The Meaning Of The Name Raushan

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The Meaning Of The Name Raushan
The Meaning Of The Name Raushan

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Raushan

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Raushan
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The short form of the name Raushan. Rausch.

Synonyms for the name Raushan. Ravshan, Rovshan, Rushan, Rovshen, Rovshon, Roshan, Rashan, Ravshankhon, Ravshanjan, Ravshanbek, Rovshenbek.

The origin of the name Raushan. The name Raushan is Muslim.

The name Raushan is a Muslim name. In this writing, it can be female, but most often female names have the ending "a" - Ravshana (Raushana). The name can be written as Ravshan, Rovshan, Rushan, Rovshen, Rovshon, Roshan, Rashan. It is also used in two-part names (Ravshankhon, Ravshanjan, Ravshanbek, Rovshenbek and others).

The male name Raushan means "radiant", "illuminating with radiance" in the meaning of "bright", not only in the literal sense, but also figuratively - "bright mind", "bright mind". In the feminine version, the name has more interpretations.

The name Raushan is a desirable name. By naming their child that way, parents want the child to grow up with high moral, moral and ethical qualities, rich in talents, and receive public recognition.

Currently, this name is widely used among Muslims, most often in Kazakhstan, Russia (Tatarstan, Bashkortostan), Kyrgyzstan. Less common, but found in Georgia, USA, France, England, Portugal, among Muslims.

The holder of the name Raushan is an open-minded young man, friendly and one of a kind. Develops his own style of communication, a reliable companion and loyal friend. He compensates for his inner emotional vulnerability with enthusiasm and active communication.

Easily adapts, knows how to convince. Loves games and fun, adheres to generally accepted norms and rarely behaves otherwise. Raushan is quite cunning, creative, does not shy away from difficulties and is ready for action.

As a child, Raushan is a very lively boy, is fond of sports, his quick wit and dexterity of mind allows him to get out of different stories. He learns quickly, but does not like to study at school, it is not boring to spend time with him. He has a talent for languages.

The owner of this name is looking for new contacts himself, knows how to listen, likes to spend time in the company, but is not afraid of loneliness, and puts his feelings above all else. In family life, he is looking for a spouse who accepts his point of view and will not be too independent.

This man loves to be personable, noticeable, so he often chooses a profession where his persona can be called public (politics, government service, actor, lawyer). Work in trade, commerce, sports and creativity are the main activities where Raushan is successful.

Raushan's birthday

Raushan does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Raushan

  • Raushan Abdullin ((1988-2008) Hero of the Russian Federation, reconnaissance engineer, died in the line of duty)
  • Ravshan Irmatov ((born 1977) Uzbek Soviet football referee and instructor. Recognized as the best referee in the world, five times in Asia. One of the top 10 referees in the world.)
  • Ravshan Bozorov (Bazarov) ((born 1968) Soviet and Uzbek footballer)
  • Jalalitdin (Ravshan) Mirtadzhiev ((1954-2015) Uzbek sculptor. Holder of the title of Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan.)
  • Rovshan Mukhadov ((born 1961) Soviet Turkmen footballer, currently a coach)
  • Ravshan Ruzikulov ((born 1985) Uzbek wrestler (Greco-Roman wrestling). Winner of bronze at the Asian Championship.)
  • Rovshan Aziz oglu Almuradli ((1954-2019) Azerbaijani director, also actor and screenwriter)
  • Rovshan Huseynov ((born 1975) Azerbaijani boxer (several weight categories), winner and medalist of many international tournaments, participated in the Olympic Games.)
  • Rovshan Safarov ((born 1988) Azerbaijani judoka-Paralympian. Winner of awards at the World and European Championships. Participant of the 2012 and 2016 Paralympics.)
  • Rushan Ayupov ((born 1967) is a Russian keyboardist, also an accordionist and button accordion player. Has recorded and performed with a variety of performers, including Time Machine, Brigada S, Untouchables and many other famous rock bands.)
  • Rushan Shamsutdinov ((born 1947) Russian artist, People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan)
  • Rushan Kireev (Bashkir journalist)

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