The Meaning Of The Name Ramiz

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The Meaning Of The Name Ramiz
The Meaning Of The Name Ramiz

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Synonyms for the name Ramiz. Ramis, Ramiss, Romiz, Romis.

The origin of the name Ramiz. The name Ramiz is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Ramiz is of Arabic origin. Translated from the Arabic language means "symbol", "marked with a special sign." From the Tatar language, the name Ramiz (Ramis) is also translated as "raftsman, raftsman, raftsman". There is a version that the name Ramses is a derivative form of the name Ramiz, therefore it is still found in modern times, mainly among Muslims.

The reference point in Ramiz's life is restraint, seriousness and dignity. Although he has a good sense of humor, Ramiz avoids tomfoolery, does not like to show his emotions. Ramiz is ironic, not deceived by appearance and penetrates into the very essence of things. He is bold and eager to act, but at times he is capable of unjustified risks. A man with this name has a high intuition, which makes him somewhat self-confident.

Ramiz can become a good specialist in the field of philosophy, arts, science or religion. Since he perfectly understands other people, Ramiz will make a wonderful leader. The profession of a teacher is also suitable for Ramiz. But in business, Ramizu is unlikely to lead. The monetary side of the issue is given to him with difficulty, Ramiz is not very interested in it. The meaning of his life is in the non-material realm.

In a relationship, Ramiz shows himself to be a caring partner, but he is somewhat shy. He is sensitive and kind to family and loved ones. People around him should appreciate and respect his subtle spirituality, which is often hidden behind external practicality.

Ramiz sometimes closes himself off from the outside world, as if taking up a perimeter defense. At such moments, he looks like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand. At other times, Ramiz is peaceful and ready to help people.

Ramiz's birthday

Ramiz does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Ramiz

  • Ramiz Anvar oglu Mehdiyev ((born 1938) Azerbaijani politician, chief of staff of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan (since 1995), President of the Association of Azerbaijani Philosophy and Socio-Political Science, full member of ANAS)
  • Ramiz Mammadali oglu Rovshan ((born 1946) Azerbaijani poet, writer, essayist, screenwriter, translator, since 1981 member of the Azerbaijan Writers' Union)
  • Ramiz Hasanoglu (Azerbaijani Soviet director, Honored Art Worker of Azerbaijan)
  • Ramiz Mammadali oglu Fataliyev ((born 1946) Soviet and Azerbaijani screenwriter and film director)
  • Ramiz Mamedov ((born 1972) Russian footballer, defender, player of the Russian national team, retired from his playing career in 2003; is currently engaged in business, plays in the team of FC Spartak veterans)
  • Ramiz Mammadov ((born 1968) former Soviet and Azerbaijani footballer, midfielder, now coach)
  • Ramiz Aliya, ((born 1925) was the leader of Albania from 1985 to 1992, served as president of the country and 1st secretary of the Central Committee of the Albanian Party of Labor)
  • Ramiz Hasan Kuli oglu Rizayev (Azerbaijani scientist, doctor of chemical sciences, full member of ANAS (2001))
  • Ramiz Alijavad oglu Gasumov ((born 1958) scientist of the USSR and Russia. Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the All-Union Society of Inventors and Rationalizers, Laureate of the N.K. Baibakov Prize, Laureate of the A. Nobel Prize, Honorary Worker of the Gas Industry, Certificate of honor of the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, author of over 400 inventions and scientific works used all over the world.)

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