The Meaning Of The Name Matthew (Mat)

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The Meaning Of The Name Matthew (Mat)
The Meaning Of The Name Matthew (Mat)

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Short form of the name Matthew. Mat, Matt, Matty, Mathis, Theo, Teush, Teos, Matya, Matti, Mats, Matte, Mao.

Synonyms for the name Matthew. Matthew, Matthias, Mathieu, Mathieu, Mateusz, Matteus, Madzeo, Matteo, Matseo.

The origin of the name Matthew. Matthew's name is English, Catholic.

The name Matthew is a European name that is more often used among the English-speaking population of Europe, Great Britain, Australia, Canada. It is a form of the name Matthias, of Hebrew origin, and means "the gift of God."

This name has many analogues. In France, Matthew will be called Mathieu, in Germany - Matthaus, in Italy - Matteo, Madzeo, Maffeo, in Belarus - Matseo, in Poland - Mateusz, in the northern countries - Mattheus, in Russia - Matthew. The diminutive Theo is often used to refer to other names as well - Theodor (Fedor), Theodosio (Theodosius), Theobald, Theophilus, Theoklea (Thekla), Timotheos (Timofey), etc.

In the Catholic calendar, the names Matthias and Mateo are mentioned, Orthodox name days will be indicated by the name Matthew.

Matthew is quite lively and sociable person, charming and very likable. He remains somewhat reserved in order to protect his identity and privacy. But, nevertheless, this is a rather outgoing character who combines focus and extraversion depending on how he is feeling at the moment. He has a talent for a pleasant pastime in the company, although he can hide his true state deeply from everyone.

He is careful, but this does not prevent him from being frank and direct. This man should feel calm and comfortable before accepting someone as his friend. But, if you managed to become his friend, then for you he will open his new facets of communication, become delightfully lively and talkative.

In the owner of the name Matthew, the principle of choice is strong - all or nothing. His independence is very dear to him, he manages to adhere to the right strategy. Cheerful and optimistic, has a good sense of humor and knows how to enjoy the game, if he loses, then with a smile and jokes. He has the gift of reincarnation, which he uses to convince, sell or simply entertain himself.

Curious and inquisitive, interested in various fields of science and culture. It is this tendency toward instability or superficial cognition that will need to be controlled when he is a child. It is worth teaching him to delve deeper into the issues of interest to him. Creative and theatrical events, the study of foreign languages, modern technologies - all this is a platform for his activities.

Matthew is a very intelligent man, loves to analyze, explore, has nothing against avant-garde or unusual approaches, does not like to follow the beaten path. When it comes to love, he is both mysterious and secretive and mysterious, then he can suddenly ignite with passion, he is able to take rash steps both forward and backward in the development of relationships. He is looking for a spouse who shares the same interests, values ​​and beliefs as he does.

The holder of this name can pursue a career in teaching, marketing, languages, singing, acting, literature or journalism. Specialized professions related to information technology, tourism, sales or advertising will also be on his shoulder. Because Matthew loves change, he is not afraid of temporary work, his optimistic outlook on life helps to overcome various difficulties on the path of life.

Birthday Matthew

Matthew celebrates his name day on January 7, January 30, February 6, February 24, May 6, September 21, October 8, November 12.

Famous people named Matthew

  • Matthew Brannon ((born 1971) is an American artist, works in the genres of installation, graphics and painting. Seemingly simple works, they contain a contrast of external and internal content.)
  • Matthew Kisorio ((born 1989) Kenyan track and field athlete, won bronze at the 2007 World Junior Championships in long-distance running)
  • Matthew Lombardi ((born 1982) Canadian professional ice hockey player)
  • Matthew Schneider ((born 1969) American ice hockey player, role - defender)
  • Matthew Herbert ((born 1972) is an English composer, DJ, works and is known under many pseudonyms. Some of his works became the basis for the emergence of a new direction in electronic music - microhouse.)
  • Matthew Roy Simmons ((1943-2010) American economist and banker, founded one of the largest and most experienced independent investment banks specializing in the energy industry, Simmons & Company International, was an energy advisor to the President of the United States, author of works on the peak of oil.)
  • Matthew Mitchum ((born 1988) Australian diving, became the 2008 Olympic champion in 10-meter diving, the only jumper to receive the highest singles rating in all Olympic history. Multiple world championship medalist.)
  • Matthew Carrie, Mathieu Carriere ((born 1950) German actor)
  • Matthew (Matt) Nielsen ((born 1978) former professional Australian basketball player)
  • Matteo Garrone ((born 1968) Italian filmmaker, twice won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival for the films "Gomorrah" and "Reality")
  • Mateusz Chruscinski ((born 1987) Polish figure skater (pair skating), twice became the champion of Poland)
  • Mathieu Shedid, known under the pseudonym -M- ((born 1971) French rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and talented guitarist)
  • Matthias Quaden ((1610-1680) German geographer and cartographer, with his help the Atlas of Europe was created and published in 1592)
  • Matthias Jabs ((born 1955) is a German rock musician, guitarist for the Scorpions. According to Classic Rock magazine, he is one of the greatest guitarists of all time.)
  • Matthias Pinscher ((born 1971) German composer and conductor)
  • Mathieu Crickbaum ((1871-1947) Belgian violinist and teacher)
  • Matthias Sindelar ((1903-1939) birth name - Matej Schindelar; former Austrian footballer, one of the best footballers in the world)
  • Matthias Weinhandl ((born 1980) Swedish hockey player, role - striker, member of the Swedish national team, three times became the bronze winner of the World Championship)
  • Matthias Bachinger ((born 1987) German tennis player)
  • Mathieu-Auguste Geffroy ((1820-1895) French historian)
  • Mathieu Amalric ((born 1965) French actor, twice winner of the Cesar Award for Best Actor)
  • Matthias de L'Aubel (Lobel) ((1538-1616) Flemish botanist, was a royal botanist of Great Britain. He divided plants into 7 classes, sketched more than 2000 plants. In honor of the botanist, the genus of plants from the Kolokolchikovs was named.)
  • Mateus Gallanu da Costa ((born 1984) Angolan footballer, role - striker, member of the Angola national team)

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