The Meaning Of The Name Lado

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The Meaning Of The Name Lado
The Meaning Of The Name Lado

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Lado
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Synonyms for the name Lado. Vladimir, Valdemar, Velodie.

The origin of the name Lado. The name Lado is Georgian.

The name Lado is a Georgian name, the form of the name Vladimir, therefore it has an identical meaning - "owning the world." The stress in the name Lado is possible for any syllable. It is possible that this name became more popular among Georgians after the popularity of the Georgian artist Lado Gudiashvili in Europe.

The owner of the Lado name is a charming, elegant and sophisticated man. Sentimentality, beauty and harmony are the values that he seeks, somewhat embarrassed by his affections. He is very secretive, reserved and not particularly revealing in his interpersonal relationships. Lado is very sensitive, although he manages to partially hide this aspect of his personality.

He is a rather active and determined man with great practical intelligence, skills and analytical mind. He tends to be squeamish, often manifests himself as a perfectionist (sometimes to the point of obsession), cannot stand mediocrity or licentiousness. Lado seeks knowledge, but only in a certain area, but he is constantly tempted by epicureanism and comfort. It fluctuates regularly between two scales, but in any case, fluctuation is one of its main characteristics.

In childhood, he is a kind, responsible and sweet young man, more focused on himself. Lado dreams of being the first in the hearts of his parents as he wants to be the best and he will not hesitate to assert himself to prove his worth.

He is attracted by everything that is valuable and belongs to the concept of beauty. Lado wants to succeed, be responsible, feel the admiration of others, so he strives not only to be successful, but also to be noticeable. This can manifest itself in his manner of dressing, in his lifestyle, in hobbies and interests.

In love, he is an esthete, and he is often attracted by the beauty of a woman, although deep and meaningful feelings are also important to him. As such, his choice in love can be difficult, often fluctuating between the beauty of one and the generosity of the other, or the soothing presence of one. Lado is family-oriented and wants a comfortable and cozy home with his wife, whom he imagines as a wonderful hostess and a fantastic cook.

Lado would take over the family business, but he is likely to be attracted to independent professions related to aesthetics, culinary, gastronomy, and oenology. The creative sphere is another gold mine for Lado.

Birthday Lado

Lado does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Lado

  • Vladimir (Ladi, Lado, Lady) Bestaev ((1897-1988) Soviet, Ossetian and Georgian film actor and film director. After the success of the film "Abrek Zaur", he was called a national hero, and the film itself can be considered one of the first militants in the USSR. The film was recognized as a masterpiece of the late 1920s, was a success on all continents and all countries, a lot was written about it. After the failure with his own film and a car accident Lado Bestaev disappeared from their cinema.)
  • Lado Seidishvili ((born 1931-2010) pseudonym, real name - Vladimir Seidishvili; Georgian poet and artist)
  • Lado Mavsar ((1923-1944) Yugoslav partisan during World War II, People's Hero of Yugoslavia)
  • Lado (Vladimir) Gudiashvili ((1896-1980) Georgian and Soviet painter, graphic artist and monumentalist. He also worked in the genre of book illustration. During his lifetime, the artist's works were exhibited in museums - the State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow), the State Museum of Arts Georgia (Tbilisi). At the exhibition in Paris in 1919 exhibited more than fifty of his paintings and watercolors. Became People's Artist of the USSR in 1972.)
  • Lado Asatiani ((1917-1943) Georgian Soviet poet)
  • Vladimir (Lado) Avaliani ((1913-1998) Georgian Soviet writer)
  • Lado (Vladimir) Davydov ((1924-1987) Soviet intelligence officer, Hero of the Soviet Union 1944)
  • Lado Tskhvariashvili ((born 1930) real name - Vladimir; Soviet Georgian theater actor, also acted in films)
  • Vladimir Aleksi-Meskhishvili (Alekseev-Meskhiev), Lado Meskhishvili ((1857-1920) Georgian theater actor and director. He was twice the head of the Tiflis Drama Theater, as well as the Kutaisi Drama Theater, which was named after him in 1940.)
  • Vladimir (Lado) Gurgenidze ((born 1970) Georgian statesman, was prime minister in 2007-2008)

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