Meaning Of The Name Oscar

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Meaning Of The Name Oscar
Meaning Of The Name Oscar

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Video: Meaning Of The Name Oscar
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Short form of the name Oscar. Oscarino, Oskerino, Osik, Oka, Oscarito, Osi, Oskarek, Oki, Os, Oka.

Synonyms for the name Oscar. Oscarre, Oscardo, Ansgar, Oshkar, Oscarin, Osker, Oskar, Oscardo, Ouskar, Ausgeir.

The origin of the name Oscar. The name Oscar is German, Catholic.

The name Oscar has German roots, before in the Germanic language the name sounded also like Ansgar. It is formed from a combination of "os" (god, ac / os) and "gar" (spear), therefore it is translated as "god's spear". The name will be translated from the Scandinavian language as "divine".

In addition, the name Oscar is mentioned in Celtic legends, where Oscar was one of the children of Ossian - first a successful military leader, and then an abandoned blind old man.

Oscar is growing up as a restless child. Parents spend many sleepless nights with him. The boy is restless and cocky, inquisitive and persistent in desires. Often requires the attention of parents, likes to be read fairy tales. During his school years, Oscar is sociable, has many friends. The boy's hobbies are varied - chess, music, tennis, philately, and the latter is fond of until the end of his life. But to achieve significant results, he lacks perseverance and patience.

"Winter" Oscar is very stubborn and is often punished for this. Growing up, Oscar becomes calmer. This is a very squeamish man. Outwardly, Oscar looks more like a mother, but in character is closer to his father.

A man with this name successfully graduates from a higher educational institution, but often does not work in his specialty. Oscar, born in the fall, shows aptitude for mathematics, science and economics. Often this man becomes a doctor, programmer or architect. Oscar is also attracted to the professions of a musician, coach, teacher and journalist. He can become a famous entertainer or painter, a daring engineer or an electronics engineer.

Oscar knows how to wait. It's not his style to get involved in adventures and dubious ventures. Before acting, Oscar thoroughly examines the issue, waiting for the situation to clear up.

A man with this name rarely holds high positions. In most cases, Oscar fails to articulate his desires. Before doing something, he pulls, thinks, and then suddenly does exactly the opposite. Oscar is too dependent on his intuition, although he has a deep intellect, capable of synthesis, and a strong memory. A man with this name loses a lot of the opportunities presented to him because at the decisive moment he loses his composure. And in order for Oscar, in principle, to decide to take up any business, he must be well shaken.

"Summer" Oscar is sensitive and vulnerable, it will take a long time to marry. Some uncertainty also hinders him. Besides, Oscar cannot be called an amorous person. A man wants to have a home that will serve as a refuge from a hostile world. Disappointments are very strongly reflected in his psyche. Congenital self-doubt can develop into an inferiority complex, which ultimately scares the opposite sex away from Oscar. At times, Oscar's overwhelming fear can lead to aggressive behavior. But in ordinary life, a man is soft and sentimental. Deep down, Oscar hides tenderness and care for his family. Only people who enjoy unlimited trust in a man know what an interesting, thoughtful and pleasant person he really is.

Oscar is very touchy. This is worth remembering when communicating with him. Holding a grudge against you, he is likely to take revenge. Oscar is hospitable, he loves to see guests at home more than to visit himself. Oscar is an introvert, he tends to withdraw into himself. Friends must take this into account. A man with this name is objective and prone to self-sacrifice. However, Oscar does not always have enough courage and self-confidence. In friendship, a man is faithful, although he keeps some distance from his friends. Oscar is sensitive to failure and seeks to pour out his feelings to those close to him.

Most often, a man with this name prefers to have one close friend and shuns a wide circle of acquaintances. Oscar is completely closed to strangers. From the outside, he seems to be a dry, boring and withdrawn person, repulsing himself with arrogance and arrogance.

Oscar's birthday

Oscar celebrates its name day on February 3rd.

