The Meaning Of The Name Maximilian

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The Meaning Of The Name Maximilian
The Meaning Of The Name Maximilian

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Short form of the name Maximilian. Maxim, Max, Maksik, Maksya, Maksyuta, Maksyusha, Maka, Sima, Maksimilyanka.

Synonyms for the name Maximilian. Maximiliano, Maximilian.

The origin of the name Maximilian. The name Maximilian is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Maximilian has Latin roots. The name comes from the Roman personal name or cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Maximilianus, which comes from the cognomen Maximus, meaning "greatest." The name Maximilian corresponds to the related name Maxim.

These names are similar in sound and originate from the same cognomen, but it is often believed that the name Maxim is a form of the name Maximilian. It happens that you can call Maximilian so affectionately, but these names correspond to different dates of the name day.

For the name Maximilian in Orthodoxy, an identical name, and for Catholics, Maximilianus. The name Maxim is in the Orthodox calendar, and in the Catholic calendar it corresponds to the names Maximian and Maximus. So the names Maxim and Maximilian are completely independent for each other, like two brothers - relatives, but each on his own.

Maximilian is a rather emotional, persistent, stubborn and rebellious man. His utmost honesty and straightforwardness sometimes cause quarrels and disagreements. However, he is a calm and balanced person, hardworking and thoughtful worker. Maximilian is often shy, however, he is a stubborn man who does not change his beliefs. This person is distinguished by enviable patience, which can be manifested both in the service and in family relationships. Maximilian is inherent in curiosity, he is interested in everything and everyone, so sometimes he can give up what he has begun halfway through.

Из этих мужчин получаются отличные инженеры, электрики, программисты, столяры и слесари. В числе творческих профессий для Максимилиана – парикмахерское и актерское мастерство, спортивные тренеры. Максимилиан с детства увлекается спортом, его манит возможность победить конкурентов в каком-либо состязании. У Максимилиана имеются литературные способности, поэтому он может попробовать себя на писательском поприще.

Maximilian takes his professional activities very seriously. He will definitely familiarize himself with the task before starting work. His inherent zeal allows Maximilian to achieve enviable success in building a career. In leadership positions, Maximilian can be a little tactless. He, without hesitation, will scold the subordinate for negligence in the presence of the entire department. If the employees try and the work is done properly, Maximilian will definitely appreciate it.

Maximilian's gallantry and natural charm make him a favorite of women. Nevertheless, in family life, this man is often unhappy, but thanks to his patience, his children love their father even more than their mother. Difficulties in family life arise, as a rule, due to Maximilian's lack of constancy of feelings and affection. Maximilian is a good owner; there are usually many pets in his house. He cooks deliciously, but he rarely does it. This man loves his children and is devoted to his family.

Due to his sociability, Maximilian, as a rule, has many friends. However, this person is very gullible, which can lead to unpleasant situations. Maximilian is a stay-at-home, moreover, he is a little squeamish, so he often invites friends to his house, rather than visiting them himself. When communicating with Maximilian, you need to be prepared for the fact that he can suddenly get distracted from the conversation and indulge in his dreams. He can quickly be interested in some issue, but also quickly this interest can disappear. To get this person's attention, you need to talk more about travel.

Name days of Maximilian

Maximilian celebrates his name day on March 12, August 4, August 14, August 17, August 18, August 26, October 22, October 25, October 27, October 29, November 4.

Famous people named Maximilian

  • Maximilian (one of the Seven sleeping youths of Ephesus, Christian martyrs, walled up alive in a cave and sleeping there for several centuries; sleeping youths seem to fall out of time and, having awakened, become a living symbol of the transition from the era of persecution of Christianity to the time of its triumph; they are also revered in Islam)
  • Maximilian of Tebessky (martyr, martyred for refusing military service)
  • St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe ((1894 - 1941) in the world - Raimund Kolbe; Catholic Polish Franciscan priest, who died in Auschwitz, a holy martyr who voluntarily went to death for the sake of a stranger)
  • Maximilian Binkiewicz ((1908 - 1942) blessed of the Roman Catholic Church, priest, martyr; one of the 108 blessed Polish martyrs beatified by Pope John Paul II during his visit to Warsaw on June 13, 1999)
  • Maximilian I ((1459 - 1519) King of Germany (Roman king) from 16 February 1486, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 4 February 1508, Archduke of Austria from 19 August 1493, reformer of the state systems of Germany and Austria and one of the architects of the multinational Habsburg power, which spread not only half of Europe, but also overseas colonies)
  • Maximilian I ((1573 - 1651) Duke of Bavaria from 1597, Elector of the Palatinate 1623-1648, Elector of Bavaria from 16480
  • Maximilian I ((1756 - 1825) also Maximilian I Joseph; Elector of Bavaria from February 16, 1799 to January 1, 1806, King of Bavaria from January 1, 1806, from the Wittelsbach dynasty)
  • Maximilian I, Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph von Habsburg ((1832 - 1867) Archduke of Austria, Emperor of Mexico from April 10, 1864 to May 15, 1867 under the name of Maximilian I)
  • Maximilian Robespierre ((1758 - 1794) known to contemporaries as the Incorruptible or Mad Hyena (from his enemies); one of the leaders of the French Revolution, the head of the Jacobins)
  • Maximilian Voloshin ((1877 - 1932) birth name - Maximilian Kirienko-Voloshin; Russian poet, translator, landscape painter, art and literary critic, public figure of Ukrainian origin)
  • Maximilian Schell ((born 1930) outstanding Austrian actor, producer and director)
  • Maximillian Maksakov ((1869 - 1936) real name and surname - Max Schwartz; Austrian and Russian opera singer (baritone), director, teacher)
  • Maximilian (Mikhail) von Schultz ((1862 -1917) Russian naval commander, vice admiral)
  • Maximilian von Spee ((1861 - 1914) Count, German Vice Admiral, came from one of the noble families of Prussia)
  • Maximilian Yablonovsky ((1785 - 1846) Privy Councilor, Chief Hofmeister, Senator)
  • Maximiliano Pellegrino (Argentine footballer, center back)
  • Maximilian Trusevich (Russian statesman, from the nobility of the Chernigov province, full state councilor (1905))
  • Prince Maximilian of Baden ((1867 - 1929) German politician and military man)
  • Maximilian Steinberg ((1883 - 1946) Russian composer, conductor, teacher, music figure, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1934), Doctor of Art History)
  • Maximilian Hell ((1720 - 1792) Hungarian astronomer and Jesuit priest)
  • Maximilian Schweitzer ((1881 - 1905) member of the revolutionary movement in the Russian Empire, member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party and its "Fighting Organization")
  • Maximilian Kitner ((1868 - 1942) Russian architect)
  • Maximilian Ruebel ((1905 - 1996) Marxist historian and theorist of libertarian communism)
  • Maximilian Uytelki ((1915 - 1979) Slovak chess player, international master (1961))
  • Maxi Morales (Argentine footballer, silver ball winner as the second player in the 2007 World Youth Championship and winner of this tournament)
  • Maximiliano Martinez ((1882 - 1966) Salvadoran military and political leader)
  • Maximiliano Nunez (Argentine footballer)
  • Maximiliano Ruben (Maxi) Rodriguez (Argentine footballer, playing in English Liverpool, is a player of the Argentine national team)
  • Maximiliano Pereira, or Maxi Pereira (Uruguayan footballer, is a player of the Uruguayan national team)

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