Meaning Of The Name Lucillian

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Meaning Of The Name Lucillian
Meaning Of The Name Lucillian

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Video: Meaning Of The Name Lucillian
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Short form of the name Lucillian. Lou, Lulu, Lusinho.

Synonyms for the name Lucillian. Lucillian, Lucilien.

The origin of the name Lucillian. The name Lukillian is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Lucillian is derived from the Roman cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Lucillus, which is derived from the personal name Lucius, translated from the Latin "lux", meaning "light". The name Lucillian, also sounds like Lucillian, is a very rare name. More often used are female names derived from him - Lucille, Lucilla, Lucila, Lucila.

The names Lukyan (Lucian), Luke, Lucius (Lucius), Lucillian (Lucillian) are related and complementary to each other. One name can be a diminutive for another name.

Lucillian celebrates Orthodox name days on June 16, and for Catholics on June 3.

Description of the meaning of the name Lucillian - see the name Luke.

Lucillian's birthday

Lucillian celebrates his name day on June 3, June 16.

Famous people named Lucillian

  • Lucillian (military and statesman of the Roman Empire in the middle of the 4th century AD. He held high posts under Constantius II. He was the father-in-law of Emperor Jovian.)
  • Egnatius Lucillus ((about 230) Roman senator and consul of the middle of the 3rd century)
  • Gaius Lucilius ((180/148 BC - 102/101 BC) Latin poet, creator of Roman satire. More than 1300 lines of his works have survived. Great-uncle of Pompey the Great.)
  • Lucillian (holy martyr. Among the Russian peasants he was known as Lukyan, nicknamed the Vetrenik. According to the weather on the day of his memory, the peasants paid special attention to the direction of the winds and judged from them what the next summer would be. Lucillian was a pagan priest under the Roman emperor Aurelian (270 - 275) In his old age, he became convinced of the falsity of the pagan religion, with all his soul turned to faith in Christ the Savior and was baptized.)