The Meaning Of The Name Nariman

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The Meaning Of The Name Nariman
The Meaning Of The Name Nariman

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Nariman
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Short form of the name Nariman. Nari.

Synonyms for the name Nariman. Narysh, Narush, Narik, Naryk, Nari.

Origin of the name Nariman. The name Nariman is Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Nariman is a two-part name. The first part "nari" means "fiery", the second ("man") - "similar." Accordingly, the name is translated as "like fire", "like fire". There is also a broader interpretation of the name in the meaning of "fearless", "courageous", "strong in spirit", "fiery warrior". The name Nari is of Arabic origin. There are possible dialect variants of the name - Narysh, Narush, Narik, Naryk.

Kazakhs also have a female name Nariman, which is translated as “pleasant”. The names Nargiza, Nara, Gulnara will also be close in meaning to this female name. But still, the name Nariman is most often used among men.

The owner of the name Nariman is a confident, independent and energetic man who believes in his lucky star and good luck. He likes to be in the center of events, where life is in full swing and many events take place. To some extent, he is a shy, disciplined person, with high expectations for himself, and he strives to be an example to others.

Nariman is a frank, honest and loyal friend, but modesty is not his forte. He has a tendency to accept a dismissive, pretentious and even arrogant attitude, especially when he finds his environment not very desirable for himself. Despite the fact that Nariman has great inner strength, making him assertive and independent, he is undeniably charming and generous man, albeit quite self-centered.

He cannot fail as this will make him very touchy. Even as a child, Nariman knows his worth. Proud and conceited, she wants to be the boss of everyone and will start with her parents! And if something does not go as planned, he may well go into hysterics, trying to regain control - although this applies more precisely to a younger age. In middle and older age, this behavior can manifest itself as blackmail, manipulation, bribery and even intrigue.

Despite the fact that the owner of this name can be jealous and attractive, he would like to become the eldest in the family (not only the oldest child), because this would allow him to exercise (sometimes tyrannical) power and at the same time show responsibility, which is very important for self-esteem Nariman. But being the only child in the family is not the best scenario for this young man, who tends to think that the whole world revolves around him! It can be very helpful for him to participate in group activities, learn how to communicate with others, cooperate, consider their feelings and see that other people are no worse than himself. A suitable occupation may be theater, dance or sports, where it will be in plain sight, where you can be proud of your results.

Being responsible and learning to respect those whom he commands is important for his development. He almost physically needs to like, love, admire and desire. He likes to draw attention to himself both at home and in the crowd. Kind and considerate by nature, these qualities can transcend his flaws, so the owner of this name can be involved in charity work that will further help keep his ego in check.

On the emotional front, Nariman manifests himself as a strong personality. This is an honest, first of all, a man who hides his romantic, affectionate and tender side. For him, the ideal partner must be flexible, but not submissive, because he needs a spouse whom he can admire. Her career will probably be important to him, but he will pay more attention to how good she is. As a father, he is likely to be harsh but fair.

It is likely that Nariman will work in one of the independent professions, assuming a responsible position. This can be either department management in production, teaching, or personal business. Or he will want to show his talents in one of the creative and original professions (art, design, fashion, theater, jewelry, perfume). A public career may also interest him (journalist, philanthropist).

Nariman's birthday

Nariman does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Nariman

  • Nariman Atayev ((1971-2008) Uzbek boxer, multiple winner of various competitions)
  • Nariman Farhatov ((born 1981) Russian footballer)
  • Nariman Takirov ((born 1991) Kazakh player (ball hockey), role - goalkeeper)
  • Nariman Chunikhin ((1929-1995) Soviet conductor)
  • Nariman Sadek ((1933-2005) last queen of Egypt, was deported with her family in 1952 to Italy)
  • Nariman Kazimagamedov ((born 1963) Russian public figure)
  • Nariman Kerbalai Najaf oglu Narimanov ((1870-1925) Azerbaijani public and political figure, also a writer)
  • Nariman Shadiev ((born 1929) Soviet sound engineer)
  • Nariman Umarov ((born 1952) an Uzbek hydrogeologist, dealt with the problem of land reclamation, author of scientific articles and monographs in this area. Also a politician.)