Famous people named Oscar

  • Oscar (legendary Celtic hero, son of Ossian and grandson of Fingal)
  • Oscar I ((1799 - 1859) at birth - Joseph-Oscar Bernadotte; the second king of the Bernadotte family of Sweden and Norway (since 1844). He tried to emphasize the equality of the Swedish and Norwegian kingdoms. In 1844, a joint Swedish-Norwegian flag was introduced (the so-called " herring salad "), and in 1847 the Norwegian Order of St. Olaf was approved.)
  • Oscar II ((1829 - 1907) King of Sweden in 1872-1907 from the Bernadotte dynasty, son of Oscar I. He ascended the throne after his brother Charles XV, who left no sons. In recent years, for health reasons, in fact, power was in the hands of the crown prince, the future king Gustav V. He had the rank of German Grand Admiral (July 13, 1905) The last Swedish king of Norway (1872-1905); in 1905 the personal union of Sweden and Norway was dissolved, and the Norwegians elected to the throne Prince Charles of Denmark, who took the name Haakon VII. grand-nephew Oscar (son of the daughter of Charles XV).)
  • Oscar (John-Friedrich-Oscar) Kremer ((1829 - 1910) Russian admiral (1896), participant of the Sevastopol defense)
  • Oscar Fingal O'Flaherty Wills Wilde ((1854 - 1900) English poet, writer, essayist of Irish descent. One of the most famous playwrights of the late Victorian period, a prominent celebrity of his time. London dandy, later convicted of "indecent behavior" and after two years imprisonment and correctional labor left for France, where he lived in poverty and oblivion under a changed name and surname. It is best known for his plays full of paradoxes, catchphrases and aphorisms, as well as the novel "The Portrait of Dorian Gray" (1891).)
  • Oscar Hammerstein II ((1895 - 1960) American writer, producer, libretto for many famous musicals)
  • Oscar De La Hoya ((born 1973) is an American professional boxer in the first middle weight category). Olympic champion in 1992 in the category up to 60 kilograms. World champion in the second featherweight (version WBO, 1994), lightweight (version WBO, 1994-1995; version IBF, 1995), first welterweight (version WBC, 1996-1997), welterweight (version WBC, 1997-1999), first middle (WBC version, 2001-2003 and 2006-2007; WBA version, 2002-2003) and middle (WBO version, 2004) weight classes. Nickname - "Golden Boy" (Golden Boy).)
  • Shamil Malkanduev ((born 1978) pseudonym - Oscar, Shamil; Russian pop and freak singer)
  • Oscar Kuchera ((born 1974) real name - Evgeny Bogolyubov; musician, Russian actor, TV presenter, radio host)
  • Oscar Dixon ((1823 - 1897) was a Swedish tycoon, wealthy merchant, merchant, industrialist and philanthropist from a Scottish family who was considered the richest of all Swedes at one time. Dixon along with the king
  • Oscar II and Alexander Mikhailovich Sibiryakov patronized a large number of Arctic expeditions in the 1800s. He rendered great assistance to Nordenskjold's polar voyages to the Russian Arctic and Greenland, as well as to Fridtjof Nansen on the Fram. As an arctic exploration enthusiast, Oscar Dixon, as a sponsor, contributed to a number of important high-risk polar exploration between 1860 and 1900. For his services in 1885 before the king, Oscar Dixon was awarded the nobility and the title of baron. From 1878 Dixon was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.)
  • Oskar Dargis ((born 1993) Latvian footballer, goalkeeper)
  • Oscar Bonec Garcia Ramirez ((born 1984) Honduran footballer, right midfielder)
  • Oskar Kokoschka ((1886 - 1980) Austrian artist and writer of Czech origin, the largest figure of Austrian Expressionism)
  • Oskar Klein ((1894 - 1977) Swedish physicist. Klein is best known as one of the independent authors of the Klein - Gordon - Fock equation (1927, obtained earlier, but not published by E. Schrödinger). This equation is a natural relativistic generalization of the basic equation of quantum mechanics - Another achievement of Klein is his contribution to the Kaluza - Klein theory: he showed that the purely mathematical idea of Theodor Kaluza that space has more than three dimensions can have a physical meaning, assuming the compactification of the "extra" fifth dimension of space-time. that this scientist came to the Klein-Gordon-Fock equation from this starting point, proceeding from the presence of extra dimensions. Among other things, the ideas of the Kaluza-Klein theory have been applied and developed in modern string theory.)
  • Oscar Zarissky ((1899 - 1986) real name and surname - Osher Zaritsky; American mathematician. Major work in the field of algebra, especially commutative algebra, which he connected with algebraic geometry and gave the necessary rigor to the conclusions of his Italian teachers (it is also necessary to note an important contribution in this direction by A. Weil and van der Waerden). The book of Zarissky and P. Samuel "Commutative algebra" became classical and still (2008) is of great importance. Among his students the most famous are Hironaka, Mumford and M. Artin. Wolf for 1981. He made a famous conjecture about the properties of algebraic polynomials (Zariski's conjecture).)
  • Oscar Negeli ((1885 - 1959) Swiss dermatologist and chess player)
