The Meaning Of The Name Ramon

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The Meaning Of The Name Ramon
The Meaning Of The Name Ramon

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ramon

Short form of the name Ramon. Paradise, Rayma, Ramonito, Mon, Ramonet, Moncho, Monchito.

Synonyms for the name Ramon. Ram, Ramm, Raymond, Raimund, Raimundo, Raimund.

The origin of the name Ramon. The name Ramon is German, Jewish, Catholic.

The name Ramon has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Ramon is the Spanish form of the Germanic name Raymond, which is translated as "protective" or "wise defender". There is also a variant of the interpretation of the name Ramon as "reasonably defensive", which is close to the medieval interpretation of the name - "lawyer."

According to the second version, the name Ramon is a Hebrew name and means "high", "exalted". There are variants of spelling of the name Ramon among the Jews - Ram, Ramm.

Description of the meaning of the name Ramon - see the name Raymond.

Birthday Ramona

Ramon does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ramon

  • Ramon Carniser ((1780 - 1855) Spanish composer, became the composer of the music of the Chilean national anthem, commissioned by the Chilean envoy in London. Carniser sought to create a national opera based on Italian models. His operas: "Adela de Lusiñan", "Don Juan Tenorio", " Cristóbal Colón "," El Eufemio de Messina "," Elena e Malvina "," Ismalia "," Ipermnestra "enjoyed great success. In addition to more significant works, among which there are church ones, Carniser wrote melodies for many Spanish folk songs, which, in turn, became popular.)
  • Raymond Llull, less correctly Raymond Llull, Raymond Llull, Raymond Lull, Ramon Llull ((about 1235 - 1315) poet, philosopher and missionary, one of the most original representatives of the medieval world outlook on the positive side)
  • Ramon Sa Guard (Commander of the Knights Templar)
  • Don Ramon de Campeador ((born 1817) Spanish poet)
  • Ramon Castilla y Marquezado ((1797 - 1867) Peruvian statesman, Grand Marshal of Peru (1828), fought in the War of Independence)
  • Raimund de Sabunde, Ramon Sibiuda ((about 1385 - 1436) Catalan philosopher)
  • Ramon del Castillo Palop, also known as Ramon (Spanish singer, representative of Spain at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest)
  • Ramon Marsal Ribot ((1934 - 2007) Spanish footballer)
  • Augusto José Ramon Pinochet Ugarte ((1915 - 2006) Chilean statesman and military leader, Captain General (General of the Army), President of Chile from 1974 to 1990)
  • Ramon Calderon Ramos ((born 1951) President of the Spanish club Real Madrid from 2006 to 2009)
  • Juan Ramon Jimenez ((1881 - 1958) Spanish poet, one of the best lyricists of his language, laureate of the 1956 Nobel Prize in Literature "For lyric poetry, an example of high spirit and artistic purity in Spanish poetry")
  • Jaime Ramon Mercader del Rio Hernandez, also known as Ramon Lopez ((1913 - 1978) agent of the Soviet state security organs, killer of L. D. Trotsky)
  • Ramon Freire Serrano ((1787 - 1851) Chilean politician)
  • Ilan Ramon ((1954 - 2003) pilot of the Israeli Air Force, later the first Israeli astronaut. Completed a 16-day flight on the space shuttle Columbia, which crashed while entering the atmosphere on its return to Earth.)
  • Ramon Vargas ((born 1960) Mexican singer (tenor))
  • Ramon Carniser ((1780 - 1855) Spanish composer)
  • Ramon Fernando Nunez Reyes ((born 1985) Honduran footballer, midfielder)
  • Ramon Sløiter ((born 1978) former Dutch professional tennis player)
  • Ramon Jaffe ((born 1962) German cellist of Latvian origin)
  • Ram Karmi ((born 1931) leading Israeli architect, known for his Brutalist style)
  • Ram Narayan ((born 1927) often referred to as Pandita; Indian musician who popularized the sarangi bowed instrument for concert solo performance of Indian classical music. He became the first internationally renowned sarangi player. Rama Narayan is often associated with the title of Pandita.)
  • Ram Rotberg ((born 1964) Israeli military)
  • Ram Baran Yadav ((born 1948) General Secretary of the Nepalese Congress Party, first President of Nepal, elected by the Constituent Assembly of the Republic on July 21, 2008)
  • Richard Alpert ((born 1931), better known as Baba Ram Dass; American guru, author of the 1971 bestselling book Be Here and Now. In the 1960s, as a professor of psychology at Harvard University, he spoke with Timothy Leary and with He conducted research on the effects of LSD, for which he was stripped of his professorship. Then he lived for some time in India, where he converted to Hinduism, becoming a student of the Hindu sadhu Nim Karoli Baba.)
  • Ram Israel Emanuel ((born 1959) American politician and statesman, elected Mayor of Chicago on February 22, 2011)

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