The Meaning Of The Name Moses

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The Meaning Of The Name Moses
The Meaning Of The Name Moses

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Short form of the name Moses. Mo, Mosha, Mosy, Mos, Mosse.

Synonyms for the name Moses. Moishe, Moshe, Meishe, Movsha, Misha, Maushe, Musa, Movses, Moses, Moses, Moses, Moises, Moises, Moise, Maisey, Moyzhish, Moses, Musy, Moses, Moses.

The origin of the name Moses. The name Moses is Jewish, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish.

The name Moses is a biblical name that has several versions of its origin. The name Moses is mentioned not only in the Bible, but also in the Koran. Has various sound options. So the Jews prefer to call Moishe, Moshe, Meishe, Movsha, Misha, Maushe. In Islam, the name Moses sounds like Musa, in the Armenians - Movses.

In various European countries, the name has sound variations. In England - Moses, Moses, in France - Moise, in Germany - Mose, Moses, in Spain - Moses, in Portugal - Moises, in Italy - Mose, Moise, Moises, in Romania, Moldavia - Moses, in Hungary - Moses. The Greek version sounds like Moses, in Ukraine Musy, Moses are used, in Belarus - Maisey, in Poland - Moyzhesh, in the Czech Republic - Moyzhish, in Bulgaria - Moses, in the Netherlands - Moses. In Russia, the name Moses is not considered widespread, at the moment it is even closer to the category of outdated names. But before this name was often baptized children, the name had a folk colloquial form - Mosei.

According to the first version, the name translated from the Egyptian language means "child", "son". This interpretation is confirmed by the story of the Jewish prophet Moses. He was born in Egypt and adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh. The name "mosha" ("moses") was part of the names of several pharaohs (Ramses = Ramses), and according to one version, Moses is identified with Pharaoh Ahmose, and there are disputes regarding other names.

According to the second version, translated from Hebrew, the name Moses means “pulled out of the water”, “saved from the water”, “floating” - again returning us to the history of the famous prophet Moses. This is how the Egyptian princess could call the baby when she found him on the river bank.

There is also a version that the name Moses dates back to a hypothetical family of languages ​​that unites the languages ​​of Europe, Asia and Africa. And this name means “man”, which is identical to the European addresses “mister”, “monsieur”.

The name Moses is widespread among Catholics and Jews. In Russia, it was found in the peasant class. Orthodox name days of Moses - January 27, February 7, March 8, June 29, August 8, August 10, August 21, September 7, September 10, September 17, October 11, December 15. The rest of the dates indicated are the Catholic name days of Moses.

The owner of the name Moses is an unusual man, because his personality is divided between two opposite tendencies, which are constantly fighting with each other for the right to be in charge. The first has a physical nature, making Moses an adventurous person who surrenders himself completely to the feeling or desire that gripped him, making him unable to stop on his own or accept the limitations that impose the realities of life. The second part of his “I” is a thoughtful, reserved part of his personality, anxious about the current state of his affairs, striving to be wise.

All these aspects make up a single whole, which is fully manifested if there is harmony in the life of Moses. Then he can be an activist who is committed to a noble cause. In any case, this man is more likely to show himself as a secretive and mysterious person. His choices in life are guided by the intellectual or spiritual closeness that he feels for other interested people, as well as his intuition, which is very well developed.

Moses is a rather controversial person. He is rational, he can be rather skeptical about anything that cannot be measured, but at other times he acts only on a whim, intuitively, he is attracted by everything magical, mysterious and inexplicable. In both cases, his analytical mind can become his blessing or curse, because it can lead this man to the fact that he will have an obsessive or even fanatical idea that he will carry out.

The owner of the name Moses is curious, intelligent, loves to travel and make various discoveries for himself. However, he is also quick-tempered and impulsive, prefers to do something quickly, is able to turn driving a car into a dangerous sport. Often doubts about his own actions and motives. As a child, the boy prefers smart games, often indulges in intellectual reflections on topics that are quite complex for his age - astronomy, astrology and religion. He is interested in science fiction and can probably become too introverted if he doesn't communicate. Moses can also grow up to be a rebellious and undisciplined, courageous and very athletic boy. For those around him, he appears to be an original and slightly unusual child, gifted, with exceptional intelligence. Nevertheless, it should be encouraged to communicate,to teach tolerance and exchange of experience with others, not such exceptional people as he.