  • Oskar Müsing ((1867 -?) German novelist, wrote under the pseudonym Otto Mohr)
  • Oscar Enquist ((1849 - 1912) Russian vice admiral, participant of the Tsushima battle)
  • Oscar Arsinega ((born 1970) Mexican professional boxer in the lightweight division)
  • Oscar Alfredo Garre ((born 1956) former Argentine footballer, defender, World Cup 1986. Participant of two America's Cups. After completing his playing career, Oscar Garre worked as a coach.)
  • Oscar Gallay (Russian film director)
  • Oscar-Ferdinand Grippenberg ((1838 - 1915) Russian general from infantry (1900), participant in the Crimean War, Turkestan campaigns and the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, commander of the 2nd Manchurian army in the Russian-Japanese war)
  • Oskar Ruthersward ((1915 - 2002) the spelling of the surname accepted in Russian literature; correct pronunciation by the Swedes is Reutersvär. "Father of an impossible figure", a Swedish artist who specialized in depicting impossible figures, that is, those that can be depicted (given the inevitable disturbances in perspective 3-dimensional space on paper), but cannot be created. One of his figures was further developed as the "Penrose triangle" (1934). Ruthersward's work can be compared with the work of Escher, however, if the latter used impossible figures as "skeletons" to depict fantastic worlds, then Ruthersward was only interested in figures as such. During his life, Ruthersward depicted about 2500 figures in isometric projection. Ruthersward's books are published in many languages, including Russian.)
  • Oscar Ruggeri ((born 1962) an outstanding Argentine footballer in the past, played as a defender, 1986 world champion with the Argentine national team, a key defensive player in the championship team. One of the most prominent defenders in the history of Argentine football. In 1991 he was recognized Footballer of the Year in South America. Currently working as a coach.)
  • Oscar Holst ((1892 - 1968) Norwegian violinist and conductor)
  • Oskar Strauss ((1870 - 1954) Austrian composer, famous for his operettas (Viennese school), film music and numerous songs. Almost the same name, but not a relative of Johann Strauss (the last letter in the German spelling of the surname is different for them).)
  • Oscar de Kock ((1881 -?) Belgian rower, silver medalist at the 1900 Summer Olympics)
  • Oscar Rabin ((born 1928) Russian artist, one of the founders of the unofficial art group "Lianozovo")
  • Oscar Evolo ((born 1978) Congolese footballer, defender and midfielder)
  • Oscar Ruben Larrauri ((born 1954) Argentinean racing driver, participant of the Formula 1 World Championship)
  • Oscar Remez ((1925 - 1989) Russian theater director, writer, scientist and theater teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1971), Professor (1980), Doctor of Arts (1982))
  • Oscar Solomon Strauss ((1850 - 1926) American politician, US Secretary of State for Trade and Labor under President Theodore Roosevelt from 1906 to 1909. Oscar Solomon Strauss is the first Jew to serve as US Secretary of State.)
  • Oscar Subia ((born 1946) former Uruguayan footballer, striker. As part of the Uruguay national team, he won bronze medal at the 1970 World Cup. After his career as a player, he worked as a coach.)
  • Oscar Ferdinand Telgman (Canadian composer, conductor, teacher and publisher of the late 19th and first half of the 20th century)
  • Oscar Khavkin ((1912 - 1993) Russian writer, poet. Awarded with medals. Laureate of the competition for the best children's book (1950). Member of the USSR Writers' Union (1949). Editing of O. Khavkin's book is devoted to a part of L. K. Chukovskaya's work "In the laboratory editor ".)
  • Oscar Israel ((1854 - 1907) German doctor, pathologist. He wrote a number of casuistic reports on developmental anomalies, circulatory disorders, the doctrine of tumors, and others.)
  • Oscar Yeager ((1830 - 1910) German historian and educator)
  • Ansgar, also Ansgari, Anskar, Anskarius, Ansgarius (saint of both the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Church, the first bishop of Hamburg, Bishop of Bremen, named "Apostle of the North" for his merits in spreading Christianity in Northern Germany, Denmark and Sweden)
  • Oskar (s) Kalpak (s) (colonel, was the commander of a separate Latvian battalion, also known as the "Kalpaks battalion", the first commander of the Latvian national units of the Latvian armed forces)
  • Oskars Jekabs Dankers ((1883 - 1965) Latvian general, officer of the Russian tsarist army, Latvian military leader during the period of independence of Latvia. During the years of German occupation from 1941 to 1944 he headed the occupation administration of Latvia, the so-called local "self-government" within the General Commissariat of Latvia, which was part of to the Reichskommissariat Ostland.)
  • Oskars Bartulis ((born 1987) Latvian hockey player, defender)
  • Oscarino Costa da Silva ((1907 - 1990) Brazilian footballer, defender and midfielder, participant of the 1st World Cup)
  • Oskari Olavi Virta ((1915 - 1972) Finnish singer, composer and film actor, one of the most famous tango performers in Finland)