The Meaning Of The Name Christian

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The Meaning Of The Name Christian
The Meaning Of The Name Christian

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Short form of the name Christian. Chris, Christie, Keith, Christel, Karsta, Christea, Christel, Christek, Christo, Hicho, Kors, Kres, Chrissé, Christo, Risto.

Synonyms for the name Christian. Christian, Kristen, Kristjan, Kartsen, Kerstan, Chretien, Kristianu, Kristiano, Kerestei, Kerestesh, Kristian, Kristein, Krestian, Kristel, Kasten.

The origin of the name Christian. The name Christian is Catholic, Greek.

The name Christian is of Greek origin, derived from the medieval Latin name Christianus, which means "Christian." It can also be pronounced as Christian, the names Kristen, Kristjan will also be analogous. The stress in the name Christian can be on the first and last syllables.

The name Christian was borne by Danish kings and princes, rulers of Saxony and many other aristocrats. The paired female name is Christina (Christina). The name Christian is mentioned only in the Catholic calendar.

Even in childhood, Christian acquires a passion for his whole life. It's about the love of technology. Over the years, this hobby can be the beginning of a very successful career as a scientist, technician or designer. Of course, among the people with this name, there are people and humanitarian professions working in the field of arts, education or science. However, the interest in technology remains with them, only as a hobby.

Christian can think abstractly. He has an excellent memory and well-developed intuition. In addition, Christian has the gift of peacemaker. Even in the most tense atmosphere, he is able to bring peace. This man in himself is always calm and calm. In any situation, he shows tolerance to any person, even to the one whose actions are completely unacceptable for his moral principles. Christian is able to accept and forgive everything or almost everything.

Communicating with a Christian is a pleasure. He is able to maintain an easy and interesting conversation, to prove himself as an observant psychologist. Even with a minute conversation with this person, one can see his innate intelligence and sense of tact. The owner of this name is loved for his ability to return to people the lost peace of mind, to be a kind of "vest" where you can cry without fear.

Born in winter, Christian is very stubborn and does not give in to other people's pressure. In every case, he requires absolute clarity. If a man was born in the autumn months, then, most likely, he will be amazingly calm. He does not want to complicate his life and, despite the fact that he has his own opinion on any question, he will not argue or resent the opinion of others.

At the same time, a man with this name is distinguished by delicacy. Unnecessarily, he will not interfere in the personal life of anyone. In any situation, Christian is able to control himself, even in the most hopeless situation, keeping calm and clarity of thought. He easily transfers this state to the people around him.

Christian is not shy in relationships with women, behaves bravely and usually gets what he wants. The marriage of this man is most often a happy one.

Christian's birthday

Christian celebrates his name day on April 7, June 12, November 3, November 12.

Famous people named Christian

  • Christian Charles Philip Bale ((born 1974) is an English actor originally from Wales, became an American citizen in 2010. Has a Golden Globe and an Oscar, has been repeatedly nominated for many prestigious film awards. Most often remembered as the performer of the role of Batman. films such as Empire of the Sun, American Scam, Little Women, American Psycho, Equilibrium, Exodus: Gods and Kings and many others.)
  • Christian Nairn ((born 1975) Irish actor, also DJ)
  • Christian Lell ((born 1984) German footballer, role - defender)
  • Christian Donald Lettner ((born 1969) American basketball player, spent 13 seasons in the NBA. 1992 Olympic gold medalist)
  • Christian-Jacques ((1904-1994) real name - Christian Mode; French filmmaker)
  • Christian Alejandro La Grotteria ((born 1974) Argentine footballer)
  • Christian Ohlsson ((born 1980) Swedish track and field athlete, specialization - triple jump. Olympic gold medalist in 2004, twice European champion (2002, 2006), also won the title of world champion twice indoors, and outdoors - only in 2003 In 2003 and 2004 he was named the best athlete in Europe.)
  • Christian Rene de Duve ((1917-2013) Belgian cytologist and biochemist, 1974 Nobel laureate in medicine)
  • Christian Ruud ((born 1972) Norwegian professional tennis player, player of the Norwegian national team in the Davis Cup competition)
  • Christian Doreen Tudor ((1982-2012) Romanian footballer)
  • Christian Friedrich Thick ((1776-1851) German sculptor, specializing in sculptural portraits)
  • Christian Friedrich Schönbein ((1799-1868) German chemist, worked in Switzerland, it was he who came up with the name for a new kind of science - geochemistry)
  • Christian Thomsen ((1788-1865) Danish archaeologist, invented and scientifically substantiated periods of the history of primitive society as the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages)
  • Christian Duguey (Dugua) ((born 1957) Canadian film director and cameraman, writes music)
  • Christian Gottlieb Schick ((1776-1812) German artist, painted historical canvases, portraits and landscapes in the classical genre)
  • Christian Daniel Ledesma ((born 1982) Italian footballer)
  • Christian Valechkovski (pseudonym - Chris Coville; German musician, performs songs in the genres of folk and psychobilly, vocalist)
  • Christian Budai ((born 1979) Hungarian hockey player, role - goalkeeper, player of the Hungarian national team)
  • Christian Bauer ((born 1977) French chess player, was twice champion of France, took part in the Olympiads three times, received the title of grandmaster at the age of 20)

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