The Meaning Of The Name Leo

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The Meaning Of The Name Leo
The Meaning Of The Name Leo

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Leo

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Leo

The short form of the name Lev. Lyova, Lyovushka, Levunya, Levusya, Lyonya, Lyosya, Lyoka, Leonetto, Levko, Levonko, Levochko, Levus, Levtso, Levchik, Lyonya, Leonek, Lyulik.

Synonyms for the name Leo. Leo, Leon, Lyo, Lyon, Lyon, Levon, Levko, Love, Lace.

The origin of the name Lev. The name Lev is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Armenian.

The name Leo came to our language from Greece and means "king of beasts", "lion". From the Hebrew language the name is translated as "heart". In Western Europe, the names Leon and Leo are used more often than Leo. In Armenia, it is customary to call boys Levon or Lev. For Muslims, the analogue of this name will be the name Leis. In Africa, the name is Simba.

Character and destiny. As a child, Leo is a very calm boy. Kindness and sincerity prevail in his character. Many people think that he should be the same as a real lion, but the owner of this name does not strive to be a leader and lead people, although he does not give himself offense, but does not bully others either.

Over time, Leo will take a good position in society. He is characterized by such qualities as ambition, poise and energy. He is quite ambitious, but knows how to refuse what he wants, if there are objective reasons for that. If Leo promises to do something, then he will make every effort to fulfill the promise.

Leo is tolerant and flexible. This man is attentive to the weak, always ready to help the elderly and children. But if his pride is infringed, then Leo becomes a very unpleasant person for those around him.

In his youth, Leo is loving and often falls in love. In women, he values loyalty and kindness most of all. Leo is a very attentive father, loves to play outdoor games with children.

The popularity of the name Leo. The name Lev, in Russia as a whole, cannot be called either particularly popular or very rare, but in 2015 this name appeared in the 30 most popular names among newborns in Moscow. The greatest interest in this name was in the USSR in the 30-40s of the twentieth century, most likely due to the fact that this was the name of one of the revolutionary ideologues of Marxism - Lev Trotsky. In 2016, interest in the name remained approximately at the same level, while demonstrating significant fluctuations. The popularity of the name reached its maximum in July 2016.

Leo's birthday

Leo celebrates its name day on January 12, February 2, March 3, March 5, March 14, May 31, July 14, August 31, September 24, October 24, November 25, December 20.

Famous people named Leo

  • Leo the Mathematician (Byzantine educator of the 9th century)
  • Leo the Deacon ((before 950 - c. 1000) Byzantine writer)
  • Leo Tolstoy (Count, great Russian writer, classic of world literature)
  • Lev Yashin (famous football player, goalkeeper)
  • Lev Landau (outstanding Soviet physicist, academician, Nobel laureate)
  • Lev Leshchenko (popular singer, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Lev Durov (theater and film actor, People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Lev Gumilyov (historian-ethnologist, poet, translator from Persian, founder of the passionate theory of ethnogenesis)
  • Leon Trotsky (leader of the communist movement, ideologist of Trotskyism)
  • Lev Kulidzhanov (film director)
  • Lev Oshanin (Russian Soviet poet)
  • Lev Borisov (Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Lev Lopatin (Russian philosopher, psychologist)
  • Lev Artsimovich (outstanding Soviet physicist, academician)
  • Lev Prygunov (theater and film actor, Honored Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Lev Kuleshov (Soviet film director, who stood at the origins of Soviet cinema)
  • Lev Kassil (writer, one of the founders of Soviet children's literature)
  • Lev Polivanov (Russian teacher, literary critic)
  • Lev Oborin ((1907-1974) Soviet pianist)
  • Lev Mikhailov (Russian Soviet clarinetist and saxophonist)
  • Lev Ponomarev ((born 1941) Russian human rights activist)