The Meaning Of The Name Roman (Roma)

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The Meaning Of The Name Roman (Roma)
The Meaning Of The Name Roman (Roma)

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The short form of the name is Roman. Roma, Romasia, Romul, Romanka, Romakh, Romash, Romania, Roro, Ro.

Synonyms for the name Roman. Romanus, Romano, Raman.

The origin of the name Roman. The name Roman is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Roman comes from the Latin word "Romanus", which means "Roman", "Roman", "from Rome". Initially, the name of the city of Rome was given from the names of the brothers Romulus and Remus. The name Roman is a derivative, a variant of the pronunciation of the name Romulus. The paired female name is Roman. Another female name, Romina, will also be close in meaning.

Character and destiny. Novels love everything new, but it is difficult for them to bring everything to the end. Everything distracts - either illness or new hobbies. Every time he rushes with ardor to the realization of his venture, but he needs great patience and endurance to achieve a result. But if it succeeds, then the result will be impressive!

The novel is a little reckless, frivolous, he will not look for a way out of a difficult situation, but will prefer to let everything take its course, give up on what did not work out and take on another matter, completely not regretting the missed opportunities. The novel is an optimist by nature and tries to see the good in everything, he will try to look at any bad event in his life with humor.

The novel will always help to find a way out of the situation, since it is not subject to stereotypes of thinking. The novel is a wonderful pioneer, no journey can do without him. Even a banal shopping trip can turn into a memorable event. The novel is proud, witty. He will not try to be a leader, achieve records or show himself from the best side.

Roman is a very lively boy, patience is not his, he needs to get everything at once. But the main reason is that his thoughts run ahead of his capabilities, he is constantly distracted, quickly switches his attention. Too strict upbringing and rigid framework will only encourage Roman to lie creatively. Roma has a good memory, he quickly grasps everything on the fly, he will not have problems with his studies if his parents do not try to make him a diligent student.

The novel has a pronounced talent for art, he likes what was before, but he accepts modern trends with great difficulty. The novel values ​​freedom above all else. He does not like changes, but he is ready to do things that are completely unimaginable for him. For example, you can just take and move to another country, or suddenly change your preferences.

Roman uses his enormous energy in his work. The owner of this name prefers professions related to communication with people. Often men with this name can be found among actors, directors, sales managers, advertising.

Roman never experiences problems with colleagues, difficulties in communication, very easily makes contact and quickly finds common topics for conversation, even in a completely new and unfamiliar company. The owner of this name is a very sociable person. Roma loves to talk very much, so he can accidentally give out someone's secret.

It is rather difficult for the novel to find that one, but having found her, he protects her more than his eyes. After all, it is she who will help Roman to be faithful to the end of his ideas and help to bring them to life. Novels are most often monogamous and value family values.

The popularity of the name Roman. The name Roman is quite popular. For more than 15 years, the name Roman has not left the 30 most popular names in Russia. Over the past year, the level of attention to this name has even increased slightly, reaching a maximum in November 2016.

Roman's birthday

Roman celebrates name day on January 18, February 11, February 16, March 2, March 29, May 15, June 5, June 13, August 1, August 6, August 11, August 15, August 23, September 24, October 8, October 14, November 13, December 1, December 10.

Famous people named Roman

  • Roman Viktyuk (theater director)
  • Roman Klein ((1858 - 1924) Russian architect)
  • Roman Vreden ((1867 - 1934) founder of Russian surgical orthopedics)
  • Roman Kartsev (pop, theater and film artist)
  • Roman Balayan ((born 1941) film director)
  • Roman Girshman ((1895 - 1979) French archaeologist)
  • Roman Ivanychuk ((born 1929) Ukrainian writer)
  • Roman Jakobson ((1896 - 1982) Russian and American linguist, literary critic)
  • Roman Polanski (one of the largest post-war filmmakers)
  • Roman Kostomarov (Russian figure skater)

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