The Meaning Of The Name Roland

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The Meaning Of The Name Roland
The Meaning Of The Name Roland

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Roland
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Short form of the name Roland. Raleigh, Rowley, Rol, Rolandito, Roldanito, Rola, Rolo, Rolas, Orlandino, Dino, Dinetto, Lando, Rule, Rultier.

Synonyms for the name Roland. Roland, Rolland, Rowland, Rolando, Rolando, Orlando, Ruland, Rulandus, Rolandus, Rolandas, Rowland, Roland, Rolant, Laurent.

The origin of the name Roland. The name Roland is German, Catholic.

The name Roland is a variant of the German name Roland, which means "native land". In England, the name Roland will also sound like Rolland, Rowland, in France - Roland, in Spain - Rolando, in Portugal - Rolando, in Italy - Orlando, Rolando, in northern European countries - Ruland, Rulandus, Roland, Rolandus, Rolandas, Rowland, Roland, Rolant.

The name Roland was borne by the famous hero of the French epic legend of the cycle of Charlemagne, who was the Margrave of the Breton mark. Roland is not only a model of the Christian knight and the best knight of Charles, but also his own nephew. Roland died in an unequal battle with the Saracens, but managed to blow a horn to warn Charlemagne of the danger. By the end of the 11th century, Roland had become a symbol of the exemplary warrior.

The female paired name is Rolandina, Orlanda, Orlandina. Dino's diminutive appeal is also a name in its own right.

The name Roland was also carried by some of the blessed Catholic churches. Roland (Rolland, Rotland) is an abbot, Roland (Orlando) and Roland (Orlando) Medici are blessed.

Reliability and fairness - these are the main qualities of Roland's personality. He is faithful to his promises and will never fail. Since childhood, the boy is distinguished by willpower and moral qualities. He is of medium height, not very physically developed. Despite this, he will always be able to stand up for himself. Roland takes an active part in yard games. He likes to feel like a leader in a team. He is often a cocky person.

With age, Roland comes to charm. He can be characterized as a pleasant and sociable man with a wide range of interests. Roland has no equal in the dispute. He will always prove that he is right. A man really looks at things, thinks through everything to the smallest detail. Roland can perfectly show his abilities in any field of activity.

Celebrating his birthday in the summer months, Roland is distinguished by gullibility and compliance. He easily falls under the influence of someone. With the opposite sex, he behaves indecisively, is embarrassed and shows shyness.

"Spring" Roland is very amorous. He likes to be in female company. The owner of this name shows excellent musical and artistic abilities.

Born in winter, Roland is a bold, decisive and strong personality. He easily finds a common language with everyone. The opposite sex attracts with its character, usually Roland has many partners. He enters into marriage at a fairly mature age.

"Autumn" Roland can be called a practical and serious person. He thoroughly approaches the solution of any issues. Roland is happy in marriage. He seeks to provide for his family on his own. Roland's wife should be kind and cheerful.

In family relationships, Roland trusts his wife. She can solve almost all issues. The husband will be compliant. He is not picky in everyday matters, does not demand anything, obeys his wife. In a marital relationship, he shows reliability and constancy. Roland is an exemplary family man, economic and caring. He enjoys spending time with children, engaging in their development. On holidays he likes to invite relatives and friends. He respectfully treats parents, tries to help in everything.

Roland's birthday

Roland celebrates his name day on May 18.

Famous people named Roland

  • Roland, Orlando, Hruodland (the most famous of the heroes of the French epic legends of the cycle of Charlemagne, Margrave of the Breton mark. The historical existence of this person is evidenced only by one place in the "Biography of Charlemagne" ("Vita Caroli Magni") by Einhard (perhaps an insert borrowed from the epic), which tells that in 778, when Charles was returning from a campaign in Spain, an indignant Basque attacked his rearguard in the canyon of the Pyrenees and exterminated him; several peers died, including Hruodland, prefect of the Breton mark.)
  • Rolan Bykov ((1929 - 1998) according to the passport, due to the mistake of the passport officer - Roland; Soviet and Russian actor and film director. People's Artist of the USSR (1990). Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1986).)
  • Roland Dumas ((born 1922) French statesman and politician, lawyer and diplomat)
  • Jean Marie Roland de La Platiere ((1734 - 1793) French scientist and politician. Minister of the Interior during the French Revolution in the Girondine governments (March - June 1792, August 1792 - January 1793).)
  • Roland Petit, sometimes Roland Petit ((1924 - 2011) French dancer and choreographer)
  • Rolan Muradkhan oglu Guliyev ((born 1987) is one of the youngest and most promising Azerbaijani amateur kickboxers. Member of the Azerbaijani national kickboxing team. Bronze medalist of the European Championship, four-time winner of Turkmenistan, as well as two-time Azerbaijani youth champion in this sport.)
  • Roland Joffe ((born 1945) pronounced - Rowland Joffey; English-French director, screenwriter and producer)
  • Roland Barthes ((1915 - 1980) French post-structuralist philosopher and semioticist)
  • Rolan Gusev ((born 1977) Russian footballer, midfielder)
  • Roland Ghazaryan (Armenian Soviet composer and actor, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1997), professor)
  • Rotland (Roland) ((d. 869) Archbishop of Arles (851 - 869))
  • Roland Bergkamp ((born 1991) Dutch footballer)
  • Roland Gigolaev ((born 1990) Russian footballer, midfielder)
  • Sir Roland Gibbs ((1921 - 2004) British Warlord, Field Marshal (1979))
  • Roland Mushegovich Adonts ((born 1940) Armenian economic and statesman)
  • Roland Linz ((born 1981) Austrian footballer, striker)
  • Roland Paulz d'Ivois de la Poip ((born 1920) French pilot, count, Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Barthélemy-Gabriel Roland d'Herseville ((1734 - 1794) French publicist, member of the Paris Parliament. He was an ardent opponent of the Jesuits and, after their expulsion, was in charge of public education.)
  • Roland Pidoux ((born 1946) French cellist)
  • Roland Michener ((1900 - 1991) Canadian politician, QC. Member of the House of Commons of Canada under the banner of the Progressive Conservative Party from 1953 to 1962 and 20th Governor General of Canada from 1967 to 1974.)
  • Roland Kalnins ((born 1922) Soviet and Latvian film director)
  • Roland Freisler (Freisler) ((1893 - 1945) German Nazi statesman, State Secretary of the Reich Ministry of Justice of Germany (1934-1942), Chairman of the People's Court of Justice (1942-1945))
  • Roland Emmerich ((born 1955) is an American film director of German descent. Repeated laureate of science fiction film festivals. Also nominated for the Golden Raspberry Awards 1997 and 1999.)
  • Roland Asch ((born 1950) German racing driver)
  • Roland Thaxter ((1858 - 1932) American mycologist, was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)
  • Roland Theodore Simonett ((1898 - 1980) First Prime Minister of the Bahamas, knighted in 1959. Depicted on the $ 50 Bahamas note.)
  • Roland Clara ((born 1982) Italian skier, participant of the Vancouver Olympic Games, medalist of the World Cup stages. Specialist in distance racing, more successful in free-wheeling races.)
  • Roland Dukke ((1934 - 2005) German footballer, striker)

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