The Meaning Of The Name Salavat

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The Meaning Of The Name Salavat
The Meaning Of The Name Salavat

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The short form of the name Salavat. Salav, Salik, Saltyk, Salavatka, Salavatik.

Synonyms for the name Salavat. Salav.

The origin of the name Salavat. The name Salavat is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Salavat in translation from the Arabic language means "prayers of praise", "prayer". The name is most often used by the Bashkirs and Tatars. The names Hamid, Hamad, Madih will be close in meaning ("laudatory", "praising"). In the meaning of "prayer for faith" - Salavdi, Salavdin.

The owner of the name Salavat is an integral person, rather brave and energetic. Under a certain severity and some rudeness, a sensual man hides. He prefers to hide this trait of his character in order to look courageous and strong.

He perfectly compensates for his shyness, inner excitement, doubt in his abilities with activity and the desire to pass any test on his way. Salavat easily and quickly adapts to changes, can show know-how, even a certain opportunism. And yet he is quite strict, hates flattery, lies, pretense and especially injustice. Faced with lawlessness, anger awakens in him, he becomes a very formidable man.

Salavat is a materialist, has a business acumen and often becomes a professional in his field. He is interested in theory only when he can find practical application for it. Impatient in achieving goals, quick in execution, and efficient in getting results. Such behavior is necessary for him so that the natural aggressiveness and hostility are directed in the right direction, and the result obtained from his actions is noticeable not only to himself, but also to benefit others. This factor is very important for Salavat. The need for recognition of his merits among others is an important enough factor to force this man to act and find the necessary solution.

As a child, Salavat still does not know how to control his strengths, therefore he shows absent-mindedness. He desperately needs physical exercise to teach him the inner control. In the classroom, the boy gives preference to specific scientific areas, often physics and chemistry. Sports, competitions, modeling activities become his favorite pastime.

Salavat loves to communicate with other people, he can be very convincing when he wants to. But above all, he values ​​his freedom, play and the pleasures of this world. He can be called a man for conquest, because he will not spare either his labor or his efforts for this.

In personal relationships, he has very strong feelings. He needs to very deeply understand his beloved, speak her language, be with her a single essence. Salavat is very attentive to his chosen one, completely trusts her, shows respect. He considers such a true relationship a real treasure, where freedom for everyone is a value that is understandable to each of them. He is unlikely to forgive a lie, he will prefer an unpleasant truth.

When choosing a profession, Salavat will focus on the opportunity to provide himself and his family well. At the same time, various paths are open for him. He can take a great interest in sports, circus, make a career in a transport company, be in demand as a technician or a financial worker. Insurance, journalism, education, trade are also on his shoulder, but here he constantly has to struggle with impatience to achieve quick results.

Salavat's birthday

Salavat does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Salavat

  • Salavat Fatkhutdinov (Fatkhetdinov) ((born 1960) Russian singer, Honored Artist of Russia. He is also a race car driver, president of the kettlebell lifting federation of the Republic of Tatarstan, professor.)
  • Salavat Shcherbakov ((born 1955) Soviet and Russian sculptor (monumental sculpture). Also a teacher and professor. His works are not only in Russia, but in Azerbaijan, Israel, Germany. Many of his works are in Moscow.)
  • Salavat Yulaev ((1754-1800) national Bashkir hero (batyr), poet-storyteller (sesen). Was an associate of Yemelyan Pugachev.)
  • Salavat Rakhmetov ((born 1967) Russian rock climber. Multiple winner of international competitions, 6 times became the champion of the USSR.)
  • Salavat Salmanov ((born 1952) Soviet and Russian Bashkir composer, teacher)
  • Salavat Abuzarov ((born 1967) Bashkir poet, playwright)
  • Salavat Gaisin ((born 1940) Russian business leader, Honored signalman of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Also a statesman.)
  • Salavat Kasimov ((1934-2018) Soviet and Russian historian, He wrote more than 200 scientific works, among which there were 6 monographs. In 2009 he won the State Prize of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the field of science and technology.)
  • Salavat Shaikhinurov ((born 1970) Russian animator. He is the author of Smeshariki characters. Designer, production designer and art director of the Smeshariki animated series.)
  • Salavat Askarov ((born 1946) Russian singer, is a soloist of the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theater)
  • Salavat Galeev ((born 1958) Soviet and Russian footballer)
  • Salavat Kireev ((1955-2001) Soviet and Russian circus artist, horse rider. Was a participant in the number "Dzhigita of Bashkortostan", toured a lot. He also trained students. He starred in the film "Emelyan Pugachev" (1978), where he played the role of Salavat Yulaev, Bashkir national hero.)

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