The Meaning Of The Name Potap

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The Meaning Of The Name Potap
The Meaning Of The Name Potap

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The short form of the name Potap. Potanya, Potapka, Patya, Pata, Potapko, Potaponko, Potapchik, Potapochko.

Synonyms for the name Potap. Potapius, Potamy, Patap, Patapios, Patapius.

The origin of the name Potap. The name Potap is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Potap, translated from the Greek language, means "wanderer", in modern times it is used as a folk form of the church name Potapiy, as well as the rarer name Potamy. From the Latin language, this name will be translated as "mastered".

Affectionately, a man can be addressed by calling him Potanya, Potapka, Patya. The diminutive Patya is also used for the male names Spartacus, Hypatius, Patroclus, Patrick (Patrick), Patiy, as well as for female names - Cleopatra, Patricia (Patricia, Patricia). Several surnames have been formed on behalf of Potap, the most common ones are Potapov, Potapchuk, Potapenko.

The name Patapias is mentioned in Orthodox and Catholic calendar. The date of the Catholic name day of Patapia is December 8. The rest of the dates indicated are the Orthodox name days of Patapia.

From an early age, Potap manifests himself as a thoughtful and serious boy. He is always consistent and thorough in his actions. With age, these qualities help him realize all his ideas and take on even the most difficult cases. Financial success and social recognition for Potap can come from pursuing abandoned businesses or forgotten teachings. He knows how to organize, captivate and see the main thing in the situation. Potap always takes business seriously. He always finishes the work he has begun to the end and only then takes on a new one.

The owner of this name knows how to handle money and leads a decent life. Potap pays great attention to his appearance. He always dresses tastefully. A man loves expensive jewelry that gives him grace. Such a person strives for comfort in everything.

From childhood, parents notice responsibility and independence in their son named Potap. He is not at all characterized by a frivolous attitude towards his duties or studies. The boy rarely plays active games. He likes constructors and puzzles more. They help him develop intuition, generate ideas and show logic. Potap knows how to generalize and find the essence of any problem. This man has few friends, most of whom are familiar to him from childhood. He rarely changes his attachments and habits.

If Potap takes on something, then there can be no doubt that he will fulfill his obligations. He is not greedy and knows how to solve financial issues. Having found his purpose, Potap will be able not only to receive a stable material income, but also moral satisfaction from the work done.

For a quarrel with Potap, a disdain for one's duties may be enough. He is able to very quickly lose his affection for a person. Potap is modest and serious. In some matters, he may even show some slowness. The owner of this name is always cheerful, good-natured and responsible. He constantly develops his intellect, is able to grasp the essence of any issue.

Potap is inherent in the ability to concentrate on the basics, brushing aside details. The ability to concentrate helps Potap to perform any tasks efficiently. He is curious, confident and analytical. It can be difficult to find a common language with the owner of the name. He is selfish enough and likes to criticize other people. At the same time, Potapam finds it difficult to perceive any comments in his address. In some situations, he can be petty and pedantic.

Most often, Potap chooses a job in his specialty. Potap possesses excellent organizational capabilities that will definitely find their application.

The owner of the name Potap is not characterized by an unlimited thirst for fame and luxury. He knows how to save money and plan his income correctly. A man is always skillful with money.

Potap does not hide the fact that he loves happy holidays, where he can have a great time with his friends. His close circle is usually not numerous, but it is in such a team that he feels comfortable.

Potap dreams of a friendly family. She strives to meet a woman who will become not only an agreeable wife, but also a wonderful mother of their children. The chosen one of such a person should be a good mistress in the house. He respects his wife. Appreciates calmness and kindness in her. Potap's family life is usually quite happy. He enjoys raising children and doing some household chores.

Potap's birthday

Potap celebrates his name day on April 11, April 30, December 8, December 21.

Famous people named Potap

  • Potap ((born 1981) pseudonym, real name - Aleksey Potapenko; Ukrainian singer, songwriter of his own performance, also producer, TV presenter, video director. Known for his duet "Potap and Nastya", this duet has won numerous awards and music festivals. Having won in 2007 at the III All-Russian competition "5 stars", he got the opportunity to sing the anthem of the 2014 Olympics.)
  • Pyotr Yemelyanov ((1184-1936) in monasticism - Potapy; Orthodox monk, Catholic priest)
  • Archbishop Peter ((1866-1957) in mantle - Pitirim, in the world - Potapy Ladygin; bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, leader of the catacomb church. Athos monk.)

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