The Meaning Of The Name Razil

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The Meaning Of The Name Razil
The Meaning Of The Name Razil

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Short form of the name Razil. Razya, Rasya.

Synonyms for the name Razil. Razil, Ruzil, Ruzbeh, Rasil.

The origin of the name Razil. The name Razil is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Razil is a Muslim name with Arabic roots. There are two ways to translate this name. Razil, according to the first version, means "the best", "reliable", according to the second - "walker" in the meaning of an elected person sent with an assignment or with a petition, "messenger".

The name Razil has variants of pronunciation and spelling - Razil, Ruzil, Ruzbeh, Rasil. The female version of this name is Razilya. The name is used among the Muslim population, as well as the Tatars, Bashkirs.

Perhaps the main feature of Razil is his success. Manifesting in Razil already in childhood, this feature surprises others a lot. On the playground, Razil acts as a real leader and ringleader, not calming down for a minute. At the same time, he manages to be everywhere: and help parents around the house, look after sisters and brothers, and vilify with friends around the yards, help them prepare homework. The owner of this name is aware of his strengths and, as a rule, uses them effectively.

Razil is very independent and, as a rule, does not need the support of others. Confident and independent, he walks boldly through life. He is quite brave and courageous, ready to defend his own and others' rights, he can be called a fighter for justice.

Often in Razil one can find such qualities as cheerfulness and decisiveness. Of course, in different situations, Razil's character manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes his cheerfulness can turn into shamelessness and rudeness, Razil becomes arrogant and rather cynical. These negative traits of Razil appear in him usually in stressful conditions. In critical situations, Razil can be passive or heavy. Unfortunately, he does not attach any importance to this. With an effort, Razil can get rid of these not-so-nice features.

Razil tries to be versatile, he finds time for completely different activities. He has a penchant for science, arts, sports, he tries to find an outlet for himself, his hobby everywhere. He loves to play sports.

Razil usually marries early, loves his wife very much, tries to help her in everything. Razil is quite economic; as a rule, his house is in perfect order. He is quite hospitable and loves to visit, and guests often drop in to him. Razil loves children, although he can be a very strict father.

Razil usually chooses a profession where he can shine with something, attract the attention of other people. He can become a famous chemist, physicist, he is not alien to long and painstaking work, but prefers brighter professions. For example, an athlete, a trainer. He can realize his creative talents in the field of musician, singer, artist.

Razil's birthday

Razil does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Razil

Razil Valeev ((born 1947) public and statesman of Tatarstan, Tatar writer, poet, deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan)

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