can be disruptive. The spirit of novelty and adventure always excites Samir, so he can take risks without thinking about the consequences and without calculating the situation in advance.

As a child, Samir needs an upbringing that is both firm and flexible. His hyperactivity can be replaced by prolonged laziness, periods of active reading with inattention and distraction. He is prone to self-righteousness, so it would be a good idea to give him some of the family responsibilities, regardless of his age, this will help him avoid developing a certain narcissism. Since the owner of this name is an esthete, the practice of artistic activity can bring him a lot of pleasure.

Samir is an individualist, he loves to control his own destiny, not to be led, but even to a greater extent to be responsible for others. He wants to be the best and to influence people. He is generous and capable of big gestures, but this does not change anything - he has a rather selfish character.

Pleasure and romance occupy an important place in his life. Samir is a real ladies' boyfriend, but his charm can be replaced by imperiousness, which does not always help him in life. In his family, Samir will be the undisputed leader, it is also possible that he will have a family business. Otherwise, Samir may be attracted by the hotel or restaurant business, politics, sports, journalism, or creative professions.

Samir's birthday

Samir does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Samir

  • Samir Nasri ((born 1987) French footballer)
  • Samir Kassir ((1960-2005) Lebanese journalist, also a public figure)
  • Samir Busenin el-Murabit ((born 1991) Andorran footballer)
  • Samir Uykani ((born 1988) Albanian and Kosovo footballer (goalkeeper))
  • Samir Rauf oglu Sharifov ((born 1961) Azerbaijani statesman)
  • Samir Guchapshev ((born 1987) Russian judoka, multiple medalist of the World and European Cups)
  • Samir Ibrahim oglu Masimov ((born 1995) Azerbaijani footballer)
  • Samir Hasanov ((born 1967) former Soviet footballer, striker and midfielder, retired from coaching, currently sports director)
  • Samir Rizayev ((1924-1978) Armenian Soviet film critic, directed the script department at the "Armenfilm" studio, was also a film critic and theater critic)
  • Samir Nabiev ((born 1986) Azerbaijani athlete-Paralympian (discus throw), winner of various prize awards)

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