The Meaning Of The Name Mstislav

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The Meaning Of The Name Mstislav
The Meaning Of The Name Mstislav

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The short form of the name Mstislav. Revenge, Mstisha, Mstishenka, Steve, Mstislavchik, Slava, Slavik.

Synonyms for the name Mstislav. Mstsislav.

The origin of the name Mstislav. The name Mstislav is Slavic, Orthodox.

The name Mstislav is a male name of Slavic origin. Formed from two semantic words "revenge" (translated from Slavic as "to protect") and "glory", so the name Mstislav is translated as "glorious defender." Diminutive forms: Revenge, Mstisha, Mstishenka, Steve, Mstislavchik, Slava, Slavik.

Diminutive-affectionate reference Slava is also a short form for many masculine (Beloslav, Borislav, Radoslav, Bratislav, Yaroslav, Svyatoslav, Bronislav, Vyacheslav, Radoslav, Stanislav, Vysheslav, Miloslav, Istislav, Rostislav, Ladislav, Gorislav, Vladislav, Danislav, etc..p.) and female (Beloslav, Yaroslav, Miloslav, Voislav, Wenceslav, Bronislav, Dobroslav, Zlatoslav, Cheslav, Svyatoslav, Svetislav, Miroslav, Gorislav, Vaclav, Vladislav, etc.) names.

The name Mstislav is one of the few Slavic names adopted by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Since childhood, this boy has been distinguished by his ambition. He always strives to be ahead of everyone in everything and to be like no one else. Mstislav is very judicious and very early begins to understand what qualities will help him succeed in life. In order to become the first, he needs luck, kindness and patience. Mstislav shows interest in everything, we can say that he is ready to embrace the immensity.

Mstislav is constantly striving for the top, so every time he increases his demands on himself. His self-esteem may be a little overestimated, but this boy has a gentle character and loves it very much when others notice his successes. Mstislav is very persistent in achieving his goal and seeks to understand everything to the smallest detail. He tries to avoid conflicts because of his temper. This is not an envious boy at all, very generous and not offended for long.

Mstislav is creative and not prone to physical work that requires endurance. He does not like monotony in his work, he needs constant growth over himself. He is more inclined to teaching, as he loves to share his knowledge and give advice to everyone. A job in the service sector as a manager, consultant or seller of any equipment is suitable for him. Mstislav can show his talents by becoming an actor, writer, designer, artist, musician, conductor or writer. He will be successful in any humanitarian profession. He loves to supplement his knowledge and will become an excellent archive worker and historian.

It is very important for Mstislav to find his calling, to which he can devote his whole life and constantly improve his knowledge and experience. He stubbornly strives to master his profession completely. If Mstislav does not back down and follows his goal, then at the end of his difficult path he will gain fame and worldwide recognition of his merits.

In his personal life, Mstislav seeks to find himself an intelligent woman who will share his views. His wife must have a strong character and very attractive, she will have to take over the life and care of the family. These men need a woman to take care of them. He is quite poor at understanding women, so he may not immediately find a suitable spouse for himself. He needs a caring woman, next to whom he will feel like a man. The wife must support him with approval, then his self-esteem will be high enough. But the spouse will feel completely safe, Mstislav is very loyal and attached to his family. Life, work and money - for him do not really matter, it is rather an inevitability that you have to put up with.

Only in communication with his friends Mstislav behaves openly and calmly. In any company, he shows sociability, a good sense of humor and erudition. He seems to know everything in the world. Mstislav does not know how to hide his thoughts and can often offend someone by showing his straightforwardness.

Mstislav's birthday

Mstislav celebrates name day on April 26, June 27.

Famous people named Mstislav

  • Mstislav Zapashny ((born 1938) Soviet and Russian circus artist-trainer of predatory animals)
  • Mstislav Rostropovich ((1927 - 2007) Soviet and Russian cellist, conductor, People's Artist of the USSR (1966), laureate of the Stalin (1951) and Lenin (1964) Prizes of the USSR, State Prize of the RSFSR (1991), State Prize of the Russian Federation (1995). Known not only as a musician, but also as a public figure, defender of human rights and spiritual freedom.)
  • Mstislav Izyaslavich ((died 1069) Prince of Novgorod (1054-1067), Polotsk (1069), son of Izyaslav Yaroslavich)
  • Mstislav Vladimirovich (nicknamed the Brave or the Brave) ((about 983 - 1036) in baptism Constantine, Prince of Tmutarakansky (990/1010 - 1036), Prince of Chernigov (1024 - 1036), son of St. Vladimir and (presumably) Adelia)
  • Mstislav Rostislavich ((died 1180) Prince of Novgorod, son of the Grand Duke of Kiev Rostislav Mstislavich, the name of the prince in baptism is George)
  • Mstislav Vladimirovich the Great ((1076 - 1132) baptized Fedor, also Harald, in honor of his grandfather, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, Grand Duke of Kiev (1125 - 1132), son of Vladimir Monomakh and Gita of Wessex)
  • Mstislav Keldysh ((1911 - 1978) Soviet scientist in the field of mathematics and mechanics, three times Hero of Socialist Labor (1956, 1961, 1971))
  • Mstislav Dobuzhinsky ((1875 - 1957) Russian artist, master of urban landscape, member of the creative association "World of Art", art critic, memoirist)
  • Mstislav Tsyavlovsky ((1883 - 1947) Russian and Soviet literary critic, an outstanding Pushkin scholar, Doctor of Philology (1940). He studied the life and work of A.S. Pushkin, dedicating his main works to them; editor and commentator of many of the poet's collected works (including academic edition 1937 - 1959). He was also the editor and commentator of the collected works of Leo Tolstoy.)
  • Mstislav Gnevyshev ((1914 - 1992) Soviet astronomer)
  • Mstislav Afanasyev (Rector of the Academy of Budget and Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Professor, Doctor of Economics)

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