The Meaning Of The Name Rashid

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The Meaning Of The Name Rashid
The Meaning Of The Name Rashid

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Rashid
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Synonyms for the name Rashid. Rashit, Rashat, Rashad, Rashidi, Rishat, Rishad.

The origin of the name Rashid. The name Rashid is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Rashid translated from Arabic means "walking the right path", "reasonable". Sometimes there is a different spelling and pronunciation - Rashit, Rashat, Rashad. Sometimes the meaning of this name is also interpreted as follows: "prudence, ingenuity", "correct point of view", "superiority of mind", "correct, correct path." The names of Raushat, Rushat, Rushad, Rishat, Rashidun, Rashidetdin became related names.

Little Rashid grows up as a calm child, does not like conflicts and tries to reconcile those who quarrel. If someone offends him, he does not cry or complain, he solves all his problems on his own. He listens to his parents in everything and gives in to education.

At school, Rashid studies well and is distinguished by perseverance. Of all subjects, he loves mathematics more. Boys born in January usually show excellent foreign language skills. Rashid usually has good drawing and chess skills. He is always distinguished by discipline, diligence and does everything on his own.

Such men usually read a lot and like to discuss what they read with others. It is rather difficult to convince him of something; he trusts only the obvious facts. He very much respects decency and justice in people.

Rashid approaches the choice of his future profession very seriously and from school pays more attention to those subjects that, in his opinion, will be useful to him. Work colleagues appreciate him for his erudition, eloquence, responsibility, restraint and the ability to control himself in any situation.

Winter representatives are more inclined to exact sciences and can devote their lives to scientific activities. They believe in ideals and are patient in anticipation of success. He can foresee and calculate the outcome of any business. Co-workers can only envy his talents and knowledge.

Autumn Rashid may take risks. He rarely makes mistakes in business and does not take up work if he is not sure of success. His own ideas, on which he spends a lot of time, he is ready to stubbornly defend.

Summer Rashid usually does not aspire to leadership and power positions. He has a highly developed imagination and artistic talent.

Family for Rashid is very important and he thinks for a long time before getting married. He does not avoid marriage, he simply does not want to be disappointed in him, so he listens to his feelings for a long time. He will be a good father and considerate husband. In choosing a wife, he usually does not make mistakes.

In communication, Rashid is very calm. The Spring Representatives pay no attention to public opinion and are devoid of prejudice. He likes to be talked about, and what is not very important. He will always benefit from his popularity. Summer Rashid respects the opinions of others and does not impose his own. He does not strive for self-affirmation. People around him are attracted by its reliability.

