The Meaning Of The Name Samat

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The Meaning Of The Name Samat
The Meaning Of The Name Samat

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Synonyms for the name Samat. Samad, Samed, Samet.

The origin of the name Samat. The name Samat is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Samat has Arabic roots, this name means "supreme ruler", "leader", "leader". According to another interpretation, the name is translated as "eternal", "eternally living", "permanent", "stable", and as a synonymous meaning - "strong".

One of the names of Allah - As-Samad - means "permanent", "unchanging". The name has different spelling and pronunciation variations - Samad, Samet, Samed, and this name is also used to compose a compound name, for example, Sametkhan, Ali-Samed, Samedbek, Samaddin.

The owner of the name Samat is a self-confident man, physically active and willing to always move forward. He comes across as a personable, reliable and trustworthy man. And this does not contradict reality: this man, as a rule, is made of harsh material, he can be very consistent and logical, sometimes even to the point of arrogance, but the owner of this name despises flattery and does not tolerate any restrictions for himself.

Samat is a rather impatient man, can be irritable and nervous, which sometimes leads to aggression, especially in those cases when he believes that someone has crossed certain boundaries. But, nevertheless, Samat most of the time behaves like a very pleasant, responsible and inquisitive man.

Samat knows how to analyze his actions. Loves adventure and something new. But inside him there is a constant struggle between duty and responsibility and the desire to live his life the way he wants, not caring about who and what thinks about him. This struggle can go with a different advantage, both in one direction and in the other direction.

Samat is endowed with amazing mental agility, but his style of communication and leadership leans towards authoritarianism, he prefers to keep everyone in his firm fist, not giving freedom and demanding submission. Although in some cases Samat would prefer to relinquish some of the responsibility, he feels that it will be of great benefit if he does everything on his own. He tends to take all things seriously.

Already in childhood, Samat demonstrates these qualities, adheres to a frank and straight line of conduct, emphasizes respect and a sense of justice and equality. Do not deprive him of affection and love, it is these feelings that help him to fully understand what responsibility is.

Samat, despite his love of adventure, values ​​the comfort of his home very much, loves his family. This is a very responsible husband, he prefers to do all the housework with his own hands.

Most of all, he is interested in professions related to power (state apparatus, law, law enforcement agencies), but, wishing to avoid routine work, Samat can engage in sales, tourism.

Birthday Samata

Samat does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Samat

  • Samat Gabidullin ((1939-1997) Bashkir poet)
  • Samat Sadykov ((1920-1945) Soviet machine gunner, Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Samat Sadriev ((1920-1988) participant of the Great Patriotic War (motorized rifle troops), Hero of the Soviet Union (1944). A chess tournament in his memory among children is being held in Leninogorsk, and there is also a street in this city that bears his name.)
  • Samat Gataullin ((born 1929) honorary oilman, was engaged in underground workover of wells, Hero of Socialist Labor)
  • Samat Bakirov ((1925-2005) Kazakh honored police officer, lawyer. After participating in the Great Patriotic War he was sent to serve in the police. Later, Samat Bakirov wrote books about police officers and their everyday life.)
  • Samat Smakov ((born 1978) the most titled Kazakh footballer (role - midfielder), player of the Kazakhstan national team; six-time champion of Kazakhstan, winner of many other awards and cups)
  • Samed Behrangi ((1939-1967) Iranian children's writer and teacher, became famous for the book for children "Little Black Fish", wrote children's stories, essays and pedagogical articles)
  • Samed Vurgun, Samed Yusif oglu Vekilov ((1906-1956) Azerbaijani Soviet playwright and poet, also a public figure)
  • Samed Yesil ((born 1994) German footballer (Turk by origin), striker)
  • Samed Ashum oglu Mardanov ((1909-1939) Azerbaijani and Soviet film director. He shot the very first Azerbaijani sound film - the comedy "Near the Blue Sea" (1936), and the film "Kendlilyar" was included in the "golden fund" of Azerbaijani cinema.)
  • Samed Aliyev ((1867-1930) Soviet and Azerbaijani politician, statesman, carried out an alphabetical reform in Azerbaijan)
  • Samedbek Sadikhbek oglu Mehmandarov ((1855-1931) military leader)
  • Samed Hamid oglu Abdullaev ((1920-1943) foreman of the medical service, orderly on the battlefield during the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Samet Aybaba ((born 1955) Turkish footballer, later football coach, sports director)

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