The Meaning Of The Name Pedro

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The Meaning Of The Name Pedro
The Meaning Of The Name Pedro

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Pedro
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Short form of the name Pedro. Peret, Perot, Perique, Pedrito, Perico, Periquito, Perikin, Peyo, Perucho.

Synonyms for the name Pedro. Peter, Pierre, Peter, Pedro, Pietro, Petros, Pietari, Peter.

The origin of the name Pedro. The name Pedro is Catholic.

The name Pedro is an analogue of the Russian name Peter, common in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries (Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and others). In other European countries, the boy would be named - Peter (England), Pierre (France), Peter (Hungary), Petros (Greece), Pietari (Finland).

The name Pedro means "rock", "hard". This name comes from the Aramaic name Cephas, given to the Apostle Peter by Jesus, which in the Greek pronunciation sounded like "petros".

Description of the meaning of the name - see the name Peter.

For Pedro's name, Catholic name days will be listed. Orthodox name days can be viewed at the analogue of the name Pedro - Peter.

Birthday Pedro

Pedro celebrates his name day on January 3, January 6, January 9, January 10, January 16, January 28, February 1, February 11, February 21, March 12, April 2, April 6, April 18, April 25, April 26, April 28, April 29, April 30, May 7, May 8, May 15, May 25, June 2, June 7, June 12, June 29, July 4, July 8, July 10, July 28, July 30, August 1, 2 August, 3 August, 6 August, 7 August, 13 August, 30 August, 9 September, 10 September, 17 September, 23 September, 3 October, 4 October, 26 November, 28 November, 9 December, 21 December.

Famous people named Pedro

  • Pedro de la Rosa (Spanish racer, Formula 1 driver)
  • Pedro Caballero (Spanish film director)
  • Peter Criss (real name - George Crisuola; American musician best known as the drummer for the American glam rock band Kiss. Criss designed the look and makeup of "Cat" for his participation in the band "Kiss".)
  • Peter Bogutski (American archaeologist and anthropologist, researcher of early agricultural societies in Europe (Neolithic era), his two-volume work "Ancient Europe. Encyclopedia of the Barbarian World" brought together the work of several dozen archaeologists on all major periods and cultures of Europe from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages)
  • Peter Zeeman ((1865-1943) Dutch physicist, Nobel Prize laureate in physics (1902))
  • Peter Collins ((1931-1958) British race car driver, won 3 Grand Prix victories, died while participating in the 1958 German Grand Prix)
  • Peter Yates ((1929-2011) British director, producer and screenwriter, twice Oscar nominations for Best Director with Going Ahead and Dresser)
  • Peter Eisenman ((born 1932) American architect, one of the founders of architectural deconstructivism)
  • Peter Molyneux ((born 1959) computer game developer)
  • Peter Picart ((1668-1737) Dutch engraver, who worked most of his life in Russia; Picart's area of artistic activity was the original engraving in the techniques of chisel and etching. The master's works are kept in many museums, including the State Russian Museum, the State Hermitage and others.)
  • Peter O'Donnell ((1920-2010) English writer, author of mystical thrillers and comics in one line)
  • Peter Falk (American actor, best known for his role as Lieutenant Columbo in the television series Columbo, was nominated twice for an Oscar, five times for an Emmy, and once for a Golden Globe)
  • Peter Fleming ((born 1955) American professional tennis player, seven-time Grand Slam doubles winner, former world number one in doubles)
  • Pietari Inkinen (Finnish violinist and conductor)
  • Peder Estlund ((1872-1939) Norwegian speed skater, two-time world champion (1898,1899) and Europe (1899,1900))
  • Peder Severin Kroyer ((1851-1909) Danish realist painter, also known as PS Kroyer and Soren)
  • Peder Lückeberg ((1878-1944) Danish swimmer, bronze medalist of the Summer Olympics (1900))
  • Petros Persakis (Greek gymnast, twice medalist of the Summer Olympic Games (1896))
  • Petros Makeyan (Armenian politician)
  • Petros Syunetsi, Petros Kertog ((died at about 558) a figure of the Armenian Apostolic Church, scribe and translator, author of many works (history, speeches, etc.), was engaged in translations; the works "Praise of the Holy Mother of God", "O faith "and others)
  • Petros Spiru (Greek sailor, hero of the Argentine War of Independence)
  • Pere Boshi-Gimpera (Bosch-Gimpera) ((1891-1974) Spanish historian, researcher of the prehistoric era of Iberia, was awarded honorary awards and degrees in many countries)
  • Pierre Richard (French comedian film actor and director)