The Meaning Of The Name Savva

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The Meaning Of The Name Savva
The Meaning Of The Name Savva

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The short form of the name Savva. Savvushka, Savka, Savko, Ava.

Synonyms for the name Savva. Sava, Sabas, Saba, Shaba, Savvas.

The origin of the name Savva. The name Savva is Russian, Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, Georgian.

The name Savva has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Savva is translated from the ancient Aramaic "sava", "saba" means "old man, old man, sage". According to the second version - the name Savva is a short form of the name Sabbatios (Savvatios, later - Savvaty), which means "Saturday".

The name Savva is a diminutive appeal to a man named Savely. There is a spelling of the name Sava with one letter "v" - Sava. Also Sava (Savva) is an abbreviated form of not only male names (Savely, Savvaty, Saveriy, Savinian), but also female names (Varsava, Savella, Savina, Savvaty). Name days will be indicated for the full name of Sawa.

The Georgian name Saba is derived from Sava.

There are different name day dates for the names Savely and Savva. Savva's Catholic name days April 12, April 24, May 25, December 5. The rest of the dates indicated are the Orthodox name days of Sava.

A gentle and sincere man named Savva does not know what pettiness, squabbles and intrigues are. The character of Savva is somewhat eccentric and quick-tempered, but outwardly this man looks calm, balanced and somewhat "colorless". Savva is very self-confident and proud, he has a developed self-esteem. He seeks admiration from the people around him, dreams of having awards and all kinds of honors, wants to be the center of attention. He makes decisions carefully, fearing to make mistakes. Savva is a responsible and fair person who loves loneliness very much. The restless and raging passions of the inner world Savva successfully hides under the guise of poise.

As a rule, Savva has a good education and has many chances to build a successful career due to a developed sense of duty and responsibility. Savva will make an excellent doctor, translator, architect, actor. He can become a successful businessman. When communicating with colleagues, Savva should be a little more attentive and caring. Nevertheless, the careers of these people rarely follow the well-trodden path, the Savvas behave too uncompromisingly and principally in communication with colleagues and superiors.

Savva does not start fleeting romances, in marriage he shows himself to be a whole and devoted person. Savva loves his children very much, his sons, as a rule, have the same character. At leisure, Savva loves to read, especially books that can be pondered over. The inner world of this person is full of colors and events, so it will definitely not be boring with him.

Savva loves to be alone. At parties and festivities, this person does not stand out from the crowd so much that he looks a little colorless. However, this is an open person who does not always know how to restrain his feelings. Savva can suddenly be rude to a person or ridicule him, while he does not think about the consequences. However, Savva is a non-conflict person, he does not show persistence in a dispute, but immediately agrees to a compromise. People around should not forget about the unpredictable nature of Sawa. Friends should behave with restraint and calmness. Savva appreciates in people such qualities of character as a sense of humor, sobriety of thinking, independence and concreteness.

Savva's birthday

Savva celebrates name day on January 14, January 25, January 27, February 1, February 21, March 5, March 15, April 2, April 7, April 10, April 12, April 15, April 24, April 28, May 7, May 19, May 25, June 26, July 21, August 2, August 9, August 23, August 25, September 9, September 10, September 12, September 20, October 1, October 11, October 14, October 23, November 13, 14 November, 25 November, 5 December, 16 December, 18 December.

Famous people named Savva

  • Sava the Sanctified ((439 - 532) Christian saint, abba, creator of the Jerusalem Rite, which is still used in Orthodox churches; venerated as a saint)
  • Saint Sava (one of the most revered saints of the Serbian Orthodox Church, a famous religious, cultural and political figure of his time; the first archbishop of Serbia, considered the patron saint of Serbia)
  • Savva Storozhevsky, Savva Zvenigorodsky (reverend of the Russian Church, founder and first abbot of the Theotokos-Rozhdestvensky (Savvino-Storozhevsky) monastery in Zvenigorod; Zvenigorod wonderworker. One of the most famous Russian saints, spiritual ascetic of Russia, "patron of tsars" and "defender of Moscow", healer, seer, “a refuge for all sinners.” Considered one of the “first” (in time and position) disciples of St. Sergius of Radonezh.)
  • Metropolitan Sawa ((born 1938) in the world - Michal Gritsuniak; Polish Orthodox Bishop, Primate of the Polish Orthodox Church, Professor of Theology, Brigadier General)
  • Savva Vishersky ((died 1460) founder of the Savva-Vishersky Monastery, known for his feat of pillage, canonized at the second Makaryevsky Cathedral in 1549 as a saint)
  • Savva Brodsky (1923 - 1982) Soviet artist, book illustrator, architect, sculptor and poet)
  • Savva Morozov ((1770 - 1862) Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist, founder of the Morozov dynasty)
  • Savva Morozov ((1862 - 1905) Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist)
  • Savva Mamontov (Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist)
  • Savva Purlevsky (merchant, author of "Memoirs of a Serf")
  • Savva Raguzinsky-Vladislavich (Russian diplomat)
  • Savva Derunov (Russian poet, prose writer, ethnographer, folklorist, public figure)
  • Savva Kokovtsev (captain 1st rank, participant of the Chesme naval battle)
  • Savva Kulish (Soviet film director, screenwriter, cameraman)
  • Savva Mavrin (Governor-General of the Kazan and Vyatka governorates, a member of the secret commissions of inquiry to investigate the Pugachev riot)
  • Savva Matekin (organizer and one of the leaders of the Avdotino-Budyonnovsk underground group during the occupation of Donetsk by the Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War)
  • Savva Terentyev (Russian blogger who rose to prominence after being convicted of inappropriate blog posting)
  • Savva Tetyushev (Russian merchant who founded the salt pier which eventually became the city of Sterlitamak)
  • Savva Chaly (Haidamak vatazhek)
  • Savva Chevakinsky ((1709 - 1774/1780/1783) Russian architect, representative of the Baroque style, worked in St. Petersburg and Tsarskoe Selo)
  • Savva Yakovlev ((1713 - 1784) real name - Sobakin; Russian entrepreneur, breeder, philanthropist, elevated to hereditary nobility)
  • Savva (Savely) Yamshchikov ((1938 - 2009) Russian restorer, art historian, publicist; discovered the genre of Russian provincial portrait of the 18th - 19th centuries, revived the names of forgotten Russian artists and icon painters)
  • Savva Dangulov (Soviet writer)
  • Sava (Sava) Grujic ((1840 - 1913) Serbian military and statesman)
  • Sava Damyanov (Serbian writer, literary critic and literary critic)
  • Sava Dimitrov ((1919 - 2008) Bulgarian clarinetist and music teacher)

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