The Meaning Of The Name Matvey (Motya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Matvey (Motya)
The Meaning Of The Name Matvey (Motya)

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The short form of the name Matvey. Matveyka, Matya, Matyukha, Matyusha, Matyakha, Matyasha, Motya, Matyukha.

Synonyms for the name Matvey. Matthew, Matthias, Matthew, Matthias, Mathias, Mathieu, Mateusz, Mato, Mian, Matia, Matteos, Matevos, Matous, Matthias, Matas.

The origin of the name Matvey. The name Matvey is Russian, Jewish, Orthodox, Jewish.

The name Matvey is of Jewish origin, in translation it means "given by God", variants of interpretation - "man of God", "gift of God." Matthew is the modern sound of the name Matthew (Matthias).

The name Matvey has analogues. So in Europe, this name can be heard as Mathieu, Matteo, Mateusz, Matthias, Matthew and otherwise. In Russian, there are various spelling options for European counterparts. The diminutive Matya is also used to other names, for example, to the name Matilda, Dalmat, Matron or Amata.

The biblical name Matthew was borne by one of the 12 apostles who wrote the Gospel. He is considered the patron saint of professions that know how to relate to money in the modern world, these are, first of all, bankers and tax workers. Among the Orthodox, Matvey's name day is celebrated on July 13 and August 22. Catholic name days - see name Matthew.

Matvey looks like a rude person, uncommunicative, hiding his feelings and experiences. This man often does many things only halfway, not trusting himself and his feelings. His hopes and aspirations often lead to concern, he cannot give up the hope that someone will definitely help him, he cannot fully believe in his own strength, and this greatly prevents him from making decisions, influencing his life. This person can completely change his life, if he only believes in his own strength.

Он может быть смелым и напористым, иметь блестящий успех, но его сильные стороны могут в мгновение ока стать недостатками. Тогда обладатель этого имени становится авторитарным, тщеславным, нетерпеливым, импульсивным и безрассудным, становится глух ко всему вокруг, поэтому он вполне способен поставить телегу впереди лошади, забывая о главном, заниматься второстепенным. Такая напряженность может закончиться взрывом, в котором он может сказать что-то, о чем позже будет очень сожалеть.

It is very difficult for Matvey to find a golden mean - all or nothing. He is strongly torn between his natural tendency towards inner harmony and between the desire to develop those traits and skills that he considers important to himself, masculinity, confidence and independence. He strives for an image of courage and fearlessness, so he may even come close to aggression and unjustified risk. It is not surprising that as a result of this internal struggle, Matvey's understanding of his own goals is somewhat dissipated, he becomes susceptible to changes in mood. However, if he so desires, he can live his life in harmony with himself, if he can find the main thing for himself in this life, to set his priorities. Knowing how to direct his energy in the right direction, Matvey achieves great success, his rich inner world is full of ideas,which he will try to find a place in his life. Often this is what determines the future profession of the owner of this name, his own path.

As a child, Matvey is more fragile and vulnerable, parents need to teach the boy to value himself, to perceive him as he is, not to be a fictional hero, but to live the life of a real boy. His desire for independence should be encouraged, given the opportunity to take initiative. It is worth introducing him to sports.

Matvey loves communication, meetings are very important for him. It is difficult for him to perceive communication at a distance, since he needs emotional support for self-realization. Matvey seeks to quench his thirst for knowledge, he is not afraid of such sciences as psychology, sociology, astrology and ethnology, which allow him to show his intellectuality.

He is happy when he is in a stable relationship. This man is not at all a romantic, although he is not devoid of fantasies and unusual approaches to communication. He will perceive his home as a fortress, so he is looking for a spouse whom he can trust completely. He can be open, understanding, although in some cases he can seem narcissistic and even terribly rude and callous.

Matvey will try to choose a profession that suits himself from an area that excludes business, but emphasizes its hard work (management, accounting, banking, economics). You can find the owner of this name in areas that require a certain risk (police, military) or have an element of competition (sports). Matvey loves to work with his hands, so he can become a tailor, shoemaker, blacksmith, sculptor and even a surgeon.

Birthday Matvey

Matvey celebrates his name day on July 13, August 22.

Famous people named Matvey

  • Matvey Korobov ((born 1983) Russian professional boxer, twice became world champion, four times title holder, champion of Russia)
  • Matvey Blanter ((1903-1990) is a Soviet composer, his works were added to the golden fund of Soviet culture. The performers of his songs were Lydia Ruslanova, Leonid Utyosov, Mark Bernes, Bulat Okudzhava, Joseph Kobzon, Sergei Lemeshev and many other famous singers. His most famous songs became "Katyusha", "Migratory birds are flying" and "Football match".)
  • Matvey Kazakov ((1738-1812) is a Moscow architect who built more than 20 buildings in Moscow, most of which were damaged during a fire in 1812. He founded an architectural school, developed projects for typical buildings.)
  • Matvey Muravyov ((1784-1836) Russian navigator and explorer of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands)
  • Matvey Vielgorsky ((1794-1866) Russian cellist, aristocrat, became one of the founders of the Imperial Russian Musical Society. He also wrote pieces for string instruments.)
  • Matvey Zakharov ((1898-1972) Marshal of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Matvey Mudrov ((1776-1831) Russian doctor, teacher at Moscow State University, became one of the founders of therapy and military hygiene in Russia)
  • Matvey Korguev ((1883-1943) Russian and Soviet storyteller, lived and worked in Karelia. His fairy tales were recorded by AN Nechaev and published in two volumes as "Tales of the Karelian White Sea".)
  • Matvey Manizer ((1891-1966) Soviet sculptor, his works became an example, classics of socialist realism, it was he who created the death mask of Stalin)
  • Matvey Tevelev ((1908-1962) Soviet writer, was a screenwriter for the Lenfilm studio)
  • Matvey Bronstein ((1906-1938) Soviet theoretical physicist, was actively involved in quantum theory, gravity, also the author of works on astrophysics and cosmology, which have become classical in this field)
  • Matvey Kuznetsov ((1846-1911) Russian industrialist, known as the "porcelain king", created the production of porcelain and earthenware, and was a Supplier of the Court of His Imperial Majesty)
  • Matthew (Mattheus) Pretorius ((c. 1635-1704) Protestant pastor, later converted to Catholicism, historian and ethnographer of Prussia)
  • Matvey Gusev ((1826-1866) Russian astronomer, one of the first scientists to apply mathematical methods for studying celestial bodies, studied the Sun, the Moon, based on his observations the theory of the elongation of the Moon in the direction of the Earth, investigated the motion of stars, streams of meteors. "Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences" became the first journal of physical and mathematical profile in Russia.)
  • Matthew (Matthias) Mekhovsky, Matthew Mekhovita, Maciej Karpiga, Matthias Mekhov ((1457-1523) Polish historian and geographer of the Renaissance, was a physician and astrologer of the Lithuanian prince, King Sigismund I. He became the author of many medical and historical works.)
  • Matvey Lyarov ((1884-1964) Russian and Soviet actor, starred in such films as "Benya Krik", "Spartacus", "Five Brides", "The Lonely Sail Whitens", "The Prince and the Pauper", "Nasreddin in Bukhara" and others, actively played in the theater)
  • Matvey Cherkassky ((born 1923) Soviet Ukrainian footballer)
  • Matvey Anichkin ((born 1951) Soviet and Russian musician, member and creator of the rock group "Cruise")
  • Matvey Filippov ((1802-1874) Russian architect from stone craftsmen, for his knowledge in the construction business he earned the first degree in Russia of stone craftsmen, later received the title of a free artist from the Academy of Arts in 1857) the title of a free artist)

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