The Meaning Of The Name Marat

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The Meaning Of The Name Marat
The Meaning Of The Name Marat

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The short form of the name Marat. Maratushka, Marik, Maratik, Mario, Mar.

The origin of the name Marat. The name Marat is Tatar, Muslim, Catholic.

The name Marat has two versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Marat in translation from Arabic means "desired". There is also another translation - "goal, desire".

According to the second version, the name Marat became widespread in the USSR in honor of Jean-Paul Marat, one of the leaders of the Great French Revolution. The name became international, but was actively used among the Tatars.

There is a version that Jean-Paul Marat got his name from the name of the place where he was born. Moreover, "Marat" was not the name of the French revolutionary, but his surname. The French pronounced his name as Mara. “Mare”, “marais” translated from French means “pond”, “swamp”.

Marat celebrates his birthday on August 17. The patron saint of men with the name Marat is Marat of Euphrosia.

In childhood, Marat is quite unpredictable. It combines such qualities as benevolence, sociability, dreaminess and conflict, audacity and despair. He will always help his friends. The boy needs sports. It is best to captivate him with swimming.

Marat studies well, quickly learns everything new and interesting. At the same time, he quickly forgets about subjects that do not interest him. The boy grows up very creative, loves to draw and sculpt. He is very independent, he likes to be alone. Therefore, the child needs a separate room.

Growing up, Marat changes. Leadership qualities begin to appear in him, he becomes more sociable. Mature age also leaves its mark on the character and inner qualities of Marat. He spends more time with friends and family, looking for understanding in them. Outwardly, he is cold and strict, but inside he is kind and vulnerable. Marat is very obligatory, he achieves everything on his own.

The main thing for Marat is family. He helps his wife with household chores and takes care of the children.

A man is distinguished by initiative and rationality of thinking. In all his actions, Marat is prudent and pragmatic. You can also note his hard work and punctuality. He is persistently moving towards achieving his goals. He constantly tries himself in new directions. Marat is charming, fair and curious. It is desirable that his work be related to communication with people.

"Winter" Marat is strong-willed, courageous and at the same time impulsive. In life, he achieves great success.

Marat's birthday

Marat celebrates his name day on August 17.

An interesting fact about the name Marat

The name Marat is popular not only among the Tatars and Bashkirs, it is also found among other peoples of the Turkic group, in particular, among the Kazakhs. How did it happen that the name of French origin became so common away from home? Experts believe that it began to be used as a "westernized" form of the Muslim name Murat (Murad).

Being in close contact with the European peoples, the Turkic peoples chose names that would be consonant with the European ones, but at the same time would also be their "native" names. Marat and Murat are an example of such a compromise. Gradually there were so many "Marats" that some began to consider this name a Tatar one.

Famous people named Marat

  • Jean-Paul Marat ((1743 - 1793) one of the leaders of the Great French Revolution, radical journalist, leader of the Jacobins. Known under the nickname "Friend of the People", after the newspaper he published. One of the most ardent supporters of the Jacobin terror.)
  • Marat Safin (famous Russian tennis player, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, former first racket of the world in singles; Chevalier of the Order of Honor.)
  • Marat Makhmutov (Russian footballer, defender)
  • Marat Akbarov ((born 1961) is a Soviet figure skater in doubles. Paired with Veronika Pershina, he is the first world champion among juniors in doubles in the history of the USSR, bronze medalist of the European Championship and champion of the USSR. Master of Sports of the USSR of international class. Currently a coach.)
  • Marat Samsonov ((born 1925) People's Artist of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts)
  • Marat Kogan ((1924 - 1990) checker player, Master of Sports of the USSR (1941), international master in 100-cell drafts (1966). Champion of the USSR in Russian checkers (Moscow, 1949), won the 2nd place four times, once the 3rd, participated in 9 national championships. Winner of the First International Tournament in 100-Cell Drafts (Moscow, 1956). Honored Trainer of the Ukrainian SSR.)
  • Marat Kabaev (Soviet and Uzbek footballer, father of the famous gymnast Alina Kabaeva)
  • Marat Fakhrutdinov (Russian hockey player, forward)
  • Marat Zhylanbayev ((born 1963) seven-time record holder of the Guinness Book of Records. Marat Zhylanbayev is the only person on the planet who has run alone the largest deserts of Asia, Africa, Australia and America. Marathon runner, master of sports of international class. Honorary citizen of Kazakhstan. Each run was not a length of less than 1200 kilometers)
  • Marat Yunusov ((born 1940) Uzbek and Russian scientist-chemist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • Marat Safiullin (Russian statesman, Doctor of Economics, Honored Economist of the Republic of Tatarstan (RT), full member and vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, former Minister of Economy of the RT)
  • Marat Korchemny (Russian musician, bass guitarist and backing vocalist of the rock band "Picnic")
  • Marat Azizov (Russian footballer, mini-football player)
  • Marat Zyabin ((1930 - 2006) full member of the Tsiolkovsky Academy of Cosmonautics, author of the Concept for the development of Russian transport in the XXI century. Tester of parachute systems. Mentioned in books on the history of Baikonur. For many years he supported the promotion of the project of the lassar designed by A.I. Filimonova ("Violet").)
  • Marat Izmailov (Russian footballer, player of the Russian national football team)
  • Marat Aleksanyan ((born 1949) Armenian statesman)
  • Marat Tazhin (Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2007-2009); Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary)
  • Marat Tsallagov (Russian footballer)
  • Marat Shakhmetov (Kazakh footballer)
  • Marat Bikmaev (Uzbek footballer)
  • Marat Basharov (Russian theater and film actor)

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