The Meaning Of The Name Nestor

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The Meaning Of The Name Nestor
The Meaning Of The Name Nestor

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The short form of the name Nestor. Carrying, Nestorka, Nestorino, Nestoruchcho, Tito, Nestek, Nestus, Nesha, Neshko.

Synonyms for the name Nestor. Neshtor, Nestore, Nestur, Nestoras, Nestar, Nestori.

The origin of the name Nestor. The name Nestor is Ukrainian, Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Nestor is of Greek origin. It was formed by a combination of "νέομαι" [neomai] - "to return" and "νόστος" [nostos] - "the one who returns from travel." Therefore, the name Nestor is interpreted as a "wanderer", "returning home." This male name is popular among Catholics, more often in Spain, Brazil, Portugal and Argentina, but among the Orthodox it was used mainly among the clergy. Currently, it is considered an outdated name, it is extremely rare in Russia, more often found in Belarus and Ukraine.

Nestor's Catholic name days are February 26, March 4, September 8 and October 8. The rest of the dates indicated are Orthodox name days.

The owner of the name Nestor is a cheerful man who hides his deep emotionality. He's not the kind of person who does things in half, so he can easily achieve both brilliant success and overwhelming failure. His strengths can instantly turn into weaknesses, such as authoritarianism, vanity, impulsiveness, impatience and recklessness.

This man can be tense, and sometimes it ends with an "explosion", during which he can say something that he will later regret. Nestor is a supporter of the motto "all or nothing", and this, undoubtedly, strongly tears his personality between his natural need to be emotional, fragile and the desire to gain confidence and independence. He strives for a model of courage and fearlessness, and this can bring him closer to aggression and unjustified risk. Unsurprisingly, this inner conflict results in a somewhat absent-minded and relatively anxious personality, prone to exaggerated mood swings.

In childhood, the boy is especially fragile and vulnerable, since his personality has not yet been formed, so it is important for him to learn to appreciate himself and soberly assess his strengths and desires. Nestor's independence should be encouraged for the same reasons as above, to offer him sports clubs and circles, as well as to engage in relaxation techniques or martial arts.

At the same time, the main positive feature of the owner of this name will be his love for people. Meeting with them, talking and communicating, he, perhaps, even unconsciously, tries to unite them, remaining himself an obvious supporter of freedom and independence. This is due to the fact that emotional support (friendly or romantic) is needed for his personal harmony.

Nestor has good intuition, if he wishes, he can skillfully direct his energy in the field of intellectual research, such as sociology, psychology, astrology and ethnology, which will allow him to quench his thirst for knowledge and illuminate his brilliant mind. Where romance is, he is happy, especially when he lives in a stable relationship. This type is very well suited for family life. For this person, his house, regardless of the actual size, is his castle.

He can be frivolous, open and understanding, although at other times he seems very selfish and even terribly rude and heartless. Therefore, it is very difficult for him to find a real friend who will understand him and accept his changeable nature.

Suitable professions for the holder of this name include those related to business (banking, finance, management, accounting, economics), a certain risk factor (police, military) or with an element of competition (athlete). Highly technical and highly specialized professions can also please Nestor (sculptor, shoemaker, tailor, blacksmith, surgeon).

Nestor's birthday

Nestor celebrates his name day on February 26, March 4, March 13, March 14, March 20, May 9, September 8, September 10, October 4, October 8, October 11, November 9, November 10, November 23.

Famous people named Nestor

  • Nestor Puzyrevsky ((1861-1934) Russian scientist-hydraulic engineer. It was this scientist who made an invaluable contribution to the study of the rivers of the European part of Russia, designed and built locks on the Moskva River, improved, compiled, designed waterways, lock projects. All his developments were published, and Nestor Puzyrevsky himself taught. He is credited with the development of unique structures, original engineering developments, locks, and other water structures.)
  • Nestor Monastyrev ((1887-1957) Russian officer, commander of a submarine, rose to the rank of captain of the 2nd rank. In 1921-1923 he was the editor of the monthly magazine of naval topics - "Bizertinsky marine collection." Also a historian of the fleet and sea writer.)
  • Nestor Calderon ((born 1989) Mexican footballer)
  • Nestor Ezequiel Ortigosa ((born 1984) Paraguayan footballer)
  • Nestor Carlos Kirchner Ostoich ((1950-2010) Argentine President from 2003 to 2007)
  • Nestor Albiak Roher ((born 1992) best known as Nestor; Spanish footballer)
  • Nestor Oscar Craviotto ((born 1963) Argentine footballer, later football coach)

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