Meaning Of The Name Said

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Meaning Of The Name Said
Meaning Of The Name Said

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Video: Meaning Of The Name Said
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Synonyms for the name Said. Saad, Saud, Shaad, Seid, Seid, Syait, Suad, Suat.

The origin of the name Said. The name Said is Muslim.

The name Said is an Arabic male name, meaning "happy." The name Said can be written and pronounced in different ways: Saad, Saud, Shaad, Seid, Seid, Syait, Suad, Suat. It is often used to compose two-part names - Saduddin, Saidullah, Saadallah, Masud, Seidali, Saidjon, Seitzhan, Amirsaid and many others. The paired female name is Saida. Used among Muslims.

The name Masud is also used among the Hindus, where he is given the interpretation "happy", "beneficent." Among European names, semantic analogs will be the names Felix and Eutykhiy.

The owner of the name Said exudes strength and power, is not devoid of attractive magnetism. First of all, this is a practical man who sees the world as quite realistic for himself, and considers it only from the point of view of the possibility of realizing his own plans. He has powerful energy, calmly walks along the path of fulfilling his desires, he may be inconsistent, but he always moves towards a specific goal.

Said is a man of duty and word, strict, uncompromising. But inside him is a sensitive soul, which he himself may be ashamed of, therefore he prefers external seriousness. A man of duty, he is as good as his words. This is a straightforward, open and honest man, scrupulous, which is never easy for his environment. Said prefers to be authoritarian, has high standards for himself and expects others to do the same.

We can say that this is not a tolerant person, any inconsistency with his own canons and understanding of the right path on the part of other people makes him impatient and irritable. For example, he will not have a dog simply because he needs a friend. A dog for Said is a guard.

Said is an active man, he will not sit idly by, he lives a full life, actively participates in what interests him. However, the flip side of all his ambitions is that outbursts of surprise and anger can result. Injustice makes him mad with rage, provokes aggressive behavior.

From a young age, Said is very attached to his family and strives to please his relatives. He is very responsible from a very young age and his parents know he can be counted on. Said prefers to understand any situation, does not postpone anything and does not forgive. He has an analytical mind, an excellent memory, on which he has high hopes, which helps him to study well.

For Said, all the details are important, and he cannot act until he has calculated and thought everything over. He may develop an obsessive tendency towards accuracy, punctuality and hygiene. Emotional closeness is very important to him, so he is likely to be very attached to his family and his loved ones, even behaving like a possessive towards them. He will not tolerate betrayal, jealousy, and it is extremely unlikely that he will be unfaithful to his wife.

The owner of this name prefers professions where he will be his own master. These are various administrative, consulting areas, own business, financial sphere. He is attracted to politics and public leadership positions. It is possible that Said will have a hobby profession that requires precision and accuracy (carpenter, glassblower). He can also find a vocation in the field of a writer, composer, and also find the application of his own determination in sports.

Said's birthday

Said does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Said

  • Said Johar ((1918-2006) Comorian politician, also diplomat)
  • Said Atsaev, Said-afandi Chirkei ((1937-2012) Sufi sheikh, spiritual leader)
  • Said Masood Kausar ((born 1938) Pakistani politician)
  • Said Nuri ((1947-2006) Tajik politician)
  • Saud al-Faisal ((1940-2015) Saudi statesman, diplomat, 40 years foreign minister)
  • Saad Jumaa ((1916-1979) Jordanian writer, translator, statesman, diplomat)
  • Saad Mishal al-Harti ((born 1984) Saudi footballer)
  • Said Saif Asaad ((born 1979) birth name - Angel Popov; Qatari weightlifter, bronze medalist of the 2000 Olympic Games, gold medalist of the 2003 World Championship)
  • Saad-ed-din, Khoja Effendi ((1536 / 1537-1599) Ottoman statesman, author of a valuable historical source on early Turkish history, historiographer)
  • Sadula ((1272 / 1300-1355) Chinese poet, artist and calligrapher, Uighur by origin. His poems are a rich source of information about the Yuan era.)
  • Shaad Randhava ((born 1978) Indian actor)

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