Moses is interested in something that is unorthodox, strange, unusual, or ultra-modern. He has a fondness for the avant-garde, but he especially values ​​peace and tranquility. He needs a safe haven where Moses can spend time in intellectual or metaphysical contemplation.

In matters of the heart, he is a passionate man, although he experiences great difficulties in expressing his feelings. Perhaps because of moody shyness, or because he feels more confident when acting rather than speaking.

There are two different possible professional directions for Moses, which are clearly indicated by his duality. The first is areas of activity in which the mind predominates or a long training program is required, which he can complete if he is sufficiently motivated (engineer, inventor, computer scientist, doctor). The second area is related to travel, journalism, sports, adventure, sales and advertising, as well as acting. Various types of creativity can also become his profession.

Name days of Moses

Moses celebrates his name day on January 27, February 7, February 14, March 8, June 29, August 8, August 10, August 21, August 28, September 4, September 7, September 10, September 17, October 11, November 25, December 15, December 18.

Famous people named Moses

  • Moisey Blank ((1907-1983) Soviet painter, graphic artist)
  • Mikhail Olgin, Yosef Neiman ((1878-1939) pseudonym, real name and surname - Moyshe Novomissky; American-Jewish writer (drama, translations), editor. He was also a politician and public figure.)
  • Moisey Segal ((1915-?) Soviet cameraman, was a front-line cameraman in the Second World War)
  • Moisei (Mikhail) Fradkin ((1904-1974) Ukrainian Soviet artist (easel and book graphics, woodcut technique, linocut)
  • Moisei Shkud ((1907-1988) Soviet architect, organizer of construction. Also an engineer. He owns published works and some inventions in the field of designing communication facilities, radio and television.)
  • Moisey Lerman ((1905-1993) Soviet architect)
  • Moses (Moishe) Maimon ((1860-1924) Russian painter)
  • Moisey Yankovsky ((1898-1972) real name - Khisin; Soviet musicologist and critic. Author of works on operetta, playwright and teacher.)
  • Moses Gamburd, Max Gamburd ((1903-1954) Bessarabian and Moldavian painter, author of the monumental painting "The Curse." Since 1999, the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Moldova has established an annual prize named after the painter.)
  • Moisey Kasyanik ((1911-1988) Soviet weightlifter, later - weightlifting coach. Winner of numerous awards at the World, European and USSR championships.)
  • Moses Maimonides, Moshe ben Maimon, Musa bin Maimun, or Rambam, Moses of Egypt ((1135 / 1138-1204) an outstanding Jewish philosopher and theologian. He was a versatile scholar, doctor, Talmudist, spiritual leader of the Jewish community and codifier of the laws of the Torah.)
  • Movses Kagankatvatsi, Moses Kalankatuisky, Movses Kalankatuatsi ((7th century) Armenian historian, author of works on the medieval history of Caucasian Albania.)
  • Moses Eugene Malone ((1955-2015) American professional basketball player. 1996 named 50 Greatest Players in NBA History, 2001 - Basketball Hall of Fame.)
  • Moses Ndiyema Kipsiro ((born 1986) Ugandan long distance runner, specialization - running 5000 meters. Multiple winner and medalist of the World Championships, All African Games. Ugandan long distance record holder.)
  • Moishe Sigal (Mikhail Semyonovich) ((1920-1990) a famous Kazan surgeon-oncologist, for many years was the head of the Society of Oncologists of Tatarstan. Thanks to his works, various methods of diagnostics and treatment of malignant neoplasms were obtained and are still used. In 1959 Moishe Sigal and Kazan engineer K.V. Kabanov designed an expander-lifter of the costal arches, which is still used in surgery in Russia and the CIS.)

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