The Meaning Of The Name Ratmir

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The Meaning Of The Name Ratmir
The Meaning Of The Name Ratmir

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ratmir
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The short form of the name Ratmir. Ratya, Mira, Ratik, Ratek, Ratko, Ratmirek, Mirek.

Synonyms for the name Ratmir. Ratimir, Ratsimir, Ratsimierz, Ratomir, Ratsha.

The origin of the name Ratmir. The name Ratmir is Slavic.

The name Ratmir is a Slavic name, formed from two parts "army" (army) and "peace". The name literally translates as "fighting for peace", there are translation options for "warrior of peace", "army of peace", as well as "warrior".

The name became well-known after the appearance of the poem by Alexander Pushkin "Ruslan and Lyudmila", where this name was borne by one of the characters - "the young Khazar Khan Ratmir". It is possible that the prototype of this hero was the warrior of Prince Alexander Yaroslavovich, the hero of the Battle of the Neva - Ratsha (Ratmir).

The Serbs have a female version of the name - Ratimirka. And the diminutive appeal of the World is also an independent name and a short form for many female and male names.

The name Ratmir was borne by a real historical character - a Novgorod hero of the 13th century, an associate of Prince Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky. The name of this hero is mentioned among the six main characters of the Battle of the Neva in the chronicle of "The Tale of the Life of Alexander Nevsky". The chronicle says that he died during the battle, but some researchers claimed that he survived and later served as Nevsky's brother, Prince Yaroslav Yaroslavovich. It is possible that several heroes bore the same name.

Ratmir was a symbol of Novgorod greatness, a particularly revered hero. His sword was kept by the Novgorodians and passed down from generation to generation. The most famous episode when this sword was presented to the young commander Miroslav, son-in-law of Martha Posadnitsa, for the defense of Novgorod from the Moscow prince Ivan the Great.

The name Ratmir is quite rare. Its owner is distinguished by cunning, determination and pride. To achieve his goal, he practically will stop at nothing. Ratmir is very smart, often capricious. Hot temper can prevent him from succeeding in life.

In a team, this man tries to keep himself apart. Not everyone can find an approach to it. In communication, he is a rather complex person. Himself rarely makes contact, is not chatty. It is gloomy. In some situations, he is able to show patience and gentleness.

Celebrating his birthday in the fall months, Ratmir is a calmer person. Rarely takes offense at someone. The summer owner of the name is distinguished by restraint and closeness. He tends to hide his feelings. Such Ratmir trusts very few people. He approaches the choice of friends thoroughly. With a person close in spirit, he avoids quarrels, values his attitude.

Ratmir is a hospitable host of the house. Likes to invite guests to her place, but often gets tired of them. He is always cozy and comfortable. Ratmir feels a certain attraction and affection for home. But for a calm existence, this man needs to have personal space.

Born in the fall, Ratmir is generous and merciful. If necessary, he will share with the other the last that he has. The man leads an active lifestyle. He is fond of football, loves cycling. Differs in restlessness.

"Winter" Ratmir feels great affection for his father's house. Since childhood, he needs to feel parental love and care. The opinion of his parents is a weighty argument for him in any situation. At school, he is distinguished by exemplary behavior, gets good grades. Has an excellent memory.

Career growth for him is not the main thing in life. Pride would never allow him to suck up to leadership for a promotion. He is always ready to help people in need. Refusal from it can be heard rarely. Ratmir enjoys spending time reading books. He is an intellectually developed person.

Ratmir's married life is developing quite calmly. He behaves agreeably, rarely argues with his wife. Carefully chooses a spouse. This man attaches great importance to family life.

Birthday Ratmir

Ratmir does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ratmir

  • Ratmir or Ratsha ((died 1240) warrior of Prince Alexander Yaroslavich, hero of the Battle of the Neva)
  • Ratmir Shishkov ((1988 - 2007) Russian singer, rapper)
  • Ratmir Kholmov ((1925 - 2006) Soviet and Russian chess player, grandmaster (1960), champion of Moscow (1987))
  • Ratmir Bobovikov ((1927 - 2002) Soviet party and statesman)
  • Ratmir Komratov ((born 1951) representative of the high command of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Rear Admiral, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2008 - 2009))

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