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Name Meaning Michael
Name Meaning Michael

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Short form of the name Michael. Mike, Mikey, Mika, Mick, Mickey, Cal, Mikeli.

Synonyms for the name Michael. Michel, Michael, Miguel, Miguel, Michele, Mihai, Mihailo, Michal, Mikael, Mikail.

The origin of the name Michael. The name Michael is English, Catholic.

The name Michael is the English version of the name Michael. The name Michael has various analogues around the world. So a boy in England will be called Michael, in France - Michel (also a female name), in Germany - Michael, in Spain - Miguel, in Portugal - Miguel, in Italy - Michele, in Romania, Hungary - Mihai, in Ukraine - Mikhailo, in Poland, Czech Republic - Michal, in Denmark, Norway - Mikael.

The diminutive appeal to Michael - Mika (Mickey, Mika) - is both an independent name and a short form for some female names (for example, to Lyudmila, Dominica, Monica).

Among Catholics, Archangel Michael is considered the patron saint of countries such as Germany and England, and cities (London, Brussels), the county of Cornwall, the region in Italy - Umbria. In the Catholic tradition, policemen, secret service workers, gunsmiths, radiologists, fencers, parachutists, grocers and ambulance doctors consider him to be their patron.

This New Testament character, the conqueror of Satan, is considered the patron saint of the German state. According to the beliefs of this people, it appears mainly on mountain peaks, that is, in those places where the supreme god of the Germans Odin (Wotan) lived during the years of paganism. The image of the Archangel Michael has been present on the battle banners of the Germans since the 9th century. There is a tendency in German art to draw parallels between the archangel and the legendary national hero Siegfried, who defeated the dragon worm.

The feast of St. Michael in the Catholic Church is celebrated on September 29. In the Middle Ages, this holiday was considered mandatory, but since the 18th century it has lost the status of a celebration. Special places of pilgrimage are the early medieval monastery-fortress of St. Michael on a high island off the coast of Normandy (Mont Saint Michel) and the cave church on the Monte Gargano peninsula (Puglia region in Italy).

In Islam, the Archangel Michael is called Mikail. First of all, he is known as an angel of mercy, and as an angel capable of controlling rain (clouds) and wind. Mikail is one of the four angels of the highest category (Makribun) in Islam. It is Mikail who carries out prophetic missions.

For the name Michael, Catholic name days will be indicated. Orthodox name days - see the name Michael.

Description of the meaning of the name Michael - see the name Michael.

Michael's birthday

Michael celebrates his name day on January 27, February 6, February 9, April 10, May 8, May 23, May 25, September 1, September 29, November 23.

