The Meaning Of The Name Robert (Robbie)

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The Meaning Of The Name Robert (Robbie)
The Meaning Of The Name Robert (Robbie)

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Short form of the name Robert. Robertushka, Rob, Rob, Bert, Bertik, Roban, Rab, Robik, Rubin, Robbie, Bobby, Robin, Robin, Bob.

Synonyms for the name Robert. Rupert, Bob, Robin, Robertus, Reibert, Rauber, Arruber.

The origin of the name Robert. The name Robert is German, Catholic.

The name Robert has ancient Germanic roots and in translation means "brilliant, unfading glory", "shining with glory." In other countries, Robert is also called Rupert, Bob (diminutive English form), and Robin.

The name Robert is one of the most common male names in English-speaking countries. Several kings bore this name. The paired female name is Roberta.

This name immediately distinguishes its owner in almost any society. However, Robert is not quite to his taste, due to the fact that he has such character traits as poise and isolation. Ever since childhood, Robert begins to look older than his years, while possessing great prudence and restraint, in response to excessive attention.

Robert is characterized by such traits of character as concentration, purposefulness and the ability to concentrate. He always has quite acceptable self-esteem, his pride is not hurt by anything, so he can easily stand up for himself. Usually, Robert is not inclined to hold grudges against people for a long time. He always tries to think over and understand not only the essence of the conflict that has arisen, but also to evaluate and, possibly, accept the opinion of his opponent. It's important to note that Robert's poise and calmness has nothing to do with laziness. Everything he undertakes, he tries to do thoroughly and without undue fuss.

Robert knows how to understand and forgive people, and he does it very tactfully and delicately. It is for this that he enjoys quite significant authority and respect among his friends and acquaintances. This quality is undoubtedly a plus, because it is ideal not only for personal life, but also for leadership work. And Robert tries to choose a profession for himself calmer. Suitable specialties for him, of course, will be biology, history or drawing. In any team, Robert becomes a everyone's favorite, first of all, this is manifested in the fact that he does not seek to command and is always ready to help when needed.

Robert takes family life very seriously. Therefore, he will always strive to preserve his feelings for only one single woman. Robert is moderately jealous: the betrayal of his beloved woman can be a big blow for him. But, despite this, he is able to forgive her.

In communication with Robert, most often there are no obstacles. He attracts people with his optimism, the ability to rejoice even in tiny events. Often people make mistakes, trying to somehow bribe Robert, trying to persuade him to their point of view. Robert prefers to bypass such people, avoiding communication with them. Robert, who possesses poise and calmness, often feels sympathy and is drawn to people of an adventurous character.

Robert's birthday

Robert celebrates his name day on March 27, April 17, April 25, April 29, April 30, June 7, June 8, September 17.

Famous people named Robert

  • Robert Caldeway ((1855 - 1925) German architect and archaeologist, who identified the site and, with the help of long (1898/99 - 1917) excavations, confirmed the existence of Biblical Babylon)
  • Robert Hooke ((1635 - 1703) is an English scientist, he can be called one of the fathers of physics; his few discoveries - a spiral spring for regulating the clock, a spirit level, many different mechanisms, in particular for constructing various geometric curves (ellipses, parabolas). He proposed a prototype of heat engines, invented an optical telegraph, a minima thermometer, an improved barometer, a hygrometer, an anemometer, recording a rain gauge; made observations to determine the effect of the Earth's rotation on falling bodies and dealt with many physical issues, for example, the effects of hairiness, adhesion, weighing air, about the specific gravity of ice, invented a special hydrometer to determine the degree of freshness of river water. In 1666, Hooke presented to the Royal Society a model of the helical gears invented by him.)
  • Robert Fischer (11th World Chess Champion)
  • Robert Koch ((1843 - 1910) German physician and microbiologist, discovered the anthrax bacillus, cholera vibrio and tubercle bacillus; for his research on tuberculosis he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1905)
  • Robert Scott ((1868 - 1912) English explorer of Antarctica, one of the discoverers of the South Pole, national hero of Great Britain)
  • Robert Lynn Asprin (American science fiction writer)
  • Robert Boyle ((1627 - 1691) English physicist, chemist and philosopher)
  • Robert Oppenheimer (American physicist, creator of the American atomic bomb)
  • Robert Burns ((1759 - 1796) Scottish poet)
  • Robert Schumann ((1810 - 1856) German composer, pianist, music critic)
  • Robert Rauschenberg (American artist)
  • Robert Bunsen ((1811 - 1899) the famous German experimental chemist. The most important and remarkable discovery of Bunsen (made by him in association with his friend Kirchhoff (in 1860)) is a spectral analysis, with the help of which, both by Bunsen himself and other chemists discovered quite a few new rare elements that occur in nature only in very small quantities (rubidium, cesium, etc.). Humanity owes Bunsen the discovery of an antidote (aqueous iron oxide) for poisoning with arsenic (arsenous acid). He produced a number of geological and chemical research, very important for understanding volcanic phenomena.In chemical and physical practice, many devices invented by Bunsen and bearing his name are in great use, for example: Bunsen burner, Bunsen water pump and regulator, Bunsen battery,Bunsen absorptiometer, etc.)
  • Robert Rozhdestvensky ((1932 - 1994) contemporary Russian poet)
  • Robert De Niro ((born 1943) American film actor)
  • Robert Falk ((1886 - 1958) Soviet painter, who originally combined the paths of Russian Art Nouveau and avant-garde in his work; one of the most famous artists of the Jewish theater in Yiddish)
  • Robert Wood (American physicist, inventor of optical instruments (1868-1955))
  • Robert Louis Stevenson ((1850 - 1894) Scottish writer and poet, author of world famous adventure novels and stories, the largest representative of English neo-romanticism)
  • Robert Kinasoshvili (designer who participated in the creation of many Soviet aircraft engines (1899-1964))
  • Robert Nirenberg (engineer, inventor of sonic underwater communication devices (1877-1939))
  • Robert Downey Jr. (American actor, producer and musician)
  • Robert Pattinson (pronounced Pattinson, English actor, model and musician, known for the films "Twilight", "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", "Age of Transition" (born 1986))
  • Robert Kayo ((born 1947) invented the technology of the World Wide Web with Sir Tim Berners-Lee)
  • Robert Duncan ((1919 - 1988) American poet, traditionally regarded by critics as Beat, New American poetry, and Black Mountain poets; one of the key figures in the poetry of post-war North America)
  • Robert Jezh (Slovak footballer)
  • Robert Englund (American actor whose most famous role is the role of fictional serial killer Freddy Krueger in the horror film series A Nightmare on Elm Street)
  • Robert III d'Artois ((1287 - 1342) French feudal lord, contributed to the outbreak of the Hundred Years War; one of the main characters of M. Druon's epic "The Cursed Kings")
  • Robert Andersson ((1886 - 1972) Swedish water polo player, swimmer and diving, Summer Olympics medalist)
  • Robert "Bobby" Baer (also known as "Baer", writer, former US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer)
  • Robert Green ((about 1558 - 1592) English playwright, poet and pamphleteer, one of Shakespeare's predecessors)
  • Robert Zaleman ((1813 - 1874) Russian sculptor)
  • Robert Dahl ((born 1915) Doctor of Political Science, Senior Fellow in Sociology, Professor at Yale University in the USA, one of the most prominent political scientists of our time)
  • Robert Svyatopolk-Mirsky (Russian writer and screenwriter (born 1939))
  • Robert Zebelyan (Russian and Armenian footballer)
  • Robert the Bruce ((1274 - 1329) national hero of Scotland, who raised the uprising of the Scots against the British)

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