The Meaning Of The Name Pankrat

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The Meaning Of The Name Pankrat
The Meaning Of The Name Pankrat

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Short form of the name Pankrat. Pancras, Punk, Kratz, Kratz, Pancrasito, Pan, Pan.

Synonyms for the name Pankrat. Pankrats, Pancrasio, Pancrasiu, Pancrazio, Pongrats, Pankrazi, Pankratios, Pankratie, Pancrasius.

The origin of the name Pankrat. The name Pankrat is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Pankrat has Greek roots, it is a Russian version of the name Pankraty, consisting of two semantic parts: "pan" ("everything") and "kratos" ("power", also "strength, power"). Therefore, the name has two versions of interpretation - "omnipotent" and "omnipotent", "omnipotent". The name Pankraty was more often used among the clergy.

Among Catholics, Saint Pancratius of Rome is honored, who is the heavenly patron of children. They pray to him to get rid of a headache or, if necessary, protection from slander. Catholic name days are April 3 and May 12.

The name Pankrat characterizes its owner as a sociable and contact person. Despite his external dryness and some restraint of emotions, spiritual warmth is felt from this person. This man does not tolerate his personal worries and problems for others to see. In addition, he always pays attention to the opinions of other people. Pankrat does not tolerate deception in his direction. All his actions reflect the decency of this person. He is incapable of making a deal with his own conscience. Often Pankrat has to fight for his beliefs. He does not like conflicts and usually tries to avoid prefabricated situations.

It is worth noting that Pankrat is inherently quite a proud person. In case of infringement in any matter of his pride, this man is capable of behaving aggressively. Pankrat does not differ in rancor. He has friends who will always help him in difficult situations.

Pankrat loves to do something with his own hands. This hobby is often reflected in the choice of a specialty. The owner of this name can become a good industrial engineer, sailor or entrepreneur. In relations with women, he always shows his temperament and sensuality.

In the manifestation of his emotions, Pankrat is rather ambiguous. He is able to make some decisions with difficulty, to think for a long time, but at the same time to surprise everyone with his explosive temperament. Such a person has insufficiently developed intuition. He is honest with everyone and believes in justice. Any deception will be painful enough. All emotions of Pankrat can be seen on his face and understand his inner state.

From a young age, Pankrat manifests a strong will, determination and straightforwardness. He is endowed with leadership qualities and is able to manipulate people. Pankrat will definitely complete each business that he starts to its logical conclusion. It is not typical for him to throw something unfinished.

Among the negative features of Pankrat, one can single out impracticality and imbalance. In addition, he is able to get annoyed even over trifles. All these facets of personality must be borne in mind by women who decide to link their lives with Pankrat. You will have to spend a lot of time and your mental strength on such a man. It is very difficult to fight against his pride and egoism. The character of Pankrat is becoming more difficult every year. This is one of the reasons for the not always happily developing personal life of a man. For his beloved woman, Pankrat is able to completely change. He will try to contain his negative emotions. Such a person will be a caring father and a decent husband.

Pankrat does not know how to perceive criticism in his address, which often makes enemies for himself. A man needs to learn to soften his character and attitude towards other people. This will allow him to build relationships with other people. At the same time, the will and strength of character, which he is no doubt endowed with by nature, will help Pankrat realize his aspirations. Such a person will certainly achieve excellent results in a career that requires decisiveness and an analytical mindset from him.

Pankrat's vulnerability is still his pride. Competitors who are aware of a person's weakness can try to take advantage of this weakness. Pankrat needs to learn to restrain his emotional impulses, be careful and stop getting involved in conflict situations. Such changes will contribute to the success of Pankrat in his endeavors and consolidate himself as a leader in any field. A man needs to learn to perceive the comments of other people with humor and not pay attention to criticism in his address.

Pankrat's birthday

Pankrat celebrates its name day on February 22, April 3, May 12, May 25, July 22, September 10.

Famous people named Pankrat

  • Pankraty Charny (Charnutsky or Charnissky) ((died 1773) archimandrite of the Russian Church)
  • Pankraty Pushchin ((died 1677) Russian voivode, Tula and then Moscow nobleman)
  • Pancratius of Rome (saint, early Christian martyr)
  • Bishop Pankraty ((born 1955) in the world - Vladislav Zherdev; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church)

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