Famous people named Michael

  • Michael Joseph Jackson ((1958-2009) legendary American artist, King of Pop, dancer, songwriter, philanthropist, entrepreneur, one of the most successful performers in history, winner of 15 Grammy awards and hundreds of other awards. Guinness World Records 13 times; Jackson's albums sold 1 billion worldwide. Officially recognized as Pop Legend and Music Icon in 2009. Michael Jackson has made significant contributions to popular music, music videos, dance and fashion. In the 1980s, Michael Jackson's appearance changed noticeably. His skin became lighter. As Jackson himself said, the reason for his "whiteness" is a rare genetic disease of vitiligo, and there is a lot of evidence for this in photographs showing white milky spots on Michael's body. help of makeup.Jackson vehemently denied rumors that he was deliberately trying to turn into a white man.)
  • Michael Jeffrey Jordan ((born 1963) prominent American basketball player, former NBA player. He played as an attacking guard. Jordan was instrumental in popularizing the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 1990s.)
  • Michael James Owen ((born 1979) English footballer, player of the English club Manchester United. Plays as a striker. Previously played for Liverpool, Real Madrid and Newcastle United. In 2001 was recognized as the best football player of the year in He made his debut in the England national football team at the age of 18 years and 59 days.)
  • Michel de Montaigne ((1533 - 1592) full name - Michel Eychem de Montaigne; French writer and philosopher of the Renaissance, author of the book "Experiments")
  • Michel de Nostradamus, also known as Nostradamus ((1503-1566) French astrologer, physician, pharmacist and alchemist, famous for his prophecies)
  • Michel Ney ((1769-1815) one of the most famous marshals of France during the Napoleonic Wars, Duke of Elchingen and Prince of Moskvoretsky. Napoleon called him "le Brave des Braves" - "the bravest of the brave.")
  • Michel Varshavsky ((born 1949) Israeli writer, journalist, Trotskyist and anti-Zionist)
  • Michel Adanson ((1727-1806) French naturalist and traveler, became one of the founders of the natural system of plants, a variant of which he outlined in the next essay, "Natural Plant Families." the genus includes trees from Africa and Australia, including the famous baobab (Adansonia digitata), described by Adanson during his stay in Africa.)
  • Michel François Platini ((born 1955) French footballer, coach and sports functionary. European champion in 1984. Best French footballer of the XX century according to the publication "France Football." The only footballer who won the Golden Ball award three years in a row 1984, 1985). According to IFFHS, he is one of the ten best footballers of the 20th century. In 2011 he was recognized as the best foreign player in the history of Italian football. On January 26, 2007, he was elected President of UEFA, ahead of the then President Lennart Johansson. the second term was March 22, 2011 by 53 votes, there were no other applicants.)
  • Mike Tyson ((born 1966) is an American professional boxer, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in the WBC (1986-1990, 1996), WBA (1987-1990, 1996) and IBF (1987-1990). world records that have not been broken to this day: the youngest world heavyweight champion (at 20 years old); the youngest undisputed world heavyweight champion (at the age of 21); the boxer who spent the least time since his debut on winning the titles of champion and absolute heavyweight champion of the world (one year and eight and a half months and two years and five months, respectively) Nickname - "Iron Mike." Has three convictions in 1992, 1998 and 2008 (the last - suspended), at a young age also served punishment in children's colonies Married with a third marriage, father of eight children, professes Islam and has a Muslim name Malik Abdul Aziz.Vegan. He took part in writing the script for the autobiographical film "Tyson" (1995), and also starred in two documentaries "Beyond Glory" (2003) and "Mike Tyson" (2009).)
  • Michael Schumacher ((born 1969) Formula 1 racer, seven-time world champion, holder of numerous Formula 1 records, the most successful driver in the history of motorsport. In the press he is often called the "Sunny Boy", "Red Baron" or “Shumi.” In World War I, the best ace of the war, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, who flew a red airplane, was called “Red Baron”. Schumacher was nicknamed “Red Baron” because of the distant external resemblance, the red color of a Ferrari car, red sports uniform and its invincibility.)
  • Michael Fred Phelps II ((born 1985) an outstanding American swimmer, the only 14-time Olympic champion and 26-time world champion in a 50-meter pool in the history of sports. Sports nickname - "Baltimore Bullet." Michael is the most powerful in freestyle swimming and butterfly, looks a little weaker in backstroke and breaststroke. Also performs successfully in complex swimming.)
  • Michael Dwayne Johnson ((born 1967) an outstanding American track and field athlete, sprinter. Specialized in running 200 and 400 meters. Four-time Olympic champion and nine-time world champion. Winner of the world record in 400 meters (43.18 seconds; August 26, 1999).)
