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Name Meaning Nick
Name Meaning Nick

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Synonyms for the name Nick. Nikolay, Nicholas, Nikola, Nikodim, Nikita, Nikifor, Nils, Nika, Nika, Niko.

The origin of the name Nick. The name Nick is Catholic.

The name Nick was originally an affectionate appeal to the male name Nikolai and its counterparts (Nicholas, Nikola) and other names with "nick" (Nikodim, Nikita, Nikifor, Niels). Means winner. In the Latin alphabet, the name can be written in different ways - Nick, Nik, Nikky, Nyck, Nicky, Niko, Nico.

There is a female name Nick, pronounced without the "a" at the end - Nick, Nike, Niko. It can also be recorded in various variations - Nike, Niek. Identical to Nick's name in this context.

The name Nick became independent and independent, thanks to the United States. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a large flow of emigrants from the USSR, many tried to adapt to the new conditions, so they transformed their names so that they became easy to pronounce, short, similar to American ones. Later the name was fixed as an independent one. This trend was also supported by European countries.

The name Nick is also found among Muslims. Translated from the Persian language means "good".

For the name Nick, the Catholic name days of Nicholas (Nicholas) will be indicated.

The owner of the name Nick is endowed with a certain aristocracy, sophistication. He loves to boast, takes pleasure in the admiration that is shown to him. This man really wants to be an example for everyone else, so he carefully treats everything with which he is associated.

He is a strong-willed, disciplined and ambitious man. His insights are often surprised, but he can fall prey to his pride, arrogance and self-centeredness. In general, this is a sociable man, capable of great generosity. He behaves easily and at ease, often appears in public as a handsome and pleasant young man, extremely sensitive to the interlocutor.

Nick really cares about others sincerely. It is very good if he has brothers and sisters, otherwise the boy may quickly come to the conclusion that the world revolves around him. It is important to encourage all group activities to develop a sense of solidarity from childhood. It also helps Nick to improve the art of communication, he has a penchant for languages, he is often interested in various fields, and this interest should be encouraged.

The owner of the name Nick is esthete, idealistic and often takes part in humanistic, artistic or social movements. He is often attracted to contact with the public, he is passionate about travel.

In love, he is quite demanding. Nick should be able to admire his passion, which should look better than himself, on average. He is a perfectionist who respects the family circle, his foundations are of exemplary moral character. The spouse of this man will be able to trust him unconditionally. His ingenuity, tact, thoughtfulness and sensitivity contribute to making up for Nick's authoritarian attitude towards his chosen one.

Art and creativity are the main occupations that Nick attracts (theater, literature, painting, decoration, architecture, jewelry, rare craft professions). Professions and occupations connected with responsibility or with the law, justice, politics, health care, are equally attractive to him. They will also be able to fulfill their potential through a career in radio broadcasting or in connection with travel.

Name day Nika

Nick celebrates his name day January 12, January 21, January 23, February 12, March 21, April 2, April 27, May 9, May 25, May 31, June 2, June 27, July 9, September 10, September 25, October 10, October 25, November 13, November 22, December 1, December 6, December 23.

Famous people named Nick

  • Nick Kaner-Medley ((born 1983) Azerbaijani-American basketball player)
  • Kreshnik Shelilai ((born 1983) known under the pseudonym Nick Shelilai; Albanian film and theater actor. Winner of several Best Actor awards at various international film festivals.)
  • Nick Zagranichny ((born 1969) Israeli wrestler (Greco-Roman wrestling))
  • Nick Aziz Nick Mat ((1931-2015) full name - Tuan Guru Dato Bentara Setiya Haji Nick Abdul Aziz bin Nick Mat; Malaysian politician Overall, his career as an elected politician lasted for about 48 years after his election to the Malaysian parliament in 1967 year.)
  • Nick Birch (Birch, Barch, Bartsch) ((born 1971) Swiss pianist, composer)
  • Nick Cohn ((born 1946) English music journalist and travel writer. Considered the progenitor of a new kind of music, travel and social journalism. Renowned music critic, regularly publishes articles, novels and music books. In the early 1990s, Cohn gained attention by releasing the successful New York book Heart of the World, which won the Thomas Cook Award for Best Travel Story of the Year. In 1997, the writer re-released a story from the urban jungle with his apocalyptic novel Need. In 1999, he presented a report on multi-ethnic sub- and the youth cultures of his markedly changed homeland, England. The quality of his journalistic work has been compared by some critics to George Orwell's social reporting. Nick Cohn writes regularly for the British newspaper The Guardian.)
  • Nick Omladic ((born 1989) Slovenian footballer)
  • Nick Bugas ((born 1955) American documentary filmmaker, artist, explorer of Hollywood)
  • Nick Bilton (British-American journalist, writer, business columnist. Author of several bestselling books on technology and business topics.)
  • Nick Simmonds ((born 1983) American track and field athlete (specialization - running 800 meters). Participant of the 2012 Olympics, five-time US champion at a distance of 800 meters.)
  • Nick (Nicholas) Gomez ((born 1963) American director, also actor)
  • Nicholas James (Nick) Vuychich ((born 1982) Australian motivational speaker. Despite his illness (lack of 4 limbs), he learned to live with this handicap and teaches other people to find their way in life. Also philanthropist, writer and singer.)
  • Nick the Greek ((1883-1966) nickname, real name - Nikos Dandolos; American professional poker player (by origin - Greek). He became the protagonist of the book "The Secret of the Game of Nick the Greek", benefactor, it is believed that he won and lost for all his life more than $ 500 million. Included in the Poker Hall of Fame one of the very first - in 1979.)
  • Nicholas Robert Diaz, known as Nick Diaz ((born 1983) American mixed martial arts wrestler. Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.)
  • Nick (Nicodemo) Mancuso ((born 1948) Canadian actor, also producer)
  • Nick de Vries ((born 1995) Dutch race car driver, Formula 2 participant)
  • Nick (Nicholas) Ernest de Firmian ((born 1957) American chess player, grandmaster, participated in 8 Olympiads)

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