The Meaning Of The Name Lawrence

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The Meaning Of The Name Lawrence
The Meaning Of The Name Lawrence

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Short form of the name Lawrence. Larry, Laurie, Lowry, Larkin, Renz, Larsi, Lass, Lasse, Lassi.

Synonyms for the name Lawrence. Lawrence, Lorenzo, Lawrence, Lauren, Laurent, Lauri, Lars, Lawrence, Lorenzo, Lauris, Lush. Lavras, Lavren.

The origin of the name Lawrence. The name Lawrence is English, Catholic.

The name Lawrence is of Latin origin. This name is the European equivalent of the name Lawrence, which is used mainly in English-speaking countries. The name Lawrence means "from the city of Lawrence", the name of the city in English is pronounced as Lawrentum.

There is also a version that the name Lawrence is related to the laurel tree, the tree - a symbol of victory and glory. Also in European countries, other analogues of this name are used - Lauren, Laurent, Lorenzo, Lauri, Lars, and the name Laurus is not an analogue, but a related name.

From each male name, paired female names were formed. For example, Lorena, Lorenza, Laurentia, Lawrence and others. The name Laura is derived from the name Laurus.

For the name Lawrence, Lorenzo, Catholic name days will be indicated. For the dates of Orthodox name days, see the name Lavrenty.

Lawrence is a charming person who will keep you very pleasant company, as he is sociable, cheerful and always ready to smile and joke a young man. Emotionally restrained and sensitive, has a sense of tact, tolerant of others. Feeling frustrated, misunderstood, or disliked, Lawrence loses much of her energy and positive outlook on life. Lawrence often speaks beautifully, has the art of calming down in any dangerous situation. He is flexible, flamboyant and cunning.

As a child, he appears to be cute, but extremely receptive to his surroundings. He immediately feels a change in the atmosphere in the family, which deeply affects his feelings, violates his harmony, which can lead to the search for salvation in one form or another (fantasy, music, poetry), as well as to bad habits. On the other hand, if he feels a positive attitude in the house, receives certain rewards, then he is actively involved in family life and fulfills his duties.

This man is a connoisseur of beauty and art, loves comfort and travel - these are the elements that he needs for happiness. In love, Lawrence manifests herself as a gentle man for whom it is important to have his own family. Furthermore, Lawrence is capable of great dedication and devotion. However, he is also a rather obsessive perfectionist who is extremely demanding. Therefore, it is very difficult for Lawrence to find such a perfect woman for himself.

The family plays an important role in Lawrence's life and, therefore, can have a significant influence on his choice of career guidance. Otherwise, the owner of this name may be tempted by a career in marketing or in the media (television, journalism, literature). He will also be attracted to professions related to tourism, real estate, cooking, or professions that require manual dexterity (hairdresser, tailor).

Lores's birthday

Lawrence celebrates name days on January 8, January 28, February 2, April 30, May 30, June 12, July 21, July 22, August 10, September 5, September 20, September 28, November 14, November 24.

Famous people named Lawrence

  • Lawrence Watt-Evans ((born 1954) American science fiction writer, also writes in the fantasy genre)
  • Lawrence Crader ((1919-1998) famous American anthropologist and ethnographer. He developed an interpretation of human evolution, became a researcher of Central Asia. He worked until his death, left behind more than 150 manuscripts, among them there are works on the theory of the Russian Revolution, linguistics, mathematics and many other topics.)
  • Lawrence Helminger ((1757-1817) Austrian musician)
  • Lawrence Halstead ((born 1984) English foil fencer, his parents were also fencers, winner of silver and bronze at the European Championships)
  • Lawrence Welk ((1903-1992) American accordionist, creator of his own television show "The Lawrence Welk Show" for over 30 years)
  • Lawrence Krishna Parker ((born 1965) artistic alias - KRS-One; American MC and hip-hop producer, winner of the 2008 BET Awards)
  • Lawrence Gardner ((1943-2010) English writer, author of books about the Holy Grail, genealogies of many aristocratic families of Europe and the Middle East. He considered himself a historiographer, but many consider his works "pseudo-history", which distorts facts and various historical data.)
  • Lawrence Safford ((1890-1973) American cryptographer, developer of cryptographic and encryption machines. For his services in cryptography in the US Navy, he was called the "Freedman of the Navy." His name appeared in the National Security Agency Hall of Fame in 1999.)
  • Lawrence Rabiner ((born 1943) American engineer, digital signal processing and speech recognition. Winner of numerous awards and prizes.)

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