Rashid's birthday

Rashid does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Rashid

  • Rashid Sunyaev ((born 1943) an outstanding Soviet and Russian astrophysicist, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1992))
  • Rashid Nugmanov ((born 1954) Kazakh Soviet film director, architect, public figure)
  • Rashid Nurekeev (artist - painter)
  • Rashid-bek Efendiyev ((1863 - 1942) an outstanding Azerbaijani teacher, writer and ethnographer)
  • Rashid Nurgaliev (Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, General of the Army (since December 27, 2005))
  • Rashid Ponomarev ((1919 - 1998) one of the patriarchs of chess art, a classic of chess composition)
  • Rashid al-Din Fazlullah ibn Abu-l-Khair Ali Hamadani (Rashid al-Doula; Rashid al-Tabib - "doctor Rashid") ((about 1247 - 1318) Persian statesman, doctor and encyclopedic scientist; Minister of the State of the Hulaguids (1298-1317). Joined the civil service during the reign of Abaka-khan (1265-1282). Under Gazan (1295-1304), he was promoted to leading roles, actually taking the post of vizier, and carried out the most important economic reforms. Under Khan Oljeytu (1304) -1316) was actually the first person in the government. At the beginning of the reign of Abu Said (1316-1335), due to the intrigues of political opponents, he lost power, and then was executed on false accusations. Compiled a historical work in Persian "Collection of Chronicles", which is the most important historical source, especially on the history of the Mongol Empire and Iran of the Hulaguids. The correspondence of Rashid ad-Din is also of great source study value.)
  • Abdul-Rashid Dostum ((born 1954) Afghan military and political leader, general)
  • Rashid Arain ((born 1935) Pakistani conceptual artist, sculptor, painter and curator, works in England; best known as the founder and editor of the magazine "Third Text")
  • Rashid Akhriev (the first pilot from the peoples of the North Caucasus, the first pilot of Tajikistan; Ingush by nationality, the captain of the tsarist army, who went over to the side of Soviet power; flew in Central Asia in 1924-1925, died in 1941)
  • Rashid Meredov (Turkmen politician, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan (2007), currently considered one of the most influential politicians in Turkmenistan)
  • Rashid Hasanov (Russian footballer)
  • Rashid Rakhimov (Soviet, Tajik and Russian footballer, coach, Master of Sports (1988))
  • Rashid Musin ((1927 - 1982) Soviet party and statesman, first secretary of the Tatar Regional Committee of the CPSU, known for his active struggle against "Tatar nationalism")
  • Rashid Khunagov ((born 1953) Russian scientist, scientist, rector of the Adyghe State University (ASU) (1996))
  • Rashid Bouchareb ((born 1953) French filmmaker, screenwriter and producer of Algerian descent)
  • Rashid Nezhmetdinov ((1912 - 1974) international master of chess, master of sports in drafts, honored trainer of the USSR (1962), five-time champion of the RSFSR, three times champion of the USSR in the country's team championships)
  • Rashid Asanov (former Russian footballer, defender (formerly midfielder))
  • Rashid Azzuzi (former Moroccan footballer)
  • Rashidi Yekini (former Nigerian footballer, striker)
  • Rashid Wallace (American former professional basketball player, former National Basketball Association player)
  • Rashidi Kawawa ((1926 - 2009) 1st Prime Minister of Tanzania (1972 - 1977))
  • Rashid Karabek oglu Mamedbekov (Azerbaijani and Soviet freestyle wrestler, who fought for the USSR in the weight category from 52 to 57 kg; silver medalist of the 1952 Olympic Games, the first among Azerbaijani athletes to win an Olympic award)
  • Rashid Aushev ((1966 - 1997) Russian military man, civil servant, awarded with state awards;
  • Rashid Aushev's main stadium of the Republic of Ingushetia named)
  • Rashid ibn Maktoum ((died 1894) fourth emir of Dubai from the al-Maktoum dynasty (1886-1894))
  • Rashid Kadyrkaev (a Soviet figure skater who performed in pair skating. The greatest success was achieved in a pair with Elena Kvitchenko, with whom they were bronze medalists of the USSR Championship and participants in the European and World Championships in 1989. In juniors, together with Marina Nikityuk twice became the medalist of the World Championships among juniors (silver in 1980 and bronze in 1981). Master of Sports of the USSR of international class.)
  • Rashid Gafurov (Uzbek footballer)
  • Rashid Ibraev ((born 1948) Kazakh statesman, diplomat)
  • Rashid Taha (Algerian composer and performer)
  • Rashid Tusupbekov (politician of Kazakhstan)
  • Rashid Behbutov ((1915 - 1989) singer, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of the State Prize, holder of the Order of Lenin)
  • Rashit Ibrayev ((born 1959) Russian oceanologist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (2003), Chief Researcher of the Institute for Computational Mathematics and Mathematics, RAS, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2008). Grant of the International Science Foundation (1993), State Scientific Scholarship 2000-2003, Foundation for Assistance to Domestic Science 2003-2004. In 2005 he was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Trade Union of RAS Workers. Head of a number of national scientific projects on the development of mathematical models and the study of intra- and interannual variability of the circulation and water level of the inland seas of Russia. Participant of national modeling projects ocean currents. Participant of a number of international scientific projects on the study of thermohydrodynamic processes of the Caspian and Black Seas. Director of the international project on interdisciplinary analysis of the ecosystem of the Caspian Sea.)

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