The Meaning Of The Name Rostislav

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The Meaning Of The Name Rostislav
The Meaning Of The Name Rostislav

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The short form of the name Rostislav. Slava, Slavik, Rostislavka, Rostya, Rostik, Rosya, Rotia.

The origin of the name Rostislav. The name Rostislav is Russian, Slavic, Orthodox.

The name Rostislav is a Slavic name, it consists of two roots "to grow" and "glory", therefore it has different interpretations, more often you can find "one whose glory is growing", "growing glory." This name was one of the generic names of the Rurikovich. Currently, in Moscow, no more than 10 boys a month are called this name, and the name itself can be attributed to those rarely encountered.

Diminutive-affectionate reference Slava, in addition to being a short form for many Slavic names that have "glory" at the root, is also an independent female name used in Poland.

The owner of the name Rostislav is a strong-willed man. His irritability stems from his excitability and passion, this is what makes him nervous, because you need to collect all the will in a fist in order to make a volitional decision and be sure to fulfill it. In another situation, he can be described as a shy, secretive young man.

This is a man of duty. He has difficulties that Rostislav guesses about, so his reaction is often unpredictable. He can also easily react to a problem, as if it is not something important or difficult, or he can become withdrawn, withdraw into himself and try to avoid being drawn into solving this problem, especially if it belongs to the most problematic, deeply personal aspects of Rostislav. Dialogue, tact and diplomacy are not his strengths, despite the fact that his intuition is very well developed.

Rostislav is usually an active person, but his tendency to extremes can completely change his life. Either he puts his whole soul into a problem that requires a solution, works tirelessly until he finishes, or he abstracts and prefers complete inactivity. It is this character trait that represents Rostislav as such a fickle young man, about whom one can hear such different reviews.

As a child, Rostislav tries to impose himself, he will spend a lot of time and effort to earn the respect of others. Parents should draw the boy's attention to other ways that can lead him to what he wants, teach him the right communication. Rostislav is a smart boy, he can achieve success in his studies, especially if his need for independence and recognition prevails over impatience.

Rostislav likes to be noticed, to serve as an example, loves to be admired, and he does not hesitate to use his theatrical talent to achieve these goals. Rostislav can turn out to be a very original, eccentric man with a marginal character. Nature has endowed him with intelligence, but he does not often direct them into a technical direction, he is more attracted to literature, music, acting, psychology.

In matters of the heart, this is a fieryly enthusiastic, but not particularly sentimental, generous suitor, but only on the condition that his authority is never challenged. In addition, Rostislav expects that his beloved and future wife will give him constant attention, otherwise jealousy may appear in him.

It is obvious that such a multifaceted personality has various possibilities for realizing himself professionally. Rostislav is more inclined to choose a profession related to the concepts of power and money (management, finance, accounting, banking, insurance, police, industry, business). Or he will prefer to show his creative talents in art, becoming an actor, musician, playwright, but there is a possibility that he will be attracted by technical or specialized fields (engineer, mechanics, information technology).

Rostislav's birthday

Rostislav celebrates his name day on March 27, May 24, June 19.

Famous people named Rostislav

  • Rostislav of Moravia (Prince of Great Moravia from the Moymirovich dynasty, who ruled from 846 to 870; during his reign, Cyril and Methodius were missionaries in Great Moravia)
  • Rostislav Alekseev ((1916 - 1980) shipbuilder, creator of hydrofoils, ekranoplanes and ground-effect vehicles)
  • Rostislav Zakharov ((1907 - 1984) ballet master, teacher, director)
  • Rostislav Plyatt (Soviet theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR (1961))
  • Rostislav Fadeev ((1824 - 1883) military historian, publicist, major general)
  • Rostislav Yurenev ((1912 - 2002) film critic, critic)
  • Rostislav (Robert) Durlyakhov (Russian Soviet designer of artillery weapons)
  • Rostislav Rybakov (indologist, specialist in cultural history, intercultural interactions, director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1994-2009)
  • Rostislav Vygranenko (Polish organist of Ukrainian origin)
  • Rostislav Gorelov (Soviet painter, graphic artist, genre painter, portrait painter, representative of the socialist realism genre, master of industrial landscape and genre-historical painting)
  • Rostislav Yankovsky (Soviet and Belarusian theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR (1978), Academician of the International Theater Academy)
  • Rostislav Grigorchuk (Russian mathematician working in the field of group theory)
  • Rostislav Shirokikh (legendary announcer of the Leningrad radio and television, People's Artist of the RSFSR)

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