The Meaning Of The Name Lawrence (Larry)

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The Meaning Of The Name Lawrence (Larry)
The Meaning Of The Name Lawrence (Larry)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Lawrence (Larry)
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The short form of the name Lawrence. Laurel, Laurel, Larry, Laurie, Lenz, Lauren, Lens, Laus, Lau, Lasse, Las, Lasch, Lassi.

Synonyms for the name Lawrence. Lawrence, Lawrence, Lauren, Lauren, Lorenz, Laurenz, Laurenzius, Lars, Laurent, Laurentin, Lorenzo, Lorenzo, Vavrzynets, Vavrzynets, Lars, Lauri.

The origin of the name Lawrence. The name Lavrenty is Orthodox, Catholic.

The name Lawrence has Latin roots and two versions of the origin. According to the first of them, the name Lavrenty literally means "resident of Lavrenty", "Lavrenty". In this city lived the legendary king Latin, whose name later acquired a figurative meaning - "Latin", identically "Roman".

According to the second version, the name Laurentius in its root has the Latin words "laurus", meaning "laurel". Laurel is a resinous tree with evergreen leaves, wreaths of which were honored in antiquity winners, laurel was a symbol of glory, victory or peace.

The name Lawrence has many European analogues. So in England Lawrence will be called Lawrence, Lawrence, Lauren or Lorin, in Germany - Lorenz, Laurenz, Laurenzius, Lars, in France - Laurent, Laurentin, in Spain - Lorenzo, in Italy - Lorenzo, in Poland, Czech Republic - Vavrzynets, Vavrzynets, in Denmark, Sweden, Norway - Lars, in Finland - Lauri.

From the male name Laurentius, female paired names are formed - Laurentia, Lauren, Lauren (accent on the first syllable), Lauren, Lauren, Laurence, Laurencia, Laurencia, Lorenza, Laurentia.

There is a related name Laurus, formed from the same Latin word as the name Laurentius. But the female name Laura (Laura, Laurel, Laurica, Lowry) is not an analogue of the name Lawrence (Lauren), but only a related name.

The name Lawrence is mentioned in both Orthodox and Catholic calendar, in contrast to the female form of this name, whose name day is celebrated only by Catholics. For this name, only the dates of Orthodox name days are indicated, for Catholic name days see the name Lawrence.

Lawrence is an energetic, proud and slightly conceited person. If everything goes well in life, his ambition will help him make a career as a good manager or director. He seeks to take a leading role in order to gain access to certain benefits available to those in power, wants to take first place. He can resist flattery, does not like lies or injustice, he is a courageous, energetic and resourceful man.

He needs to use his excess energy, so he directs it to bold, decisive actions, he is full of impatience. Material life is very important for him, he attaches great importance to the external signs of wealth, elegance. This is a very charismatic and influential man, free and independent in spirit, he himself creates his own life in accordance with his ideals, aspirations and interests.

Lavrenty is an intrinsically motivated man of action, an excellent organizer. Courageous and determined, seething with energy that makes him an efficient, creative and bright person. His impulsiveness is sometimes incompatible with actions, he can sometimes lose his sanity and act, only relying on his ultimate goal and the desire to achieve it. Even in childhood, you can notice his stubbornness, not a desire to do simple things instead of something complicated, difficult, difficult, he is not afraid of difficult tasks, difficulties and obstacles. It is very problematic to persuade him to change his mind, unless you offer something so interesting that it distracts from this task and completely switches to a new lesson.

Lavrenty strives to be recognized at his true worth, his desire to be a leader is strong, but not a leader alone, but in a team. The camaraderie brings him to life, even if he is a bit of a charge to everyone else.

In matters of the heart, Lavrenty manifests himself as an imperious, but passionate and attractive partner. He doesn't like to beat around the bush, he is rather jealous. Simply because he always needs attention. If you are his chosen one, he will do almost everything that you ask, and if it is to please you, who knows, he may even be able to move a mountain in your path.

The owner of this name is an ambitious and self-confident man, undoubtedly, fame attracts him. He can choose one of the following areas related to the world of business (management, finance, banking, stock market, industry). Also, professions related to power can attract him (police, justice, politics). He may also like work related to mechanics or tools (shoemaker, tailor, surgeon, fireman), which may become his hobby.

Lawrence's birthday

Lawrence celebrates name days on January 11, February 2, March 20, May 23, May 29, August 23, August 29, September 10, October 4, October 11, October 25, November 6, December 23.

Famous people named Lawrence

  • Laurentius Amber, Laurent Marie Joseph Amber ((1796-1839) saint of the Roman Catholic Church, was a missionary)
  • Lavrenty Truchak ((1907-1944) Hero of the Soviet Union, participant of the Great Patriotic War)
  • Lavrenty Kalinovsky ((18th century) Ukrainian artist, taught in Kharkov, developed a project for a pile bridge across the Seim River)
  • Lavrenty Giustiniani, Lorenzo Giustiniani ((1381-1456) Italian Catholic saint, became the first Patriarch of Venice in 1451)
  • Lavrenty Son ((born 1941) Kazakh film director)
  • Lorenz Geister, Lawrence Geister ((1683-1758) German botanist and surgeon. In the field of medicine and surgery, his works dominated for several generations, and his botanical garden was one of the most beautiful in Germany.)
  • Lavrenty Bruni ((born 1961) Soviet and Russian artist, a descendant of the famous Bruni dynasty. Famous for his bouquets of flowers.)
  • Lavrenty Beria, Lavrenti dze Beria ((1899-1953) Soviet politician, was a colleague of Stalin. He was engaged in the "Nuclear Program of the USSR".)
  • Lavrenty Donskoy ((1857 / 1858-1917) outstanding Russian opera tenor)
  • Lawrence Watt-Evans ((born 1954) American science fiction writer, winner of the Hugo and Asimov`s Readers` Awards)
  • Lawrence Oliphant ((1829-1888) British adventurer, adventure and travel enthusiast, wrote several books about his travels. The feature film "Mountains of the Moon" was made about his life.)

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