The Meaning Of The Name Lukyan

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The Meaning Of The Name Lukyan
The Meaning Of The Name Lukyan

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The short form of the name Lukyan. Liu, Lukianka, Lukanya, Lukonya, Lukanka, Lukasha, Lutonya, Lutoha, Lutoha, Chano, Chanito, Lutsek, Lutsys, Lutek, Lutsio, Lutsianek, Lutsianek, Lutsus.

Synonyms for the name Lukyan. Lucian, Lucien, Luciano, Lucianu, Lucian, Lucianos, Lucian.

The origin of the name Lukyan. The name Lukyan is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Lucian (Lucian) comes from the Roman cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Lucianus, derived from the personal name Lucius, which is translated from the Latin language "lux" as "light". On behalf of Lukyan, the surnames Lukyanov and Lukyanenko are formed in Russian.

The name Lukyan sounds differently in different countries. In France - Lucien, in Spain - Luciano, in Portugal - Luciano, in Romania - Lucian, in Greece - Lucianos, in Poland - Lucian. The names Lukyan (Lucian), Luke, Lucius (Lucius), Lucillian (Lucillian) are related and complementary to each other. One name can be a diminutive for another name.

Female paired names - Lucien, Luciana, Luciana.

Among Catholics, the martyr Lucian of Nicomedia is especially revered, who is considered the patron saint of converts. The dates of the Orthodox Lukyan's name days are January 18, April 28, June 16, July 19, July 20, September 10, September 26, October 28. Lukyan is worshiped by Catholics on January 7, January 8, May 28, June 13, July 7, October 26 and December 24.

Description of the meaning of the name Lukyan (Lucian) - see the name Luke.

Lukyan's birthday

Lukyan celebrates his name day on January 7, January 8, January 18, April 28, May 28, June 13, June 16, July 7, July 19, July 20, September 10, September 26, October 26, October 28, December 24.

Famous people named Lukyan

  • Lucian of Samosata ((about 120 - 180) Greek satirist from the city of Samosata (Syria). His father was a small artisan. Lucian received a general and rhetorical education, had a law practice in Antioch, traveled a lot (visited Greece, Italy, Gaul), studied law in Athens; at the end of his life received the honorary position of procurator in Egypt.)
  • Lukyan Golosov ((1620s - 1680s) clever nobleman, poet, translator)
  • Lukyan Streshnev ((died 1650) okolnichy, boyar, father of Queen Evdokia Lukyanovna)
  • Lukyan Kobylitsa ((1812 - 1851) leader of the popular uprising in Bukovina in the 40s of the XIX century, deputy of the Austrian parliament (Reichsrat) in 1848)
  • Luciano Pavarotti ((1935 - 2007) Italian opera singer (tenor), one of the most popular contemporary opera performers. It is noted that thanks to his vocal skills, characteristic ease of sound production, combined with "a high personality, radiating warmth and cheerfulness", Pavarotti became " one of the 'superstars' of the operatic scene of the 20th century.”His popularity was also fueled by his frequent press and television appearances. Luciano Pavarotti entered pop culture after performing“Nessun Dorma”at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in 1990 in Italy In the same period, Pavarotti began collaborating with Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras in the Three Tenors project - a series of concerts by three artists designed to bring the operatic repertoire to a wide audience.Later, the "Three Tenors" continued their joint performances for 15 years, having great commercial success. In addition, the singer maintained friendly relations with many pop and rock performers, and repeatedly participated in joint concerts with them. At the same time, Pavarotti constantly maintained his status in the world of opera, remaining an academic singer. Pavarotti has a strong philanthropic focus and has received awards for his fundraising work for refugees and the Red Cross.)Pavarotti has a strong philanthropic focus and has received awards for his fundraising work for refugees and the Red Cross.)Pavarotti has a strong philanthropic focus and has received awards for his fundraising work for refugees and the Red Cross.)
  • Lukyan Novoseltsev ((1912 - 1956) Soviet soldier, participant of the Great Patriotic War, Major of the Ground Forces, Hero of the Soviet Union)
  • Lukyan Solonevich ((1866 - 1938) Russian historian and journalist, activist of West Russianism, father of the famous thinker Ivan Solonevich)
  • Lucian (Monk Martyr of Antioch, high priest, theologian, one of the first editors of the Bible)
  • Lucian Miller ((1836 - 1898) famous German philologist)
  • Bishop Lucian ((born 1965) in the world - Leonid Kutsenko; Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Annunciation and Tyndinsky)
  • Lucien Mérignac ((1873 - 1941) French professional fencer, champion of the 1900 Summer Olympics)
  • Lucien Demanet ((1874 -?) French gymnast, two-time bronze medalist at the 1900 and 1920 Summer Olympics)
  • Lucien Bernard Lacoste ((1905 - 1989) Catholic Bishop, Ordinary of the Diocese of Dali, missionary, member of the monastic congregation "Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus")
  • Lucien Levy-Durmet ((1865 - 1953) French symbolist, painter and potter, representative of the Art Nouveau style)
  • Lucien Jean-Baptiste (contemporary French actor and film director)
  • Lucien Pissarro ((1863 - 1944) French and English painter, graphic artist and woodcut)
  • Lucien Yuto ((1878 -?) French footballer, silver medalist at the 1900 Summer Olympics)
  • Lucien Petipa ((1815 - 1898) outstanding French ballet dancer)
  • Lucien Herve, actually Laszlo Elkan ((1910 - 2007) French photographer of Hungarian origin)
  • Lucien Febvre ((1878 - 1956) famous French historian)
  • Lucien Laurent ((1907 - 2005) French footballer, known for scoring the first goal in the history of the World Cup)
  • Luciano Bellosi ((1936 - 2011) Italian art critic, renowned specialist in art of the 13th-15th centuries, especially Tuscan)
  • Lucian Dobre ((born 1978) Romanian footballer, defender)
  • Luciano Ligabue (popular Italian musician, writer, singer, film director and screenwriter)
  • Luciano Pucci Burti ((born 1975) Brazilian racing driver, participant of the Formula 1 World Championship)
  • Luciano Sgrizzi ((1910 - 1994) Italian harpsichordist and composer)
  • Luciano Floridi ((born 1964) Italian philosopher. One of the most influential Italian thinkers in the philosophy of technology and ethics. He is best known for his work in two new areas of philosophical research to which he contributed: philosophy of information and information ethics. Founder and Director of the IEG, Oxford University's Information Philosophy Research Group, and Director of the Information Philosophy Research Group at the University of Hertfordshire. His work has been translated into Chinese, French, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Farsi, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.)
  • Lucian Rydel ((1870 - 1918) Polish poet and playwright)
  • Luciano Cordeiro ((1844 - 1900) Portuguese writer)
  • Luciano Gabriel (Lucho) Figueroa Herrera ((born 1981) Argentine footballer, striker)
  • Luciano Castro (Argentine actor)

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