  • Michael Ballack ((born 1976) German football player, midfielder. Known for his performances for Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and Chelsea London. Former captain of the German national team.)
  • Mikael Vardanyan ((born 1973) Armenian political and statesman)
  • Mikael Harutyunyan ((born 1946) Armenian military and statesman, Minister of Defense of Armenia (2007-2008))
  • Mikael Stanne (vocalist of the Swedish group "Dark Tranquility")
  • Mikael Nylander ((born 1972) professional Swedish ice hockey player, striker; two-time world champion (1992, 2006))
  • Mikael Zhelabal ((born 1983) French professional basketball player, player of the French national team and basketball club "Khimki")
  • Mikael Tellqvist ((born 1979) Swedish ice hockey player, goalkeeper)
  • Mikael Llodra ((born 1980) French professional tennis player, three-time Grand Slam winner and 2005 Masters Cup winner in men's doubles)
  • Mikayil Ahmedia oglu Jabrayilov (Azerbaijani police officer, National Hero of Azerbaijan)
  • Mikael Chamchyan ((1738-1823) Armenian historian and linguist)
  • Mikael (Mikail Alesker oglu) Useynov ((1905-1992) Soviet and Azerbaijani architect and historian of architecture. People's architect of the USSR (1970). Professor (1939). Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (1945). Full member of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR. Hero of Socialist Labor (1985) Winner of the Stalin Prize, second degree (1941). Member of the Royal Asiatic Society of England and Ireland.)
  • Mikael Tariverdiev ((1931-1996) outstanding Soviet and Russian composer of Armenian origin, People's Artist of the RSFSR (1986), People's Artist of Russia, author of film scores)
  • Michael Gomez ((born 1977) née Michael Armstrong; professional Irish boxer, competing in the light, featherweight and second featherweight divisions. During his career, he owned several championship belts: he was the world featherweight champion according to MBF, in the second featherweight - BBBofC, VBE, VBA and VBS.)
  • Michael O'Hare ((born 1952) American actor best known for his role as Jeffrey Sinclair in the TV series Babylon 5)
  • Michael Francis Moore (born 1954) is an American journalist and documentary filmmaker working in the genre of acute social and political satire. Oscar winner (2003), winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival (2004). The last award was received for Fahrenheit 9/11, the most commercially successful film in documentary history.)
  • Michael D. Gleeson ((1883-1923) American rower, champion of the 1904 Summer Olympics)
  • Michael Benjamin Bay ((born 1965) American filmmaker and film producer. One of the highest grossing directors on the planet. He directed: "Transformers", "Armageddon", "The Island", "The Rock" and "Bad Boys."
  • Michael Witzel ((born 1943) eminent German and American Indologist and Sanskrit, Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard University)
  • Michael Ahern ((born 1940) American astrophysicist, principal investigator of the Deep Impact space project, professor of astronomy at the University of Maryland. Participated in the development and implementation of several NASA space projects. Scientist specializes in the study of small celestial bodies - comets and asteroids. Theoretical studies of the professor specialize in the structure, composition, physical and chemical properties of comets. His scientific achievements are widely recognized, and in 1986, asteroid 3192 Ahern was named after him.)
  • Michael Spivakovsky ((1919-1983) British violinist, conductor and composer of Russian origin. He played the violin (less often the viola) in various orchestras specializing in light classical music, including the orchestra assembled by Frank Sinatra to record the Sylvia Sims album Syms by Sinatra (1982). He also directed his own Stradivarius Orchestra. Author of various light compositions, among which the most popular are "Tango of Violins" (1955), Waltz-Burlesque, "Remembrance" and others. Concerto for Harp and Orchestra (German) - the first full-length concert work for this instrument, written in 1951 for the performer Thomas Reilly.)
  • Michael Stonebreaker ((born 1943) is an American computer scientist, researcher of problems of building database management systems, professor at the University of California at Berkeley (1971-2000), since 2001 - professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Known as an architect and developer of such control systems databases like Ingres, Informix, VoltDB. Celebrated as a pioneer of database research and technology.)
  • Michael Anthony Sobolevsky ((born 1954) is an American rock musician, entrepreneur. Best known as the bass player for the American hard rock band Van Halen. He is currently the bass player for the Chickenfoot supergroup. Anthony is known for his antics on stage, as well as a number of bespoke basses for him, including a Jack Daniel's in the shape of a whiskey bottle Michael Anthony has over 150 basses in total. In addition to his musical career, Michael Anthony is engaged in the production of hot sauces under the brand name "Mad Anthony".)
