The Meaning Of The Name Radium

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The Meaning Of The Name Radium
The Meaning Of The Name Radium

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The short form of the name Radiy. Adya, Radik, Radya.

Synonyms for the name Radium. Radik.

The origin of the name Radium. The name Radiy is Russian, Greek.

The name Radium in translation from the ancient Greek language means "sunbeam", there is also a translation option as "emitting sunlight". It is believed that in Russia and Ukraine this name became popular during the Soviet era and came from the name of the chemical element. It is quite possible that the old name was given a new interpretation in Soviet times.

It is believed that the name Radiy is one of the variants of the name Radik.

Boy Radiy is very lively, brave and stubborn. He has been involved in sports since childhood, but rarely becomes an athlete. Radium is always surrounded by friends, sociable, easily finds language with everyone. He is an obliging, open young man, always ready to help. The owner of the name Radiy experiences his failures deep inside himself, he will not share his problems with anyone.

Radium is a man of business, he loves and knows how to work, he has good wit, high efficiency. Only now he does not always make decisions quickly. Radium is purposeful, has an analytical mind. Having achieved great results, Radium will not ask himself, but will remain modest. He never belittles other people's merits, is fair.

Radium rarely changes the profession it has chosen once. He will completely and completely devote himself to her, while he will be successful in any activity, both in art and in science, if this work is to his liking. People with the name Radium can be found among representatives of rare professions today, such as a jeweler, chaser, and foundry worker. Most often, Radias become writers, doctors, administrative workers, prefer to work with people.

Radium is very amorous, it is difficult for him to find his only soul mate. But if he finds her, then he is faithful to her for the rest of his life. We can say about him that he is an exemplary family man. But he is not a very economic man, he prefers to give household issues to his wife, but he will not leave his wife completely without control. Radium is a hospitable host.

Birthday Radia

Radiy does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Radium

  • Radiy Ilkaev ((born 1938) Soviet and Russian physicist. Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 2003). Scientific director of RFNC-VNIIEF. He is a member of the RSOSh expert commission on physics. The main scientific works are devoted to theoretical and experimental nuclear physics, plasma physics, laser thermonuclear synthesis.)
  • Radiy Burulov ((born 1963) statesman, mayor of Elista. Has a badge "For fidelity to duty", a medal "For contribution to the heritage of the peoples of Russia" and "For merits in conducting the All-Russian agricultural census of 2006.)
  • Radiy Yurkin ((1928 - 1975) underground fighter of the Great Patriotic War, member of the anti-fascist organization "Young Guard". The youngest member of the underground. Has numerous awards: two Orders of the Red Banner, the Order of the Red Star, the medal "Partisan of the Patriotic War" I degree, medal " For the victory over Japan ", the medal" For military merit ".)
  • Radiy Fish ((1924 - 2000) Russian writer, orientalist. He fought in the Far North in the snows and swamps of Karelia as a lieutenant of the Marine Corps. On March 11, 1944, he was seriously wounded. Candidate of Philology. Defended his thesis on the topic "National liberation war of the Turkish people 1919 - 1922 in Turkish fiction.”In 1958, having got a job as a sailor on a fishing trawler, he poured practically the entire Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. For many years he studied the literature and culture of Turkey. From 1951 to 1963 he often communicated with Nazim Hikmet. The first book of prose was published, "Over the Perch Across the Ocean." Author of fictionalized biographies of Nazim Hikmet (1968), Jalaladdin Rumi (1972), Bedreddin Simavi ("The Sleepers Awake", 1986). (1989).)
  • Radiy Khabirov ((born 1964) Russian statesman, deputy head of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation for domestic policy)
  • Radiy Pogodin ((1925 - 1993) Soviet writer, artist, poet, screenwriter, outstanding children's writer. Winner of awards: Order of Glory II and III degree, two Orders of the Red Star, battle medals, Order of the Badge of Honor (1975), Order of Friendship peoples (1984), Order of the Patriotic War, 1st degree (1985) Literary awards and prizes: State Prize of the RSFSR named after NK Krupskaya (1985) for the book "The Azure Rooster of My Childhood", and 1982 - Prize of the Union of Writers of the RSFSR. International Council for Children's and Youth Literature named after Hans Christian Andersen - for the book “Wade the River.” UNICEF Prize at the World Film Festival in West Berlin for the film “What Senka Had” (1984), Honorary Diploma of the All-Union Competition for the best children's book - for the development of a modern literary tale for children (1987),First Degree Diploma of the XXX All-Russian Competition "Book Art" for the book "The Earth Has the Shape of a Turnip", in 1998 Honorary Diploma for Contribution to Russian Literature, Book Culture for Childhood and Adolescence - National Section of the International Council for Children's Books, Council for Children's Books of Russia.)
  • Rodion (Radiy) Ovchinnikov ((born 1960) Soviet and Russian actor)

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