The Meaning Of The Name Nicodemus

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The Meaning Of The Name Nicodemus
The Meaning Of The Name Nicodemus

The short form of the name Nicodemus. Nikodimka, Nika, Nikaha, Nikasha, Nikusya, Nikusha, Dima, Dimakha, Dimash, Dimusya, Dimukha, Dimusha, Kodya, Kodyasha, Niko, Nils.

Synonyms for the name Nicodemus. Nicodemus, Nicodemus, Teemu.

The origin of the name Nicodemus. The name Nicodemus is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Nicodemus comes from the Greek name Nicodemos, which means “conquering people”. In the literal sense of the Greek original, it is semantically identical to the name Nikolai. In Russia, this name was used by monks and among the Old Believers. Not widespread among the people.

In Finland, this name sounds like Teemu (Tiemu), which is also a short form of the rarely used Finnish name Nikodeemus, very consonant with the name Nicodemus. Diminutive-affectionate terms Nils, Dima, Nika, Nick are used as independent names. Nicodemus is revered by both the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

In communication, he is polite and correct. He weighs and evaluates all the little things well before starting a new business, treats him in good faith. A deceptive impression of Nicodemus's softness and passivity among others can create his delicacy and tact, however, at the same time he has a sharp mind and great inner strength, thanks to which a man with this name lives in harmony with his conscience.

Nicodemus, as a rule, is not in need, because he knows how to handle money. Often lends and does not refuse anyone. By nature, he is an introvert, knows how to protect and organize his life in accordance with his goals and objectives, interests. Sometimes he plays and takes risks, however, thanks to his luck, he almost never loses.

Nicodemus is suitable for creative professions associated with a certain risk and variability of behavior. He will make a good rescuer, zoologist, veterinarian or just a big animal lover.

The character of Nikodim fully corresponds to his name: he is a firm, practical, balanced person with a sharp analytical mind, does not make hasty decisions, lives in harmony with the world around him, treats other people with kindness and gentleness.

Nicodemus always listens carefully to the interlocutor, supports him, does not argue hotly, however, remains unconvinced. You can safely entrust him with your secrets, which he will not tell anyone or sell. At the same time, he is often perceptive, has a well-developed intuition, grasps hints and unspoken thoughts on the fly, so it is almost impossible to hide something from him. At the same time, Nicodemus knows how to create an atmosphere of calmness and benevolence around him, which is why many are drawn to him.

In order to find a common language with Nicodemus, you need to demonstrate kindness, sincerity and even cordiality. You cannot fake and overact, he will immediately see through you.

The owners of this name often immerse themselves in themselves, put their personal interests above all. The strongest outbursts of emotions can only be caused by gambling, in which he is not afraid to take risks, because he firmly believes in his luck.

Name day Nikodim

Nicodemus celebrates name day on January 8, January 26, March 12, May 3, May 24, June 21, July 14, July 16, July 24, July 27, August 2, August 3, August 15, August 21, August 29, August 31, 12 September, 25 September, 30 September, 11 October, 21 October, 13 November.

Famous people named Nicodemus

  • Nicodemus (mentioned in the "Gospel of John" Pharisee, member of the Sanhedrin, secret disciple of Jesus Christ)
  • Nicodemus Svyatorets ((1749 - 1809) Greek theologian, Athos monk, theologian, venerated as a saint among the saints)
  • Nikodim Kondakov ((1844 - 1925) Russian historian of Byzantine and Old Russian art, archaeologist)
  • Nicodemus Nagai ((died 1976) Major General of the General Staff, member of the White movement; Archbishop of Richmond)
  • Nicodemus Tessin (the name of two Swedish architects, immigrants from Pomerania, father (1615-1681) and son (1654-1728), who created the Scandinavian Baroque - the most restrained, laconic version of this style, based on the development of the heritage of Mansart and Bernini. Tessinov - the royal palace in Stockholm, the country estate Drottningholm, Kalmar Cathedral, Trinity Church in Karlskrona, Gottorp Castle - you can feel admiration for Palladio and, accordingly, the influence of nascent classicism. unfulfilled project of St.Andrew's Cathedral in St. Petersburg Father and son of Tessina are central figures in the Swedish architectural tradition, in the XX century, in particular, Gunnar Asplund turned to their work.The son of Tessin the Younger and Countess Stenbock was State Chancellor Carl-Gustav Tessin.)
  • Nikodems Rantsāns ((1870 - 1933) priest, social worker, teacher, writer. Awarded the Order of Three Stars)
  • Teemu Selanne (more correctly Teemu, Finnish hockey player, striker, holder of the NHL record for the number of goals scored among newcomers (76 goals, 1992 - 1993))
  • Teemu Kattilakoski (Finnish skier, World Championship medalist, distance racing specialist)
  • Monsignor Teemu Jyrki Juhani Sippo (current Catholic Bishop of Helsinki)
  • Teemu Rannikko (Finnish basketball player for the Spanish club "Granada")
  • Bishop Nikodim (in the world - Viktor Gorenko; Bishop of Volodymyr-Volynsky and Kovelsky of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church)
  • Bishop Nikodim ((1871 - 1919) in the world - Alexander Kononov; Bishop of the Russian Church; from November 15, 1913 at the Belgorod See, glorified in the face of saints of the Russian Orthodox Church in 2000)
  • Nikodim (Krotkov) (Archbishop of Kostroma and Galich (ROC); canonized in 2000)
  • Nikodim (Nagaev) (Major General of the General Staff, member of the White Movement; Archbishop of Richmond of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad)
  • Nikodim (Milash) (Bishop of Dalmatian-Istra (Serbian Orthodox Church), canonist and church historian)
  • Nikodim (Rusnak) ((born 1921) Bishop of the Russian Church; since September 13, 1989, Metropolitan of Kharkov and Bogodukhov)
  • Nikodim (Chibisov) (in the world - Georgy Chibisov; Bishop of Shatursky, vicar of the Moscow diocese, on March 31, 2009 was appointed Bishop of Anadyr and Chukotka)
  • Metropolitan Nikodim ((1929 - 1978) in the world - Boris Rotov; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church; from October 9, 1963, Metropolitan of Leningrad and Ladoga; from 1960 to 1972, Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate)
  • Nicodemus of Siro ((900 - 990) saint)

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