  • Michael Flynn ((born 1934) Professor at Stanford University, co-founder of Palyn Associates (with Max Paley) and chairman of Maxeler Technologies. Author of Flynn's Taxonomy, which he proposed in 1966. Winner of many awards and prizes for his great contribution to development of electronics and computer architectures. Author of five books and several hundred articles. In 1995 he received the Harry Hood Prize.)
  • Michael Tukura ((born 1988) Nigerian footballer, midfielder of the Latvian football club Ventspils)
  • Michael (Michael) Thomas Sadler ((1780-1835) English economist; was a member of parliament. Renowned for his philanthropic activities, especially in relation to the rural poor and young factory workers. As an economist, Sadler opposed the Malthusian theory of population and declared himself a moderate optimist. His theory is based on the position that population growth is inversely proportional to its density, since with an increase in the number of population, the fertility of the human race weakens.In 1830, Sadler came up with a theory that Hofaker had outlined two years earlier, and according to which the difference in the age of spouses has a significant influence by gender of births: more boys are born from a marriage in which the husband is older than his wife, and vice versa. Later researchers found out the inconsistency of this theory,based on insufficiently abundant statistics.)
  • Michael White ((born 1991) Welsh professional snooker player. Michael is entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest performer of the Century Break: he had a streak of 105 points at age 9. Michael White became one of the most successful juniors, winning many tournaments and then repeated his achievements in the amateur arena. In 2006, he became the youngest winner of the IBSF World Grand Prix at the age of 14. He also won the U19 UEFA European Championship in 2007, beating Vincent Muldoon in the final.)
  • Mihai Beniuk ((1907-1988) Romanian poet, novelist, psychologist and communist public figure)
  • Mikhail Zichy or Mihai Zichy ((1827-1906) Hungarian draftsman and painter from the noble family of Zichy, who worked a lot in Russia)
  • Mihai Shuba ((born 1947) Romanian chess player, grandmaster (1978), mathematician)
  • Mihai Babich ((1883-1941) Hungarian poet, writer and translator)
  • Michel de Grammont (a pirate, a native of Paris, the son of one of the officers of Louis XIII's Guard. At the age of fourteen, outraged by one circumstance offending his sister's honor, he killed an officer in a duel. This happened in the midst of the campaign to prohibit dueling, so he needed to to hide, and his relatives identified him as a cabin boy on a ship sailing to the shores of the Antilles. He quickly won ranks and at twenty-one already commanded a royal frigate, armed for sea raids from the island of Martinique. Grammont brought magnificent booty (with his share of 20%) 80,000 livres! In those days it was a huge amount, but he managed to spend almost all the money in almost eight days on feasting and gambling. A scandal broke out and he retired, believing thatthat it would be more profitable to continue improving in your profession on board your own ship. In 1683, Grammon, along with his associates, began to hatch the idea of ​​an attack on Veracruz, one of the most significant, wealthy and well-fortified cities in Mexico. And the filibusters were successful! They demanded a ransom of two million piastres. One million was brought to them at once. The rest of the amount was to be collected in three days. All these three days, the gang methodically robbed the city. On the morning of the fourth day, the sentinels announced the appearance in the sea of ​​a Spanish flotilla of seventeen ships, and from the coast - clouds of dust, which meant the approach of a large detachment of Spanish regular infantry. The pirates rushed to their ships, dragging the last thing they managed to steal and pushing the captives and hostages in front of them.On September 30, 1686, by royal charter, Michel de Grammont was appointed lieutenant of the king in the southern part of the island of Santo Domingo. But disregarding all this, he set off on his last expedition with Laurence de Graff. Nobody heard more about de Grammont.)
  • Michel Jean Legrand ((born 1932) French composer, pianist, arranger, conductor and singer. Three times winner of the US National Film Awards "Oscar." In 1968 for the best song "The Windmills of Your Mind" - ("Windmills of your mind") to the 1968 American film "The Thomas Crown Affair" and also in 1971 and 1983, five Grammy awards and one Golden Globe. Wrote more than two hundred songs for film and television films. Widely known for his memorable, wonderful compositions, such as the music from the 1964 French film The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.)
  • Michel Leiris, more correctly Leris ((1901-1990) French writer and ethnologist)
  • Michel Tournier ((born 1924) French writer, laureate of the Goncourt Prize)
  • Michel Eugene Chevreul ((1786-1889) French organic chemist)

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